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  1. Is the switch able to handle p2p connections after dedicated servers are done, or will they only have offline bots and challenges available?
  2. When Dead by Daylight was released for Switch, it was placed on dedicated servers even though the servers weren't publicly released yet. The devs at Behaviour said it was because the Switch is not capable of operating a P2P for a game of this type. So, considering this game is at "the tail end of the game's life cycle," does this mean when Friday the 13th's Dedicated Servers finally get pulled, the Switch version will only be capable of offline bots and challenges?
  3. Switch users are going to be screwed when the servers go down anyway. Even with offline save available, they'll be limited to offline bots and challenges, since the switch is not capable of supporting P2P connections (Dead By Daylight devs have confirmed this is the reason Switch DBD is dedicated server only, even though DBD dedicated servers have not launched officially yet).
  4. Since we're all talking about a Halloween game, I figured I'd show my inescapable Myers game from earlier today on Dead By Daylight. My power add-ons are Judith Myers Tombstone and Fragrant Tuft Of Hair, which allow me the ability to kill anyone immediately when my stalk reaches the highest level, and the other keeps my stalk at the highest level the whole round once it reaches it. The whole thing was like a real slasher movie and I had a blast playing it: Part 1: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/thatguyinktown/video/79401049 Part 2: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/thatguyinktown/video/79401066
  5. @tyrant666 my money's on Slash n cast wanting a good working relationship with Gun in exchange for exclusive interviews, which prop up YT view counts.
  6. Every once in a while, there's a thread that causes me to sign back in and post. No, Jason's Rage is not OP, and there's still counterplay to it:https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/thatguyinktown/video/79256973 That video cuts off me fixing the fuse, making the call, and running Jason for at least 60 seconds before the clip begins.
  7. Well, I look forward to the new patch where they fix Jason's shift and the counselor animation cancel, and the 20 new bugs it'll introduce.
  8. @mattshotcha you may want to reread that, he said flare isn't stunning him when he's NOT in rage.
  9. Perks selected should be shown on screen during the match and shown for all characters during the Tally Screen. This is useful for people who play random counselor, or get the random counselor glitch and can't remember their build. Also, the end Tally Screen so we can see the builds of those we played with/against. And this should be doable, since they're all existing assets in game, similar to the Jason Rage visual indicator released Jan 2019.
  10. It really is though. Just look at the last deep discount in October. By the end of September, it was trending almost to 300 average. The discounts pulled the October and November numbers up to 493 and 1052. By February, the numbers were back to the ones we saw in September. Whatever people came in for the game when it was $5 did not stick around last time, and I'm hard pressed to find a reason why they would this time, too.
  11. Past instances prove otherwise. The player counts return to previous numbers demonstrating that they're not sticking around.
  12. And all it took was discounting the game to $4. Much like the October event last year, these people will be gone in about a month or two once they realize what shape the game is in, and that the Devs don't care that people are roof glitching anymore.
  13. There hasn't been any press about a Switch release since March 4th, which stated spring 2019. Japan recently announced an end of August release date, but nothing about the release anywhere else. https://jackofallcontrollers.com/2019/06/02/friday-the-13th-the-game-ultimate-slasher-switch-edition-launches-on-august-29th-2019-in-japan/ The lack of press for the release should be concerning for anyone interested in purchasing it. Even though they've announced a release date ostensibly in the next 3 days, they've yet to release any gameplay footage from the switch (which makes me believe the port quality is dog shit) nor have they even released a trailer for it. Even Dead by Daylight has a switch release date (end of September), a trailer with gameplay from the switch released late last winter, and a video with about 10 minutes of gameplay from the device, showing very little difference regarding performance and textures from dbd console version to switch.
  14. As fun as they would be, I think the problem with the single player kills are that they are cut scenes and not 3d animations (IIRC). The grab/environmentals are animated, which means you can still see them happening from a 3rd person perspective (you're a counselor and not the person being killed). Since the single player kills occur in cutscenes, they would have no animation to be shown in game.
  15. I ran some games with my friends yesterday, as May 26th is also my birthday. I ended up having this run: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/thatguyinktown/video/75211217
  16. Game gave me credit for the 2 seater stop...1 minute later. I was over that round from the start. Lol
  17. Throwing knife glitch saved my ass when my random Jason popped me as part 6 on Crystal lake small (yeah, I know). I was also against the Thursday the 12th crew, so I was double screwed, or so I thought. Just take a look at what happened (feat @Risinggrave) https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/thatguyinktown/video/71170784
  18. Do you have anything to back up that statement, or do you just WANT to believe that's true?
  19. Except that there wasn't an increase in the player numbers who were leaving after the no content announcement than there was when the game was still releasing new content. The lawsuit really didnt have an increased effect on that number from the data I've seen. I get that you WANT to believe that more people left the game after June, but the numbers don't back up your claim.
