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  1. im telling ya on mine it just turns blood effect on and off eh ill keep working at it maybe its just bugged ill try a full delete and reinstall
  2. yes im aware but when i do that all there is is the bloody skin
  3. well i looked and all i have is the part 2-9 jasons and savini no retro inless hes hidden somewhere and i dont think i can delete any of the characters mind telling me where hes located?
  4. ok i remember having retro green masked purple jumpsuit jason when i first started last year but i came back to lay in ernest this last week and i noticed that jason is gone i know he was just a freebie they gave us but i wanted to play as him but now hes gone any idea what happend?
  5. dante's inferno has you killing babies lots of babies, and dead space 2 has you killing lots of children so its not really new or a huge deal
  6. the glasses may have something to do with the checkered room in debug mode and has anyone went exploring the whole area in debug mode for any other "doorways"?
  7. i dunno but i read somewhere he would likely be used for paranoia/hallucinations and maybe the challenges coming up but this info is also from these forums and reddit so its not like my sources are 100% i havnt even officially started the game im waiting on my friend to get some other stuff done before we start playing lol
  8. im hoping they make it so you can farm all the jason stuff on it since u have like what a 5-10% chance of getting jason in mp this woould be a great way to get jasons badges and trophies
  9. i want the offline bot mode to save progress and patches and such so i can work on my jason stuff easier as it is nothing saves except exp im hearing
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