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  1. Rainbow blood should be a feature. Unfortunately doesn’t exist on PC.
  2. Guys, remember when we were told the new engine update would hit sometime in April? GUESS WHAT! It’s already May and we still don’t have shit, this game is a joke, barely 1k active players while the game sold over 1 million copies, way to go, just give up the license and sell it to a triple A company ffs.
  3. Yes, I’d rather have a big studio with real developers instead of what we have now. The devs are a joke, they tease all the changes and upcoming new content yet all we saw was a short rather scripted scene. I want regular updates and communication. Epic Games for example has over 45 million players yet they have the time to reply to people’s post on Reddit or actually implement a feature into a mode that is criticized by the players. Here a thread will be locked if enough people go against the devs way of thinking. By the looks of it this game won’t last long anyways with less than 2 thousand active players on Steam lmfao.
  4. Sounds like how Behavior (Dead By Daylight’s devs) handle their game. Illfonic seriously lacks community time and transparency in general. A video every few weeks of some teased content is not really what I expected to get.
  5. I’d be scared if I was a Gun employee. This game is going downhill slowly.
  6. You really should since they have done a pretty good job so far.
  7. I agree 100%. There is no real tactics, if Jason’s force grab somehow connects with your hitbox you’re done unless you have a pocket knife and also where’s the skill? Randomly finding a pocket knife due to RNG has nothing to do with skill, sure skilled players can stay alive longer but skill isn’t really the most important thing and that alone is a shame. I don’t like comparing Friday to DBD since they’re not alike but in DBD skill is everything, without skill you’re not gonna survive in Friday it’s more about luck and not being somehow force grabbed. I just can’t get myself to play this game unless they’re actively trying to improve things that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. And yea, Dead by Daylight is being played by over 20k people daily on steam which is more than Friday has on all three platforms combined.
  8. The game is boring, it’s always the same either escape by boat, car or police. Killing Jason doesn’t work most of the times due to a glitch that protects Jason from stuns at least from my experience. As a matter of fact the game itself has too many bugs and exploits. It’s just not fun after 100 of hours since it’s always the same thing, either do objectives or be chased and as Jason it’s too easy killing people. There’s little to no variety imo, it’s either walking or running Jason’s or fast dumb or slow repair kind of counselors. Perks don’t do much either except for a few META perks that nearly every experienced player has on all their counselors. It’s kind of sad because I really wanted this game to be something but it’s going downhill from this point on, I don’t mind the toxic, immature community on PC since I can mute people but the fact that I get ran over with the car or face teamers every once in a while really takes a lot of the little fun that is left within the game. And even worse most of the mistakes could be easily fixed, look at DBD they have it sorted out, you can decide to either play a killer or survivor therefore teaming with Jason is near impossible and people won’t leave midway due to not being Jason. Imma take a break until Illfonic sorts their mistakes out. I really hope half a year from now on this game will be playable.
  9. It doesn’t really matter what they do and not. At the end this game will be a broken glitch fest, nothing more. The single player challenges will be fun for an hour or so, maybe more depending on the challenges, if it’s more of a hitman style gameplay with different choices then I’d say it could be a fun offline mode but seeing how the devs can’t even script bots that run away from Jason I doubt they can do what Square Enix does with the Hitman series. Instead of doing single player stuff that we will forget about one week after its release, I’d appreciate glitch fixes and some kind of anti cheat precautions because on PC the amount of Russian hackers are beyond good and evil. Get your priorities straight, Illfonic.
  10. Seeing how the PC community is slowly dying out it would be nice playing against PS4 and X1 players.
  11. Didn’t notice the reduced speed only thing I have noticed is that it takes longer to shift from forward to backwards driving.
  12. The only time Jason got killed was when a buddy of mine became Jason. He isn’t particularly a noob Jason but he fooled around and let people live because he wanted to do environmental kills only. I have yet to be killed as Jason after the patch.
  13. It’s weird because some parts of the overall look very similar while other parts look different. Maybe it’s the angle and also the lightning. But the Myers figure looks awful!
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