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  1. I'd love to play a private match with friends and bots involved, and one of us real players must play as Jason, of course. I messaged Ron with this enquiry and his response: Unfortunately not, sorry man. It's something we wanted to do all along, in addition to Jason offline A.I., but that ship has sailed unfortunately.
  2. "This event starts at 4pm Eastern on May 24th and ends at 4pm Eastern on the 29th." - ShiftySamurai
  3. Was anything like this added? I'd love to play with 1-2 friends with offline bots - one of us Jason and the rest counsellor.
  4. In before: "If you're going to be too lazy to check then I'm too lazy to tell you" Would also like to know please.
  5. Well, unfortunately not... But other than that, nothing else has been hinted at toward the next update so we're still going to have to wait around and see.
  6. Maybe But, then again he was being specific because of the guy who tweeted at him originally was rather specific.
  7. Unfortunately doesn't look like there will be anymore announcements today
  8. Thanks for the new counselor! But when are we actually going to receive an announcement on the release of the update? I don't want to keep hearing updates about the update D:
  9. Well, thanks for the replies everybody which now clears this topic up for me. Enjoy everybody and have fun.
  10. I use "I want" because a developer already told me they will release information on it soon. I am not using it in a demanding term, which you seem to have misunderstood from my previous posts. There are several reasons why it matters - why did they delay it in the first place for so long when they had a head start by using an AI Asset pack? There is no point going back and fourth anymore - I'll now just wait patiently for the developers explanation because you're not doing much good.
  11. Nope, I'm not here to stir shit up and if I was here for that reason, you wouldn't be making it any better, would you? I want a response from the devs' (which is finally happening) - I'm not the only one wanting answers from them. you question about me being a fan for wanting information on the asset / listing flaws? lol, typical.
  12. What this thread also shows you is that gaming communities typically have an army of fanboys who hate to admit flaws in the game which they loooveee
  13. Mm.. Thankfully there will be a response regarding the AI Asset from a developer hopefully soon. And as I mentioned before, this thread was specifically just to hear other peoples opinions but kind of took a wrong turn. I'm glad to finally get half a response from a developer anyway. Just got to wait for the full statement
  14. Careful with what you say, some of the fanboys will be out in full force in a minute telling you to stop complaining that the data doesn't save and to give them more time!
  15. Exactly. Why would they? Deleted within 5 minutes without no replies, no warning. Seriously, is that not suspicious of trying to hide it from the community? I'll answer for you: Yes it is.
  16. I imagine it is incredibly hard, but that is no excuse... If they know how difficult bots are to make then they should've hired more developers for additional help...
  17. They worked on the virtual cabin but didn't they hire extra help on it? correct me if I'm mistaken Still, in my opinion bots are fun but they could've been much better if they hadn't been rushed out or had higher level programmers working on them.
  18. Sorry, I removed that because I realise how stupid it sounded. The main point: Take into consideration all of the delays for singleplayer/offline bots, they finally release offline bots after a bunch of delays and guess what? They work but are they all fully functional? No. So what have they been doing the past 6 months? Seems like it was just rushed out in my opinion. Have they truly been working on it for 6+ months? No chance, otherwise they would have functioning bots without constantly getting stuck on the terrain or hiding lots + more. Probably spent the last couple of months working on them, if that.
  19. Because originally, all I wanted was opinions on what people thought of the rumour, but it was taken down by either the sub-reddit mods or the developers and I thought that was absolutely ridiculous. This post is only on this forum here because they removed it from the reddit. If there is nothing to hide on their end, then why would they take it down? If true, they obviously didn't want people to find out about it. Never once here have I called them shady or liars. I said maybe they could've been lying on their twitter about the hard work, but that's it.
  20. I know it's not just slap it in and bam, working. They obviously still have to program them themselves (I did mention this...) but, when they claim they're hard at work and delay it loads, it has to be brought up in question... I understood the delay because I thought they were creating the bots from scratch. And, once again before I get called out for it. YES I KNOW IT'S JUST A RUMOUR AT THIS POINT.
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