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  1. Thatguyinktown

    This Track never made the cut?!

    @Slasher_Clone I think we'll have to agree to disagree on that
  2. Thatguyinktown

    This Track never made the cut?!

    I usually check once a week just to see what's going on, and warn the people who bought the game when it was HEAVILY discounted that their concerns and problems are not new, and not to be too optimistic that the game will change. To be honest, it wasn't until I came around to Dead by Daylight that I realized just how LAZY Gun was when they made this. So many lost opportunities to improve progression, balance, content, etc. Except we didn't get those. But what did we get? Emotes. The most easy thing to add into the game, since they already had the mo-cap. It was a naked attempt to try and cash in on Fortnite's tricks, and it didn't work. It only ended up further alienating the playerbase that was left after a majority of the players ejected once they realized that Gun/Illfonic was incapable of fixing the bugs the game (and that was only 4 months after release). I appreciate that you don't want to talk about Gun's failures anymore for the remainder of the forum's and this game's lifespan. However, i think it would be disingenuous not to mention all the ways they both let us down, and failed to create the game they sold us on the kickstarter. I think the forum still needs this, if not for the sake of the established members, but as an honest warning to the new members of how it really is.
  3. I don't know how many times Wes has to say "All future content is cancelled forever" before it finally starts to sink in. Cognitive Dissonance is a helluva drug.
  4. Thatguyinktown

    This Track never made the cut?!

    Far from Gun's grubby, incompetent hands.
  5. Thatguyinktown

    This Track never made the cut?!

