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  1. I appreciate that they're an enthusiastic young poster, but there's something to be said about not burning the candle at both ends.
  2. Vanessa got my mask off in 2 heavy swings with a machete while I was still stunned by her pocketknife
  3. @Rexfellis those Jason kill teams are out there, I got killed for the first time in QP about a month ago. All you need is about 2-3 coordinated players and they've got you.
  4. I get a forum alert every time someone mentions a poor Jason player. I need a Jason finishing school.
  5. OP has created 2 new threads, both based on traps, in the last 15 minutes. Let's spread these golden ideas out a little bit, shall we?
  6. Counselors can also climb in windows, run faster, drive vehicles, lock doors, and disable traps. Would you like Jason to do all of those as well?
  7. Low-Energy @AdmiralJT wouldn't buy my Red Trucker hat. #SAD
  8. So, you're just going to make a thread for every little idea that pops in your skull?
  9. If Tommy uses a Machete, it looks like part 4 death If Tommy uses an Axe, it looks like Part 3 death.
  10. Jason Selection Update

    5 pages of Jason Tickets and not 1 mention of this?
  11. Good experiences in QP?

    I used to play without a Mic, and this one Jenny dropped the keys and told me to take them because she was a terrible driver. I was trying to find a pair of headphones with a mic to plug in, when she then said something along the lines of fuck you/fuck it/whatever, and then got in the car. I climbed out of the cabin just in time to watch her drive STRAIGHT INTO a fence. It was so funny, I friended her. That person's name was @Riot_Dame, and because of her ability to accumulate A, B, and C team Private Lobby groups, I've gotten to know the regulars I play with today (or at least played with regularity until last month when it seemed to die out).
  12. Watching Friday the 13th For the First Time

    You want to feel REALLY old, talk to @Riot_Dame
  13. Watching Friday the 13th For the First Time

    I first caught these movies when they ran on the channel what was then called "The New TNN" (remember how they used to have that awful lower bar that obscured the screen?). That summer, they changed their name to Spike TV. It was around Feb. 2003, I remember because I was 14 and had only watched Halloween for the first time 4 months earlier. On Friday June 13, 2003, they aired a marathon where I finally saw Part 9. I'm eager to read your impressions of the rest of the series, it reminds me of watching them on TV 15 years ago.
  14. tea baging

    Everyone playing the forum drinking game - that's a shot!
  15. Not making a story, but it is VERY creepy when counselors start walking towards you, saying nothing. WHY AREN'T YOU JOGGING?!
  16. Rage Quit Percentage Revealed!

    Oh. Looking for groups on PS4. Then some members on here have told me wrong, and shall have to answer to Panini Jason
  17. Rage Quit Percentage Revealed!

    Ah. Would say do Looking for groups, but you guys don't have those.
  18. Add A Door To Jason's Shack

    Which is odd, because the shack in part 2 DID have a toilet in the background. Can you imagine getting swirlied in THAT toilet?
  19. Can we team kill again?

    Oh right, forgot about cars.
  20. Can we team kill again?

    Team killing exists only in private matches now, counselors can't cause melee damage to other counselors in public (quick play) matches anymore.
  21. His strengths include rolling grasslands with isolated trees and shrubs, and a warm climate year-round. Look out, counselors!
  22. Grendel / Jason X

    ...Nice to meet you, Grendel / Jason X!
  23. Time to give non-backers what they want: Savannah Jason

    I'm also selling Panini Jason codes for anyone interested, @bewareofbears or @Risinggrave?