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  1. I like to slash everyone and listen to them whine because they have pocket knives.
  2. It's pretty self explanatory. If you are immersed, you are scared of Jason. If you are scared of Jason, you are dead weight. Anyway, there's the elaboration you wanted.
  3. Not sure why you defended OP then when he's obviously an immersed AJ
  4. According to this rating system that you endorse. Running away from Jason like a scared little kid = Good player Chainstunning Jason because he doesn't have enough brain power to go kill the scared little kids = Bad player Care to elaborate? So far all I can get from what you've said is that you are against Vaness and Chad players (probably because they bully you as Jason). What does creativity have to do with anything?
  5. Why would anyone want to put a label next to them that says "I'm immersed"?
  6. So Vanessa and Chad players like me that keep Jason from kicking your ass should be considered "bad players"?
  7. Bad communication and another shitty, shady kickstarter? Count me in! /s
  8. Illfonic has made terribly broken games in the past. The lawsuit isn't the reason F13 was bad.
  9. The dev and publisher have repeatedly proved incompetence and you STILL want them to slurp up and ruin another franchise?
  10. This is America. It's gonna take a few years for that lawsuit to be settled. Game dead.
  11. Probably bring some people back since the bugs make the game unplayable? Most good players have left because of bugs. Jason's combat stance being unreliable and delayed as fuck, counselors getting interaction locked, the med spray situation, and the fact that parties can't even get into lobbies anymore to name a few. The game has potentia, but the devs have repeatedly proved incompetence and shown why that won't happen. It took like, 3 or 4 months just for them to stop items getting stuck in the ground!
  12. Ironic, considering the state of the game right now.
  13. Do you even know the definition of 'troll'? Why does being better than Jason and chainstunning him make me a troll?
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