    Listen to the full soundtrack that got released this last October, there are MANY tracks that Manfredini made that didn't make it into the game. By my own estimations, Gun only used in game about 25% of what Manfredini created.
  6. Gun was so naive they thought people wouldn't be able to figure out the ridiculously easy kill conditions and exploit it. Just like how they didn't think people would be able to hack Savini Jason game files. Or how to use a hex editor to remove their salt points. Or would abuse the team-killing mechanic. Or rushed to release a game still filled with bugs and exploits, and thought f13 fanboys would keep them afloat. Or still failed to patch the aim-sliding glitch/exploit that has been in game since at least the May patch: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/thatguyinktown/video/64551654 For being a 7 year old company with 3 games released prior to this one, Gun certainly seems to act brand new...
  7. Welcome to the game, I'm guessing you were one of those that got in on the $6 steam sale right before Halloween. As one of the people who have followed this game since Gun received the Friday the 13th IP, I can tell you honestly that this game was poorly designed with almost no regard for replay value or balance. After months of actively disliking its horror asymmetrical rival Dead by Daylight, I purchased that game, and upon playing have realized that Friday the 13th could have honestly implemented more features and rewards for players. However, Gun didn't, as they were either too lazy, incompetent, or complacent to rest on what they had already done rather than improve the game. Gun has been vocal about not even considering putting in perks into the game until late in the development process. Gun Media didn't understand the multiplayer mentality, and as such had to play catch up for several months after launch. Examples of this include the team-killing aspect that was prevalent. Gun didn't anticipate that players would WANT to kill other players, for nothing more than shits and giggles. In fact, Gun's only response to this at first was a -1000 xp penalty. It took a few months of this before they finally disabled the ability to kill fellow players in quickplay (team killing still exists in Private matches). The Jason killing scenario is another example. Before launch, Gun had claimed that it was possible to kill jason, but that the conditions in order to do it were extremely rare. The playerbase had figured out how to do it within a day of launch, and now killing jason is the easiest objective for a group of 2-3 counselors to commit to in order to win. Gun also rarely addresses balancing concerns. When the amount of players stating that the counselors had begun to have an unfair advantage after multiple months of counselor buffs, one of the dev team actually responded that "counselors weren't overpowered, players were just getting better." Despite this, within a couple months, counselor buffs were finally readjusted. One final thing I'll bring up before getting to your individual points is that Gun doesn't actually have human testers, and they've been open with this information. When commenting on the subject of bugs, they've stated that they only catch the bugs and flaws through computer simulations, and not live testing. This also explains why balancing concerns will continue to be not addressed or forgotten about. 1. Time Limit. Unfortunately, this is one of those design flaws in the game, in my opinion. As you can read above, there are multiple points of view on it, but I support what you're saying. In a 7v1 timed game, the burden of the win condition should lie with the many, and not the few. As you verse higher ranks, you'll begin to see that the counselors have all the advantages, and a jogging counselor with smart stamina conservation can easily win against a running Jason to run down the clock. This is not a fair fight as these Jasons can only rely on luck or capitalizing on a mistake, rather than skill, in order to beat them. One game you may be interested in that will be coming out in the future is Last Year: The Nightmare. LY is also timed, but places the burden of winning on the survivors, and not the killer. If the killer delays escape for 20 minutes (or for the 1 minute the escape hatch is open), then the killer claims all the remaining victims who didn't escape. 2. Jason gang-bang The game rewards teamwork, and the Jason gang-bang scenario is no exception. Slashing doesn't injure multiple people, blocking is unpredictable, and Jason can be stunned multiple times without a recovery period. Chalk this one up to Gun's laziness and not understanding the multiplayer environment. Also, the IP holders already got paid, they don't give a shit what happens now. 3. AI difficulty/cutscenes According to industry rumor, the AI was stock programming for Unreal engine that was then later tailored for the game. As stated above, this is not a substitute for live multiplayer experience. Instead, use it as training. Learn how fair throwing knives can go, and how to adjust your throwing arc for simulated gravity declination (aim higher than your target in game when your target is far away). Use to it see how far away you can be from a counselor and still get a grab, etc. The only thing I would advise NOT to try are shift-grabs, as they behave differently in offline mode versus opponents who have real-life internet lag. You can actually get WORSE at shift-grabs trying to learn them offline. As for the cutscenes, everyone is in full agreement with you. Each mission requires multiple playthroughs to achieve all objectives, and those cutscenes are annoying. Go ahead and attribute this to Gun's laziness/inability to think of the game from a player's perspective as well. 4. Matchmaking skill disparity This again is representative of Gun's inability or lack of desire to create a rewarding repeat experience for the player. In my opinion, they created Slasher Camp vol 1, got the F13 license, changed some models around and then called it a day. You can see this laziness in the rewards in game as well. The only benefit to ranking up, besides 3 kills and weapon swapping after rank 100, are clothes/cosmetics. The only rewards in single player challenges are counselor emotes, which are literally the easiest thing in game to program since they've already rented the Mo-cap space. Creating a ranked based matchmaking service in the beginning would have been relatively simple, had they wanted to. However, despite my thinking it would be a good idea in general, at this point in the game's lifecycle it would be counterproductive. The game has shed 94% of its playerbase in a year on the Steam platform alone, and while steep discounts on xbox, ps4, and steam do bring in more players, they eventually leave like the ones before them. Like you, they see the bugs and the deficiencies in balance/gameplay and unacceptable rewards for repeat gameplay and leave for games that do have them. Therefore, lobbies would instead have a longer wait time, especially in the middle levels between the new people who have the game, and those that have capped out at 150 and still play. I compare this with a game like DBD which has actually grown its playerbase since launch. This is due to robust and consistent development, devs that actually play with their playerbase, and maps that truly do change every time you play them. The game releases patches every month, with not only bug fixes, but also changes to the map to restore balance and remove exploit spots. Spending 4 months with DBD has shown me that Gun could have done so much more with Friday the 13th if they wanted to, but didn't for some reason. In conclusion, I again welcome you to the game, and hope you can find as much enjoyment while it lasts as the rest of us have. However, as demonstrated with your thoughts above, you're already beginning to see the cracks and flaws in the game. Take it from the rest of us who've followed this game for a while, if you believe Gun Media's gonna fix this game and make it right, don't hold your breath.
