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  1. At release, the offline bot mode was bugged on pc, starting the game without internet and playing the game with bots made it crash. Can anyone confirm, if for this mode, or for single player, the game has been fixed on pc, to start, and play, without internet?
  2. You're the one who's giving that meaning to what I'm saying based on, as you've said, past experiences in which you've read people on this forums treating singular problems, as if they were affecting everyone else. For that matter the one who's assuming that I fit into the rest of people who group their individual problems as massive ones that are affecting plenty of different people is you. Either way, the developers seem to have never fix it. And for that matter, when I posted this, other people on this forums, as well as on the Steam forums claimed to have the same issue. I don't know why you claim you haven't experienced it, or didn't experience it back then. Did you try to unplug your internet and test it? Or did you simply didn't have the problem even after testing it that way?
  3. Back when the offline bot support got added I bought the game but had to refund it because of a bug that made the game crash in that particular mode WHEN PLAYING WITHOUT INTERNET on PC/Steam. Can somebody answer me if this has been fixed? Thank you in advance.
  4. So you can't play offline on pc, because each time I try playing against bots without internet connection the game gives me a fatal error, in any configuration, and, in any map... I tried restarting the game and playing it with Steam set to offline mode, same error, I tried unplugging my ethernet cable, same error. The only way I could play against bots truly OFFLINE was by starting an offline bot game mode with internet, and then unplugging the ethernet cable.
  5. You can't play offline bots without internet on the Steam/PC version of the game, starting the game in "offline mode" crashes after trying to load a game throwing me a "FATAL ERROR" message, independent of the maps, and, or, settings. On Steam, as well as on reddit some people have confirmed they also have this issue. The only way to gain access to the bots is to start the game mode while online, unplugging my ethernet cable in the middle of gameplay resulted in me being able to play the game perfeclty. Please fix this, is the only thing preventing me from purchasing the game, the time I had before my refund was amazing. I just want to be able to play offline, and not be conditioned to having internet all the time in order to gain access to an awesome game.
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