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  1. Creative Kills

    "This is your brain on drugs" - Jason takes a pan, holds the counselor's head on the table and bashes the counselors head repeatedly.
  2. Adding events

    Can a thread be derailed if it was a trainwreck to begin with?
  3. Adding events

    That would seem a little self-serving, but I'll never deny an opportunity to date sweet lady liquor!
  4. Adding events

    I think I know how to put a stop to this: I agree with @J0KIER, they should allow all the non-backers to get Savini Jason! @Kodiak, Thoughts?
  5. 1. April 26th - Improved In-Game Fonts! 2. May 3th - New Clothing Varieties including 3(!) new Tie-Dye shirts for Mitch! 3. May 10th - All hail Glor, our supreme celestial commander who will vanquish the wicked and non-believers! 4. May 17th - New garbage assets for the vehicles! (empty drive through soda cup on the dash, garbage on the floor, etc) 5. May 24th - New weapon "wooshing" sound effects for weapon swings! 6. May 31st - Glor is dead 7. June 7th - Update will not be ready for release this month.
  6. Scientists prove Uranus smells like farts

    As Uranus is a gas giant, noxious gasses could plume out at any minute, and the window of opportunity is a tight one. Danger is a part of any expedition, but I have a feeling this mission might be hairy.
  7. Scientists prove Uranus smells like farts

    The science is there, we just need to send a probe to Uranus.
  8. Scientists prove Uranus smells like farts

  9. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    They probably should have done a press release about the status of the update weeks ago, but I guess it's good we got this now.
  10. Sheriff Garris wasn't worthy of the Sacred Branch

    You know, this would be a great context kill for tea baggers. Press a button to stay down slightly longer than the stun animation, and then grab Chad I mean, any counselor who would get that close to Jason intentionally, and then bend Chad the counselor backwards.
  11. Reviewing F13 movies as I watch them

    The frying pan has a much higher stun chance in the first movie than in the game
  12. First look at the new Michael Myers mask!

    Apparently, only 1 tear though. He's missing his left eye in a reference to Laurie stabbing him with a clothes hanger in the closet of the Doyle house https://movieweb.com/halloween-2018-blumhouse-movie-michael-myers-one-eye/
  13. I've come across someone who does exactly that in the game. Jinkies indeed.