  8. Ahem, HOW WERE YOU NOT DOING THIS ALREADY? This lack of attention and reward to the repeat game experience is a part of the reason why you lost 94% of your playerbase in a year. If you knew that, why have you guys waited 17 MONTHS AFTER launch to correct it? Smaller teams have been doing more for their playerbases, so this just speaks of ignorance or incompetence. Which was proposed by others on here MONTHS ago and you only just now decide to do something about it. Well done. Which, as you've admitted before is not live testing, but rather computer simulations, so, i guess let's look forward to new glitches where you don't even get a perk after your cp is eaten during the roll. And us 1200 players across 3 platforms who will still be playing after November appreciate that you're finally listening to us. It is VERY MUCH too little, too late, but it's better than nothing, I guess. Especially after the people who were around 3 years ago were ran off the forums by the mods and administrators. You may think I'm being too harsh, but look at this from the perspective of someone who's been following this since Slasher Camp Vol 1. You have let us all down, massively. And it wasn't stemming from the no new content announcement either. We've felt this way long before that. I and many others no longer have faith that you can provide the game experience we were sold in your kickstarter pitch. We don't feel like you gave a shit about the game experience post-launch, and the fact that you had to crowdsource your decision of whether to patch the door/weapon phasing exploit is just one example of that. How long did it take you to boost all the Jason's run/walk speeds? And Jason 7's stats? And then you give Jason the boat alert sound, to make it "on par" with the car escape. Except it ISN'T like the boat escape. You can't juke Jason with the boat like you can with the car. You can't spot Jason in the water like you can with the car. So to say you've improved it only means that you didn't understand what made it work out in the wild in the first place. It used to be High Risk/High Reward. Now it's High Risk/No Reward. Now, honestly, I'm glad you're reworking the perks. There are about 33% of perks you can remove outright: the swimming perks, grinder, friendship, easy listening, etc. I don't know anyone who's using these perks, and if they are, they aren't emphatic about how great they are. As for the remaining perks, the negatives do not offer that much of counterplay. Let's look at the 3 crutch survivor perks: Thick Skin, Medic, and Marathon. Almost every 150 survivor runs at least 1 of them in their loadout. Of their negatives, Increased Stumble (Thick Skin), Damage Taken (Medic), and Sprint Speed (Marathon), only Medic has an actual negative that directly corresponds to the buffed perk. Stumble doesn't really matter for Thick Skin, because someone running TS is using it for tanking traps without injured status, or later in the game when they're cabin hopping out of broken windows. A far BETTER negative would be reduced trap escape time, or increased damage from broken windows. As for Marathon, in my opinion sprint speed is irrelevant. A jogging counselor can outpace a slow walk Jason, and the end game meta is more about cabin hopping between windows than running to put distance between a counselor and Jason. This is where stumble chance should be, or possibly a reduced stamina recharge rate. Also, if you are actually interested in balancing and making the game better, perhaps you could increase the variety of the phone houses, further randomize pocket knife spawns (there are players who know which places they appear in more often than others), removing small maps from random selection when there are 7 or a full 8 players in the lobby, increasing boat spawns on the original 3 large maps, and fixing the Jason ticket system (it's still broken, choosing the same people over and over despite spawn selection). Furthermore, since we're talking about reducing the grind of the game, you should keep your Pamela and Tommy tape drop at its current rate. In my experience this week, i've found 1 tape every other game, which is actually a decent rate to find them, considering 6 other people are also looking for them at any given time. Lastly, since you now seem comfortable about tying part of the game to player level, perhaps you can revisit my idea of making repair part distance correspond to the average player level of the lobby. A lobby with player levels that average between 1-50 would result in the closest spawns, and 101-150 resulting in Jarvis House-level spawns. In my opinion, this would be the easiest way to create variable difficulty levels without splitting up the playerbase. On a final note, you and everyone else's invitation to play in our weekly Xbox group "Thursday the 13th" still stands. We play Thursday nights starting at 9pm ET, and our goal isn't to kill Jason, but instead to shoot the shit and hangout with fun players who want to play the game. My username there is the same as here.
  9. @AshTray900 Logged in for the first time in a while to tell you that our Thursday the 12th group is always looking for people who want to hang out, have fun, and play the game. Average lobby level is higher than 100, so we know what we're doing. We usually play every thursday starting around 9pm ET. Hit me a message if you want in.
  10. Which is still less than $70
  11. Free? Finally, a fair price for the game in its current state. Those Ultimate Slasher Edition suckers are gonna be pissssssssed.
  12. The numbers are not trending well for the game, and haven't for some time. Lets look at some statistics: For the last 30 days, F13 looks to lose about 5% of its current avg playercount from August. August was already the 2nd CONSECUTIVE month where the game lost more than 20% of its previous months playercount in a 30 day window. Over the last 3 months alone, the game has lost almost 45% of its average playerbase (594.4 to 325.5). At this rate, you won't be able to make a full lobby in 18 months time (should the game still exist). From the past year, the game has lost 76% of its average playerbase (1381.3 average players in October to 325.5). Over 48% of that comes from the last 6 months alone. And, these are the fun ones, since launch, the game lost over 94% of its audience, with an avg of 5566.8 (using June 2017's average, since the game launched at the end of May 2017, and I don't think it's fair to compare a 5 day avg to now). The game was doomed by the start. It lost 76% of its playerbase from June 2017 to September 2017. The game currently ranks as the 558th most popular game on Steam. You can say that Steam numbers don't equal the same as console numbers, but what reason do you have to believe they're different, other than really, really wanting to believe it is? The game is in hospice, it's circling the drain. You need to come to grips with that. Just enjoy it while you can. https://steamcharts.com/app/438740 Addendum: Not all games lose average players after launch. Perhaps F13's only competition in horror asymmetrical multiplayer is Dead by Daylight (hold your groans). Dead by Daylight has actually INCREASED its playerbase more than 47% 2 years after launch, but it wasn't always winning. In fact, it was losing players in the months leading up to f13's launch. Interestingly enough, it was AFTER f13 came out that Dead by Daylight started pulling in more people. By all current numbers, it will have increased its playerbase by almost 60% from launch to the end of this month. So it wouldn't have been unfeasible for Friday the 13th to do the same, if it wasn't for both poor programming by illfonic and mismanagement/terrible game decisions by Gun Media.
  13. Thatguyinktown

    is anyone being banned anymore

    I know, this is their safe space where anything other than "Gun is awesome, they can do no wrong, the problem is the 'fans ' who won't continue to support programming incompetence." This isn't a game forum, it's a Gun circle jerk where they can hide from the real world.
  14. Thatguyinktown

    Jason's weapon badge.

    Sometimes the achievement counters get stuck too. I've seen it credit 1 or 2 tallies for achievements the day after I performed them. It isn't just achievements though, xp gaining sometimes gets frozen too, only to update the next day. It sucks that the game has such shoddy programming, but what else do you expect from a team that frequently took half days to knock off early and masturbate to images of watches?
  15. Thatguyinktown

    Dead by Daylight director thoughts on F13s end of development

    I think it's important to note that it was brought up by the interviewer, not the director. And entirely too true when he stated that any boost to DBD they may have seen since June is negligible since Friday the 13th didn't have much of a playerbase even before that time.