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  1. 1 minute ago, TiffanyCox said:

    Savini and Part 8 are practically the same in game play.  Both have destruction and can't run, the only differences really are shifting, and sense. I would way rather play Part 4 than Savini. That's just my opinion, but I have escaped many times against friends who have played Savini.

    I don’t see how they are considered practically the same if two pretty important skills are different but I guess that is all a matter of opinion.  Anyway, I wasn’t intending to debate or compare Jason’s, I just said I’ve never escaped a Savini Jason.  ?  I have escaped the shoulder pad Jason.  Although it seems like shoulder pad Jason gets used a lot.  I suppose it could all be luck.  Or there are some statistics involved here as well.  I’ll leave that to the smart people to figure out.  

  2. 1 hour ago, Gummybish said:

    Some people are complaining that all these new players are essentially ruining the game because of how inexperienced they are. 

    Personally I don't really care because everyone was new at some point.

    I had so many experienced players ruining the game before the holiday influx of newbies that the newbies haven’t really bothered me all that much.  

    In fact, I have experienced LESS team killing and that type of trolling since the holiday.  I don’t know why or what to make of it, it’s just an observation I guess.  

  3. To me it sounds cool in theory only.  I don’t see a reason or need for it and I don’t see a true benefit.  People who have played the game for any length of time have basically seen all the kills one way or another.  And if somehow you haven’t then there’s YouTube.

    Frankly, with the way people play now (deliberately f*cking around for a really long time at the end of a round instead of just ending the match by escaping) I wouldn’t be able to stand another minute added to the end of the round that has already been painfully dragged out just to see something I’ve already seen a thousand times.  

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  4. Is it related to this game or your system?  Double check the headset volume settings on your Xbone and the other possibility is that the wires on your headset are crapping out.  Gently twist or otherwise manipulate the actual cord and see if you hear static or whatever.  My Xbone headset literally quit working after ten hours of use and that was what happened.  

    Also, one of my friends said that during some matches last night it seemed that no one’s mic was working (the whole lobby). I am not sure how he would necessarily know that but maybe you are experiencing something similar?  Good luck. 

  5. I hate playing as Jason now.  I was never super great in the first place but since the changes I am lucky if I get two or three—and being totally honest, usually one of those is someone who is away from their game and not actually playing.  

    That being said, I still have many friends who kill every flipping counselor in every match they play and one of them is a player who always sets his counselor and Jason to “random.”  So I think things are extremely tough now for people who are average to below average Jason’s but it doesn’t seem to be that big a deal for everyone.  For me it is though.  XD

  6. 1 hour ago, Mr. Blonde said:

    Friendly fire was one of the most underrated core reasons that indirectly made Jason a stronger threat when he arrived and it also made playing counselors more challenging. During the friendly fire era, you couldn't just gather up like a pack of sardines and start mindlessly swinging with no care for the direction of your fire like you can currently in this botched up version of 'Friday the 13th: The Pinata'. Friendly Fire being an element of the game forced you to play better as the counselor, it forced you to have better aim, it forced you to have stronger team mate awareness, and it forced you to create and play off better positioning as a team. And in the same playing field, Jason could also utilize friendly fire by swerving in a defensive direction towards other counselors to create bait & panic situations, which sometimes would fluster counselors into accidentally hitting one another. Split moments like these would often give the Jason player the opportunity to strike or make a move that he could capitalize on when up against groups.

    The problem was never Friendly Fire on it's own, the problem was the way that Gunmedia executed it that made it not fun to play against. It wasn't fun when you had a bitter troll trying to kill the team secretly one by one, and it also most definitely wasn't fun on the Jason side of things when your kills were stolen from grievers with shotguns and the likes. 


    So here is the proposal of how Gunmedia can re-introduce Friendly Fire to the game, while also severely limiting the troll and anti-Jason kill steals.

    Friendly Fire:

    • Counselors can no longer be killed by another counselor with a melee weapon (the finishing blow can only be performed by Jason)
    • Shotguns no longer instantly kill a counselor, they will just leave them in a crippled state of movement with lowest health.
    • Counselor placed bear traps no longer can kill a counselor, they will just leave them in a crippled state of movement with lowest health.
    • Cars no longer instantly kill a counselor, they will just knock them down and then when they get up, they will be in a crippled state of movement with lowest health.
    • Suicide can no longer be performed by windows or second story jumps. It will just whittle your health down to lowest possible number.
    • Any counselor who makes another counselor enter "cripple" state (except for bear traps) will receive the -500 penalty that "Betrayal" currently has at the end of the match.

    Mr. Blonde, thank you for being the only person who has ever explained the reason that friendly fire even existed in this game to me (everyone else just says it sucks that it’s gone or it was “there for a reason” but that does not explain anything at all).  And for being the only person to articulate why it is an important element as well as coming up with viable solutions to making it effective while not totally giving over to the idiot troll team killers out there.  

    Hopefully someone will see your comment and consider using these ideas. :)

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  7. 2 hours ago, Syomare said:

    Before I begin I apologize if anything written here already exists in other threads . Today I would like to discuss what this game was Intended to be , and what this game became. From the removal of team killing ( which I thought was a terrible idea ) to the inclusion of more pocket knives.

    Why did you think removing team killing was such a terrible idea?  Unless I’m missing something, counselors killing other counselors was never the intent of the game.  The intent was for Jason to kill counselors and for counselors to work together to escape/survive or possibly band together in an attempt to kill him.  Counselors still sabotage and kill each other all the time, by the way. 

