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  1. I’m sorry. I just came here to post and was, in my opinion, ambushed. I certainly didn’t come here with the intention of having someone attack my every word. I could’ve just thrown a dart at any social media server for that one. Yeah...The fact that real issues are a matter of debate, and the choices regarding not only content issues, but marketing and the internal structure of their business also seems questionable, what with them promising and making trailers for modes that may never show up, and the constant backpedaling and pandering. Apparently, what you’re looking at is someone trying to please everyone at once. Which is not only a fool’s errand, it’s going to end up doing the one thing they’re trying to avoid: Killing Jason.
  2. Of course it is. I have literally had this game since it was able to be owned. Thank goodness I wasn’t stupid enough to preorder it, or even worse, back it. Look...these guys have done an amazing job with what they have to work with. But every time there is an update, something breaks. Not half of the time. Not some of the time. Not a fraction of the time. EVERY time. And I don’t think it’s too much to ask that the BASE EXPERIENCE remain largely untouched. When I play Super Mario Bros, I don’t want the developers going “Welp, garsh...the internet seems awfully pissed about the fact that Mario kills Goombas with one jump. Perhaps we should just throw what we’ve done out the window and tweak the balances on the Goombas.” Right. It’s supposed to be hard. And it was. Forgive me if I don’t want some screaming 10 year old, who is only level five, killing everyone effortlessly, all the while telling us all to “suck his cock,” or that “he’s awesome and we all suck.” There needs to be balance in all things, in my opinion. And that’s all this is: Opinion. The game is unbalanced. Again: You don’t have to agree with me. But for fucks sale, stop singling me out. I don’t want the game to be some ultimate power fantasy where I’m just an unstoppable juggernaut. I just....don’t feel that kind of impotence in my life that I require something like that. The fact that you COULD die as Jason made things more interesting.
  3. I’m not sure how you can be lost. You play this game, yes? Yesterday, I watched Jason walk right through TWO fireworks, and another time, they were delayed being thrown. Also, I’ve watched him walk right through doors being closed on him multiple times. I have also NEVER complained, here or anywhere else, that Jason was a joke. Perhaps I’ve called the person PLAYING him a Joke. But let’s be real here: It’s The Game, not The Franchise. Counselors can’t just heal from an almost severed arm in the films. So...We’re looking for a bit of THAT, mixed with a little bit of the normal shit you find in games of the digital kind: the ability to somewhat fight back. Should AJ be able to demask with two shots from a bat? Hell no. But my 25% stun damage should fucking count for something. That’s it’s point. That’s the only purpose it serves. It’s unbalanced. That’s all there is to it. You don’t have to understand me, or agree with me. But for fuck’s sake, don’t act as if I’m some rambling old woman.
  4. Not to mention the fact that Part 2 Jason, in particular, has 7-8 traps to start out with. It seems to me that before this update, it actually took some skill to be Jason. Now he just walks right through fireworks and doors alike, grabbing people from feet away, and is almost totally invincible. I have literally had this game since day one. I’m not some new complaining asshole that thinks I’m owed everything. But last week I was able to play and enjoy this game and now level 10’s are clearing the board like the 150’s used to. I call bullshit. Man...I miss the good old days. Y’know....before everyone got what they wanted because they cried the loudest. Anyway. That’s my two cents. Glad I’m not alone.
  5. This happens. I’ve had it happen to me under the right circumstances. I do believe I was chopping down a door, and a counselor hit me through it, which caused this issue
  6. Which is completely understandable. The VC is easily my favorite addition to the game, and I also don’t want to just let parts of it go unsolved. I’m just afraid that with as attention hungry the internet is, someone would’ve bragged or made a video of it being 100% completed by now. I hope that isn’t the case, but with as much progress as was made in the first 48 hours....It does seem unlikely that there’s anything left of interest. However, I’ll continue to be of any help I can.
  7. Ah. If that’s all it is, you can see the same quotes on the tombstones. Crap. Another dead end.
  8. Perhaps. Aside from being Jason in offline mode and checking each tombstone, I don’t know how in the hell to accomplish reading them. Crouching and getting closer as a counselor just obfuscates the words more. I’m currently playing multiplayer now, so whenever I can swing up to one of the graveyards, I’ll post some of the epitaphs here. Hope someone smarter than I can make some sense out of it.
  9. Ah! I didn’t exactly feel like an idiot before, but I certainly don’t now. The way others were talking, you’d think they were standing next to a brightly colored clown with balloons. Y’know...that’s a good idea. It’s just such an obviously tacked-on-at-the-last-minute, and completely bullshit mode that I completely forgot about it. Silly ol’ me. But strangely felt the need to both sit through, AND post about. Seems like maybe they actually made you think a bit and you didn’t like that. Blame the system, man. They’re the ones that make games you can almost never die in. All this handholding and hours of tutorials and internet walkthroughs for even the most linear thinker, is just ridiculous. Being dropped into a large puzzle with NO explanation and no even hint of what to do first was as refreshing an occurrence as I’ve played in quite a while.
  10. The police car in the red door room also has numbers on the car itself, and the license plate. The tombstones for each of the “Devs” or whatever they are can also be found in multiplayer mode. I’d suggest going to each cemetery and reading them. Perhaps in a private match. I love this game, but asking anyone to just let you search is akin to asking for death.
  11. I went right to the boat from the badges. Sadly, I’ve also been back there two or three times. I’m assuming that since I made my way from the cabin to Jason’s shack first, they were dead by the time I arrived back? Didn’t see Fox until she was dead, either. I blame the weed.
  12. I couldn’t find Mitch OR Vanessa. Another reason that I’m not giving up on VC 2.0 yet.
  13. I thought I was alone on this. Then again, I also assumed Part 9 was universally hated. So I’ve clearly been wrong before. Lol.
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