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  1. I think they're allowed to change whats already in the game, if they give his owns I make him like this. Fighter Nes Jason: Strengths: Stun Resistance High Defense Can Run Weaknesses: Stalk Grip Sense Travel Nes Jason (He traveled a lot to areas): Strengths: Water Speed Shift Can Run Weaknesses: Morph Grip Stalk
  2. Thanks just wish fear was more of something like the films.
  3. In the films when the characters are by them self's they have these crazy hallucinations(Part I, III, V, VII,and VIII). I was think why not hallucinations into the fear system. Note: These do not effect the Jason player. Examples: When you're in the woods by yourself - You see this shadowy figure walking the woods but he doesn't notice you, this shadow figure is why ahead of you running the wrong way from you (then the real grabbed you from behind). When you're near the lake - You're past the lake but then your camera pans to the lake and your character screams. You see this boy screaming for help, he screams for his mother to save him, you ignore him and hear the poor drown to death or you can try to save him but that doesn't work either because he still drowns. When you're hiding under a bed or hiding in a closet - You see these shoes walking past your bed either entering or exiting; hiding in a closet Jason walks past or away from the door. When you're driving the boat - Instead of seeing zombie/human Jason you see this boy knocking you guys out of the boat and dragging you to the bottom of the lake. When you're driving - You see this teenager (any teen like Chad or Kenny) running in front of your car. (when you hit the teen nothing happens expect your teen screams) When you're walking in the forest alone (Again) - You hear Jason footsteps around but he in reality he isn't near you at all or he is? (this can also happen in building to) Walking near the lake (Again) - Jason (hallucination) walks out of the water and he is walking towards your direction. When the Jason hallucination touches you he disappears or when the Jason player arrives. Walking near the shack - You ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma often around the shack (pointless a little bit) Walking into the shrine in the shack - Mrs.Voorhees laughs at you while the head smiles. Starting up the car - The Jason hallucination appears in front of the car with static and he is either powerwalking/running towards the front of the car. Tell me what you think or tell anymore hallucinations for Jason.
  4. Great start, now fixed Jasons stuns and make stun resistance work. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
  5. Actually low shift speed can help dealing with people doing 360s because you're not fast but you control Jason a lot easier.
  6. - Jason should be able to destroy couches and table. Jason should be able to flip the table over to stun the teen and for the couch I was thinking Jason should be able to destroy the couch with his weapon. - Jason's grab animation should be faster so if the teen tries to juke by running towards you then Jason quick or wider animation might grab them. - Jason's stun resistance, some times it works and some times it works. I say they need to make it so Jasons with stun resistance can get out of stuns fast and lower chance to get stunned (like Chad will have a harder time stunning Jason with stun resistance). Jasons with weak stun resistance would able to get stun by weak strengths characters. - Jason's Defense, his speed to enter/out combat stance is either faster/slower and same with attack/blocking. - Car gas tank would be open if gas isn't in the car. Not much but it will help low trap Jasons to either trap the gas or the hood. -All Jasons in Rage should get destruction so you don't have to walk through doors and get stunned. - Jasons can pick up his thrown knives on dead bodies and on walls. - Jasons in rage can counter pocket knifes with quick time events, Jason would grab the knife and jim the knife into their throat. Tell me what you think?
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