    I am just curious since you seem to be specifically talking about the intent of the game yet you called that particular aspect out as having been something you liked, and those seem to conflict.  Why did you like it so much?  Thanks!

  8. Someone on Xbox Live is claiming that you do not have to have preordered/backed the game in order to get Savini Jason and that he knows how to “give it” to people.  

    Anybody know what he is on about?  I didn’t post a comment or ask him how he can supposedly do that because I think it’s someone just being an ass or baiting people.  I just wondered if anyone here knew anything about it.  =O

  9. 21 hours ago, ThePunkPirate said:

    Ive used this to my advantage sometimes. Caught someone that was with Jason. It was obvious that the guy had told Jason I was fixing the boat, however he tried to get in with me. Afterwards I decided to beach the boat and run into a nearby cabin. Instead of Jason going after the guy right in front of him, his friend, he continued to chase me while his buddy kept trying to figure out how to get the boat to work.


    Ill admit Ive been petty with this trick before too, Ive had someone who didnt help at all, a Vanessa, try to steal a friends seat so I just beached it when they wouldnt get out. Done the same with the 2 seater and water before as well. If you dont contribute, or rather just sit there and wait for me to do everything, youre not getting a ride. I rather rescue someone who deserves it.

    Ha!  This reminds me of what happened to me yesterday.  I single-handedly fixed the boat with no help from anyone.  When I was done I headed towards the closest person to offer them to come with me.  They ran to the boat, jumped in first which is fine but then TOMMY came to the boat too and was trying to shove me out of the way so he could get in and escape (while there were still several players left in the game).  I was super irritated and after a spell of us pushing each other back and forth I just said feck it and gave it to him.  I guess I can chalk this up to another lesson: GTFO and forget helping anyone else.  =\

  10. 2 minutes ago, Cokeyskunk said:

    I'm on PS4, and the racism is just as prevalent, if not moreso. Mostly because it's usually a bunch of white dudes calling Buggzy the n-word. I, too, am a white dude, and this irritates me to no end. People get online and think they're wearing a bulletproof vest of anonymity. I wish accountability were easier.

    Hm. I’m on Xbox and I’m not saying this never happens because obviously I am not there 24/7 but I have played for hours and hours and hours and have never once experienced any of that.  I have seen people on this board say that the PS Community seems to be far worse than Xbox so maybe that is actually true. :( 

  11. Just now, carnage4u said:

    People are terrible.  When I join a lobby, and there is a woman in the game some guy is going to make some rude comment. Of course every time I join a game I'm usually going to hear some racist comments or someone goings to be trolling in some way or another.


    Basically everyone is awful and terrible and I wish everyone would just die. So when I play Jason and get to fake murder them, I feel a little better.

    What platform are you on?  This just blows my mind because I have been playing this for a while now, I’m a woman, always have a mic, and I’ve played with many different people and I’ve literally never heard anyone make a random bad comment against women in the lobby or make racist comments in a lobby the way it is being described here.  =\  So weird. 

  12. 9 hours ago, TheButtonMasher said:

    I literally never hear this. Lately there has been a lot of discussion about females being harassed and such but I have never seen this first hand.  While I don't have female friends I play with, on the odd occasion they do join a game they say 'Hello' people say 'Hi' back and that's the end. They play the game as normal. Either I'm missing a lot of it or some users are over-exaggerating a bit.

    I am a female and there are some guys who try to flirt or whatever but they are so young (to me anyway—18 or less) that it’s fairly innocent and I simply steer them away without making a big production of it.  It is pretty easy to end the behavior if it starts and easier to prevent it in the first place unless it is truly out of nowhere or random.

    At any rate, I am with you—I’ve been playing this game for a while, I always have a mic and I have seen little-to-none of this behavior.  The only truly foul comments and behavior I’ve witnessed have been against an entire lobby in an attempt to get ANYONE to react, not against me or any other women specifically.

  13. This is something I actually have not seen happen.  Although I guess I’ve never run into other female players either (at least none that use a mic), just me, which is weird considering how much I have played.  I usually fly under the radar as a girl because I don’t have a high pitched girly voice and I can pretty easily control the vocal femininity I do have so it isn’t obvious to most people online.  Haha. 

  14. 1 hour ago, johnnyfoodstamp said:

    First they take away team killing because whiners were upset.  So yeah.  Keep whining and I'm sure the car will just gently nudge you out of the way.  These devs love to cater to complainers so just keep complaining and you'll get what you want. 

    I agree that there is a lot of whining about things that ultimately do not matter but to me, being unhappy over team killing is not one of them.  Team killing ruins the game for Jason and the other counselors.  Killing your teammates is not the goal, intent or purpose of the game.  There are plenty of other games where it’s a free for all to kill anyone and everyone so those people should go play those games instead of deliberately ruining other people’s experiences in this one.

  15. On 12/26/2017 at 10:13 PM, daughterofolaf said:

    This is the first I’ve heard of it.  After the patch I did have some issues with Tommy though when playing as him: no mini map, unable to see what items he was carrying, dropping an item resulted in dropping ALL items...it was really bizarre.  He would also lag and had no ability to do anything except walk and run. It seemed to shake out though. 

    It did NOT shake out.  Now when I come back as Tommy there are often glitches which make him useless except for running or walking.  Cannot open doors, climb through windows, pick anything up or shoot his gun...no action whatsoever.  Lame.  

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