  20. There weren't more fans coming to the game even when it was releasing new content, though. The game has always ran on a decreasing player base month-to-month, special deep discount promotions notwithstanding. The game lost close to 10% of the previous player base each month on average since launch. There doesn't seem to be a difference in that rate from 6/17-5/18 when it was releasing new content, and 6/18-present when it is not. It's like looking at smartphone sales in the last couple of years. Smartphone growth has been stagnant recently, because it's theorized that the market has already reached its saturation point. There aren't more smartphone customers, in general, because everyone who wanted a smartphone already has one. It's the same point with this game, everyone who wanted the game has already purchased it, and the numbers show that anyone who comes in under the drastically reduced price eventually leaves, thus negating any playerbase increases that occurred. I am glad, though, that you didn't claim that my numbers/assertion was incorrect because you can still get into lobbies. The reason why "The game isn't dying because i can still get into lobbies" claim is illogical is because the existence of an open slot in a lobby doesn't tell you how many people are playing at any given time, but rather that there's only a lobby with an opening in it - nothing more. The existence of the open slot in a lobby doesn't tell you how many lobbies are operating on that platform at any given time, which would be the more accurate way of discerning how many people are playing.
  21. There weren't more fans coming to the game even when it was releasing new content, though. The game has always ran on a decreasing player base month-to-month, special deep discount promotions notwithstanding. The game lost close to 10% of the previous player base each month on average since launch. There doesn't seem to be a difference in that rate from 6/17-5/18 when it was releasing new content, and 6/18-present when it is not.
  22. Considering the graphics downgrade Dead By Daylight will have on the Switch, and that Friday the 13th in general has a more polished look vs DbD, i'm going to venture a guess and say Friday the 13th on Switch is going to be a disappointment, graphics wise. The fact that it's ostensibly coming out in the next 3 months and we've yet to see a gameplay trailer for it is quite telling. Dead By Daylight's gameplay trailer for the Switch:
  23. I'm more selective with when I stun jason now. Learning how to slow down Jason without stunning him (utilizing the best windows for window jukes). Also, using unlocked doors like pallets in Dead by Daylight, and timing a shut door in Jasons face at the correct time: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/thatguyinktown/video/67693296
  24. I wish the grab cone would be widened, even if only in the immediate close proximity to jason. When you make a grab, and the counselor BUMPS INTO JASON and the game calls it a miss, it looks silly. Here's an example: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/thatguyinktown/video/71049818
  25. We now have numbers for the first 2 months of 2019, and the numbers...do not look good. Around the midpoint of December 2018, Gun Media permanently reduced the price of the game by 50%. However, even this did nothing to staunch the hemorrhaging of players. January 2019 Player numbers continued to slide, however, this loss percentage was more slight than previous months, possibly due to the new permanent sale price. The average player numbers for the month were 425.4 people, with a peak number of 806 players. February 2019 This is the month where we start to see playerbase reductions return to their June 2018-September 2018 highs. The average player number weas 324.1 (a reduction of almost 24% of the existing playerbase in just 28 days, and almost hitting the previous low of 318.7 from September 2018), and a peak number of 673 (placing it in between July and August 2018 numbers) Last 30 Days (3/12/19-2/10/19) This 30 day period is where the numbers get even worse for the game. In the last 4 weeks, the game has now hit a NEW LOW for both average players and peak players, with 304.1 and 596, respectively. These numbers are lower than the lows hit in September 2018, before the massive pre-Halloween sales jacked up the figures. It wouldn't be surprising to see the average player number sink below 300 by the end of March. These numbers should be concerning to any fan of the game, as they ask the real questions "How long can the game hold on in its current state?" and "At what point does the game become such a money loss that even Gun can't support the upkeep and maintenance the game requires?" In addition to a consistently dwindling playerbase, Gun has now announced that it will be expanding the game to a 4th platform, Nintendo Switch, this spring. Theoretically, while it may appear that they could increase their playerbase by 33% now to a 4th platform, this also theoretically means that bug fixes and patches for all consoles will come out 33% slower than before, considering they now have a new platform release to care for and debug. Also, will a platform that has reduced graphic limitations like the Switch even CREATE a fanbase for an almost 2 year old game that has lost almost 95% of its players in that time?
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