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    Penrith, Cumbria
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    Playstation, Friday The 13th, Doom, Metro, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Rainbow Six, The X Files, South Park, Resident Evils, Tenchu's, Metal Gear Solid's, Highlander, The Crow, Evil Dead, Mad Max, Xbox, Chucky's, Planet Of The Apes, Martial Arts, The Division, Elder Scrolls, Yakuza, Halo's, Dead Rising's

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Hi my name is David my favourite film is Mad Max: Fury Road my 4 favourite bands are Innerpartysystem, 65Daysofstatic, Pitchblend and Nine Inch Nails My hero,is Tom Hardy And Stanley Kubrick. And my dream is to be an Actor and Director. I'm married to Kelly and have a son named Corey I love you both so much xxxxxxxxxxxx

I've got very strong interest in Films, Music and Games when it comes to films I love to study them and watch them films are my life I have very open taste in films but when it comes to Horrors to me Japanese are the best or very Extreme horror films and Love Slasher films Jason and Leatherface are my favourite Killers and I have very high interest in and all kinds of films and making films It's the only thing I'm good at and passionate about.

My music is unique I prefer listening to bands that are not well known like Innerpartysystem, We Have A Ghost, Nine Inch Nails, 65Daysofstatic, I Will Never Be The Same and Movie/TV and Games Soundtracks.

I'am a hardcore gamer I love playing on my PS4 my favourite games of all time is Rainbow Six, Resident Evil, Discworld and Metal Gear Solid. I always still love playing on very old games from PS1 to Amstrad and Segas.

I Also love reading I'am a huge fan of Deadpool he is my favourite Superhero I also love Watchmen, The Crow, Walking Dead, A Clockwork Orange, Rainbow Six, Discworld, The Fly
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