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  1. Unpopular counselors

    LaChappa’s worst enemies are part 2,3 and 4 Jason’s since they can outrun him very easily, in a group of counselors LaChappa and his high repair is very useful otherwise he’s not so useful.
  2. Outstanding Deborah Cosplay

    I wonder how many people will message that Sly Fox account. Thristy males everywhere, her inbox will explode.
  3. Outstanding Deborah Cosplay

    Explains why there is no tiddies.
  4. What generation are you?

    My life needed to be very very miserable to value my health this low. I can’t believe people foolishly risk their health like that.
  5. If someone does that again and the game lets me be Jason the following round I’ll go full Goldberg on them while they celebrate their victory.
  6. What’s worse than that are people that want the car you fixed and camp on both ends of the car. Had a buddy help me repair the 2 seater and we wanted to escape, Jason wasn’t there but two Deborah’s and one went to the front and the other at the back of the car so if I move just a little to either direction I’d be 1000 exp shorter. We eventually waited for Jason and he grabbed one so we could drive around them
  7. What generation are you?

    Totally understandable, I once had those liquid pods and it broke, it hurt when it touched my hand, cannot imagine eating that shit and letting it pass thru my organism.
  8. Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Fender Bender, literally one of the worst and most cliche horror movies I have seen. I’d rate it 3/10 only because of the gay sidekick and his jokes too bad he didn’t survive.
  9. Outstanding Deborah Cosplay

    Hair isn’t on point, glasses do look similar but are not 1:1, Deborah has dark red lipstick not a very soft reddish pink one, cospayer’s sweater shows too much skin and cleavage, pattern of the sweater does not look alike and also most importantly no tiddies. Yup, agreed. That’s not only creepy but also very rude to share Facebook posts, lots of thirsty people will now contact her because of OP. Thank you!
  10. Outstanding Deborah Cosplay

    “Outstanding” cosplay, literally only wears glasses and a similar looking sweater lmfao
  11. What generation are you?

    Nah, games were at their peak during PS2/Xbox/GameCube era of the early 2000s. No console generation was that active and vivid, when there were actually exclusive titles on the Xbox, ohhh lord good times. In every generation we had awesome movies and music it’s a personal thing, as a late 90s person I do not feel connected to my generations music, I prefer 80s music all the way.
  12. If looks could kill

    Yup that’s totally bullshit. Different make up artists different results, totally bs and stupid, he doesn’t even have blue eyes as zombie Jason which is funny because Hillbilly Jason from part 2 had blue eyes.
  13. Where is everybody from...

    Yea many women are afraid of giving birth, there are lots of complications even going as far as to dying during birth. Sometimes it really pays off being a man, respectively.
  14. What race are you?

    According to that logic I am middle eastern mixed with Eastern Europe. Father was half Turkish half Bulgarian and mother is full blooded ottoman predecessor. I count myself as Turk in Germany since ethnicity has more to do with DNA rather than where I’ve been born geographically.
  15. Totally agree, escaping should be rewarding and killing at least 5/7 counselors should be doable for most Jason’s that aren’t completely new to the game. Seeing how the steam playerbase shrunk from 16k to 7k after the patches and now stands at 1-2k players on average a day is very telling about the current state of the game.