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  1. Last night I couldn’t create a party. It told me to check my internet connection. It also wouldn’t let me join a party. It told me something about a bypass failure. I was able to play quick play alone and my friends were able to form a party without me. It’s still doing this today. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  2. They probably think it’s at the expense of other Jasons or content. “I’d rather have ______ than Roy.” In this case though they already said the most time consuming aspect of making a Jason is the mask which they’ve already done the work on. I want Roy (more than just in paranoia) and I’m interested how they have him play. Strengths, weaknesses etc. something like this: strengths traps Destruction sense or stalk weakness: Defense shift or morph Water speed A walking part 2 in a way.
  3. It shouldn’t have to be an either/or. I’m assuming it’s going to be a both/and. I wasn’t excited for Uber Jason nor anything past part 8 but would rather have the options than not have them. Roy offers a potential for a different style of play and also a different way to kill him. If he was just a skin to another Jason I’d agree with you, meh.
  4. Roy will most likely be involved with paranoia. Hopefully he’ll be playable in quick play as well though. Like someone mentioned, seems like a lot of work to make a mask to be just a prop. I also noticed that Roy’s mask is missing from my cabin after completing it hmmmmmmm
  5. Is Roy’s mask missing from anyone else’s cabin? Not on the wall or in my backpack. Where did Roy go?!
  6. Definitely pinehurst because it would mean Roy. Was much more interested in Roy than Uber Jason. A close second is Forest Green.
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