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  1. I mean, I have yet to meet anyone who actually LIKES the increase in pocket knives, but conversely, I'm actually choosing to play as Jason more now. My personal rule as Jason: I'll take 4 pocket knives, and after that, all counselors become piƱatas to me. Also, how awesome is it that you can prevent them from healing with slashing?
  2. PhD in Murder Trophy

    Check the map specific ones, there's 3 (4?)for Higgins haven (barn closet kill, barn fence face smash, cemetery fence impalement and [tomb corner smash? I'm not sure this is a separate kill from all the other corner smashes]) and one on crystal lake, repair shop/tool shed shuffle bowling game corner smash. As for offline bots, I'm not sure if the kills perform count towards a PhD in murder achievement (I had to perform a barn closet kill on an actual player to get credit when I know I've killed a bot there), HOWEVER, I have got the cooking with Jason achievement on an offline bot on PC, so it appears offline counts for *some* achievements, but not all.
  3. Upcoming patch notes

    Someone get Sean S. Cunningham on the phone and tell him what they've done with Jason.
  4. Stalk Mode Permanent?

    I used to hate the close proximity auto scream from counselors, but I figured it was a translation of that sixth sense that you feel someone's watching you, or really close without *knowing* it. That being said, I'd totally be on board for switching out the close proximity auto scream for something else, like an extra-intense controller vibration when Jason is approaching in stalk mode
  5. Using offline, I've gotten better at slashing and knife throws (something I really never did before now). With consideration to the version 1 of Jarvis house maps lack of variety with the phone houses and the increase in sprays and knives, my theory is gun/illfonic are tweaking the game to force people to do things that are underutilized in the game (fixing phone for counselors, using weapon and knives as jason).
  6. Offline Bots: Initial Thoughts

    Id like to see the offline bots coordinate more and work together as a team in game (counselor with keys or fuse exchanges information all counselors with walkies/in range of what they have). Also, increase the chances that fixers and strength characters buddy up. That's what is really lagging, is the teamwork with them.
  7. From what I can gather, it's either too complicated an issue for the devs to handle, or consoles are more complicated/less important to the devs, or possibly a combination of all 3.
  8. Stalk Mode Permanent?

    Increasing the length of stalk/shift/sense, and decreasing the # of swings it takes to destroy a door could finally be a way to make the game more balanced after the foolish idea to make an explosion in pocket knives, spray, guns, flares, etc
  9. I'd love this as a counselor. It'd make each Jason encounter that more intense (which is why I was so disappointed with the increase in knives, sprays, guns). It used to be an achievement to escape, a feeling of accomplishment with the odds stacked against you. Now, escaping is almost a guarantee
  10. Thanks. Going from the guides, I assumed you had to do it in the green tinged loading screen, not when you can walk in the cabin. So many needless level re-loads
  11. Part 3 was the most successful film in the franchise (box office wise, IIRC). It's also one of, if not the worst reviewed film in the series.
  12. How many times have we all been dropped by hosts who quit right after being killed? Maybe we should put together a "shitty hosts list" so we can block them, because as "soon" as dedicated servers are coming for consoles, it isn't happening soon enough. Maybe make a compilation of game video captures of the hosts leaving, for those that think this is punishment without due process.
  13. Okay, konami code can be put in when you load into the house, and the menu appears on the left.