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  1. @AshTray900 Logged in for the first time in a while to tell you that our Thursday the 12th group is always looking for people who want to hang out, have fun, and play the game. Average lobby level is higher than 100, so we know what we're doing. We usually play every thursday starting around 9pm ET. Hit me a message if you want in.
  2. Which is still less than $70
  3. Free? Finally, a fair price for the game in its current state. Those Ultimate Slasher Edition suckers are gonna be pissssssssed.
  4. The numbers are not trending well for the game, and haven't for some time. Lets look at some statistics: For the last 30 days, F13 looks to lose about 5% of its current avg playercount from August. August was already the 2nd CONSECUTIVE month where the game lost more than 20% of its previous months playercount in a 30 day window. Over the last 3 months alone, the game has lost almost 45% of its average playerbase (594.4 to 325.5). At this rate, you won't be able to make a full lobby in 18 months time (should the game still exist). From the past year, the game has lost 76% of its average playerbase (1381.3 average players in October to 325.5). Over 48% of that comes from the last 6 months alone. And, these are the fun ones, since launch, the game lost over 94% of its audience, with an avg of 5566.8 (using June 2017's average, since the game launched at the end of May 2017, and I don't think it's fair to compare a 5 day avg to now). The game was doomed by the start. It lost 76% of its playerbase from June 2017 to September 2017. The game currently ranks as the 558th most popular game on Steam. You can say that Steam numbers don't equal the same as console numbers, but what reason do you have to believe they're different, other than really, really wanting to believe it is? The game is in hospice, it's circling the drain. You need to come to grips with that. Just enjoy it while you can. https://steamcharts.com/app/438740 Addendum: Not all games lose average players after launch. Perhaps F13's only competition in horror asymmetrical multiplayer is Dead by Daylight (hold your groans). Dead by Daylight has actually INCREASED its playerbase more than 47% 2 years after launch, but it wasn't always winning. In fact, it was losing players in the months leading up to f13's launch. Interestingly enough, it was AFTER f13 came out that Dead by Daylight started pulling in more people. By all current numbers, it will have increased its playerbase by almost 60% from launch to the end of this month. So it wouldn't have been unfeasible for Friday the 13th to do the same, if it wasn't for both poor programming by illfonic and mismanagement/terrible game decisions by Gun Media.
  5. Thatguyinktown

    is anyone being banned anymore

    I know, this is their safe space where anything other than "Gun is awesome, they can do no wrong, the problem is the 'fans ' who won't continue to support programming incompetence." This isn't a game forum, it's a Gun circle jerk where they can hide from the real world.
  6. Thatguyinktown

    Jason's weapon badge.

    Sometimes the achievement counters get stuck too. I've seen it credit 1 or 2 tallies for achievements the day after I performed them. It isn't just achievements though, xp gaining sometimes gets frozen too, only to update the next day. It sucks that the game has such shoddy programming, but what else do you expect from a team that frequently took half days to knock off early and masturbate to images of watches?
  7. Thatguyinktown

    Dead by Daylight director thoughts on F13s end of development

    I think it's important to note that it was brought up by the interviewer, not the director. And entirely too true when he stated that any boost to DBD they may have seen since June is negligible since Friday the 13th didn't have much of a playerbase even before that time.
  8. Thatguyinktown

    is anyone being banned anymore

    That's what happens when your dev team isn't smarter than your average steam player.
  9. Thatguyinktown

    Hello Neighbor/Secret Neighbor

    WAS possible, if Gun Media didn't put all their efforts into stupid shit like Halloween costumes and emotes that drove away an already dwindling playerbase.
  10. >Did you get an influx of players when Friday the 13th, they had to stop development? Lost their license? At that time, it didn't matter, really. They sold a lot of copies, but as far as I can tell… they didn't have a lot of active players. They just sold a lot of copies. So for us it didn't really matter, didn't really have an impact. It was irrelevant at the time. https://www.pcgamer.com/how-dead-by-daylight-proved-analysts-wrong-and-became-one-of-the-biggest-games-on-steam/
  11. Thatguyinktown

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    Lol, of course they didn't. At what point did either Gun or illfonic give you any impression they know what they're doing?
  12. Thatguyinktown

    Project Méliès (new gun media game)

    I wonder if they realize how screwed they really are? This wasn't just some small indie game that fucked up, this was A) A record setting kickstarter B ) A widely recognized intellectual property that C) Sold moderately well and D) Made several 2017 best of lists. You don't just fail and walk away without people taking notice. Even people who don't play the game know what a failure this has become. Dissatisfaction with Gun isn't confined to just a small faction of people on the forums - Its widespread. Just look at the YouTube comments of any of Guns videos. The only reason you don't see more is that Ben deletes every comment that reminds him how hard they failed. He's sensitive that way. He cant delete Youtube comments, thats why you see how many people REALLY DISLIKE Gun Media. These places: forum, reddit, discord - these are his safe spaces. Even Slash n Cast are going to turn eventually once they stop getting their grape koolade shipments and realize that Gun doesn't care about them- they are only using them for free advertising. Once SnC has outlived its usefulness, Gun will throw them aside as quickly as they have this game. It's beyond broke on PC - parties don't work it all, and QP puts all to almost all players in spectator mode when they load in about every 3rd or 4th game. And they've kept it this way without even an announcement for a forthcoming patch- ostensibly the only thing they've stated they CAN work on. They're more than likely waiting for the new slasher edition to drop to time with a new update - but it's cute that they think they have the luxury of waiting that long and that people will WANT to come back after moving on to other things in the meantime. The newest excuse among game loyalists is that it's all illphonics fault, not guns. But that's like blaming wells Fargo tellers for opening customer accounts without permission and disregarding the executives who told them to do it. Gun slapped their seal of approval on all parts of it, so while they may not have created the problems (debatable), they had no problem releasing it that way and calling that "Good Business"
  13. Perhaps it will be an ironic collectable, like a copy of Atari's E.T.
  14. And even they're releasing patches for their game that's been out a year longer than f13
  15. Who's your target market for this? Anyone already interested in the game has already bought it, and I find it difficult to believe that you guys think there's a vast amount of consumers just waiting for a cheaply produced mask and content bundle to play a game with no developmental future and a colossal amount of bugs even non players are aware of?