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  1. Good Point Either way John's Shepherd's Tommy would work but MAYBE just MAYBE He be part of this Paranoia mode but I would love John Shepherd's Tommy in the game
  2. Sorry if this topic is already made but just an Idea I would love to see In the game I think it would be awesome to have different versions of Tommy Jarvis. As Much Thom Mathews is the fan favourite but I would love to see John Shepherd's Tommy from F13: V The New Beginning as he my favourite Tommy and each Tommy to have different Perks/Power. Keep Thom as he is in the game because he is pretty much perfect. But I think John Shepherd's could have more damage of pen knifes and more with Hand to hand/Combat as he did some form of Karate as he beat up Junior but has weakness for hallucinations/Fear when seeing Jason, And Depending on how Corey's is designed if he stays as the Kid Tommy if so he could be better Stun power with Jason if he looks like Tommy like in the film. Of course all this need more thought in to it but thats basic idea what you guys think? and Ideas for it
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