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  1. Unpopular counselors

    Lachappa really is hard mode, with his poor stamina and composure, but I'm always eager to give him a try whenever he pops up as my random counselor. On the other hand, he really isn't much to look at, and it doesn't help that equipped two different kinds of plaid on him to make him look really garish.
  2. I hate that "drop handheld item" doesn't work on my controller. I can drop anything except for what I'm holding. Imagine my back-and-forth with someone telling them to drop their weapon so I can exchange the part and give them cover while they fix the part with their better fixer skillset.
  3. Seriously? That's a hilarious bank-shot
  4. I'm usually a "Plan B" style player, which means I do the objective that the other people aren't, as backup in case that fails. Usually this means the phone (since so many people automatically just do the cars). Just today, I repaired the phone while the 4 seater was trying to make an escape.
  5. Or have Sean S. Cunningham come out and say he regrets giving them the Friday the 13th license if this was what they wanted to do with it.
  6. I've mentioned something along those lines before, and I'm glad other people see it that way too. That was one of the things I loved from the beginning about this game, that a beginner Jason could still take down an upper level counselor in less than a 4 minute chase, and with every escape, you felt thrilled that you were able to pull one past Jason. Cut to the last 3 months: No one wants to play Jason and counselors are dancing at the finish line in front of the cop exit, because each of them have a weapon, spray, and at least 1 knife.
  7. When you play in Private lobbies enough where the level average is 101 (and that's a low estimate) AND you have to force people to take turns playing Jason, you know your game isn't suited for high level play.
  8. No, no you don't. It gets ugly for the J-man. People escaping/calling cops in less than 3 minutes, Chain stun beyond chain stun, Window kiting on the lower levels of packanack is notorious. Any time you get 3 or more level 50 or higher communicating on a mic, it's bad news for Jason. Jason just can't take on counselors right now in the game's current state.
  9. What really stuck out to me was this passage: "Some games don't hold up to high-level play. That's sloppy design in my opinion. A solid game holds up to experts playing it as hard as they can against each other. That way, the game can be fun for beginners and experts. When a game doesn't hold up to expert play, it's degenerate in some way...The game offers what appears to be a lot of fun options, but you don't actually get to do those fun options against experts, even if you are an expert too. So for this type of game, playing to win really will make it less fun, but that's not a problem with the players who are doing their best; it's a problem with the game." Ta-da....
  10. Got stuck in stun animation

    Those craniums aren't going to extricate themselves...
  11. Enough is enough

  12. Got stuck in stun animation

    Against my better judgement - yes. I need more unemployed friends on my friends list.
  13. Got stuck in stun animation

    Not until they escaped in the 4 seater (I was stuck IN higgins). They put the fuse in and I camped in front of the phone. Then Tommy shot me. Oh, THEN I grabbed a tiffany to get her to stop the call, but she couldn't cycle out, so I had to walk to an Environmental kill, while the other person made the call. Tommy escaped but I slashed the Adam who made the call in the last 10 seconds. But, I'm glad the game afforded me the opportunity to "Get Güd" at Jason...asshats.
  14. Got stuck in stun animation

    Oh good, I just got rage, yet, because of the aforementioned glitch I'M STILL FUCKING STUNNED!
  15. Got hit stunned then never came out of it. Can't morph/shift etc because I'M STILL IN THE STUN ANIMATION. Seriously, this fucking game man...