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  1. I could get into this version looks really cool, thats a face that'll scare you
  2. What if you had to decide either use gas for car or tree trimmer can't do both but if jason gets gas 1st and uses it for trimmer the cars are out of play now. Just my thoughts
  3. Digital copies XBOX1 and PS4 plus Jason/clothes Tag:Norvishia on both systems
  4. I really like this that would make it crazy as hell you could possible be running from an Hallucinations and run right onto Jason nice
  5. I'm taking off work, I have a whole F13 day planned drinking, smoking, trying to get wifey to show me a boobie and some killing...rinse and repeat
  6. Just my opinion I wouldnt want anything changed we asked for a movie experience they promoted the same I want the Jason from the ???? we had people complain about one of the Jason's pants color so if we're gonna be that detailed then lets stick to the source material just my opinion tho
  7. Or what if he can't be killed the same way twice. What if Gun can turn off that kill once accomplished & turn on another keep changing it so noone will know how to easily kill jason after the 1st time or what if each situation has its own kill. Example: if 5 players alive x way to kill, if only 3 alive y, if car gets started T, if no pickups are grab Q...on and on
  8. If so please add Jason's dad as an alt killer heard he'll be in new movie
  9. Im hoping for a release date too. I understand and appreciate devs want us to findout alot of stuff doing game play I'm cool with that just want a release date so I can stop dreaming and mark my calander to take the day off to play
  10. man you guys really are fans every time I think "you know it would be cool if" you guys are already there. video is awesome as always, soon soon I'll finally be able to release my inner crazy in a safe environment lol it's amazing seeing you guys work on your dream project with passion and focus it motivates me as well guys. when you release just bump this at the office it's gonna come true.
  11. You should run a world wide bounty hunt when game release have a prize for 1st person with proof of killing Jason that would be epic....I am so happy no one killed him in beta
  12. I was thinking on similar lines been watching streams and everyone takes the gas to car can someone shoot the gas tank will it explode? If Jason stands by gas and its shot will it lite him on ????
  13. I get where you coming from, guess like everyone else this has been the game I've been dreaming about so close to the dream coming true
  14. I guess I'm thinking from my horror film side not my gamer side I really want to feel like I'm inside an interactive horror film more so then a game but I'll wait til I get my hands on it to be fair I just don't want this to turn into an evolve type game 7 players hunting down Jason just a lil nervous about that
  15. Ordered it for Ps4 n Xbox I really hope its a Jason without an mask
  16. But if we're sticking to the source material I mean correct me if I'm wrong the only time everyone had weapons and took Jason out was in JGTH and that was a swat team. I just wish it was maybe 2 weapons on a map for counselors to find in use, now everyone has to really thinks stay in help fight or runaway knowing i have to go bare knuckle because theres no more weapons
  17. I have to agree, her strength should increase we know its not gonna be as high as the Jock but should be up there
  18. 1st I loved the gameplay and a big thank you team! I just thought there was too many weapons for counslors, it seemed like everyone had a weapon, kinda was wishing weapons were/will be rare items to find. hoping its not as you said circle around Jason and mob beat him to death, also as counselors fix cars & boats to escape can Jason undo the work they have done?
  19. I feel an adventure coming, if 1 fan in each state gives him a ride he'll make it I'm in Phoenix. I got you.
  20. can't wait to see it, I sense lots of replays of video coming tomorrow
  21. well was thinking about this game and seen couple upcoming only PC games that wont be on console so looking for something affordable and good since it does have a control pad
  22. if anyone can help thanks System Specs Intel Core i7 - 4765T Quad Core nVidia GeForce GTX GPU w/2GB GDDR5 8GB DDR3 1TB 7200RPM HDD 2x2 802.11 Wireless Card Steam Controller
  23. Hey guys, if you read some of my post I'm not a PC gamer I run Xbox & PS4. but I came across the Alienware Alpha Ad, been reading a lot of mixed reviews and before I spend the money would like some 1st hand feedback, any of you own it? have any feedback, will it run this game no problem,would it be a good purchase? thinking about getting it so I can play beta and order PC version too then I'll have game on all 3 systems and at gamestop only $375
  24. Got me on this one, kinda stuck I've been clocking mad time on both DCU online and Star Trek online. On the 1 side I'll have superpowers which is cool but on the other side I'm the Captain of a couple Klingon battle cruisers taking over the galaxy, it would come down to a coin toss I'd be cool either way.
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