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  1. Title says it all. We need All playable Jason's vs Uber Jason. Jason from all the films acting as counselors vs Uber Jason. Which each special abilitybeing different maybe able to take down Uber J. Obviously down the road. But would be fun
  2. Still cant wait too see Tom Savini's Jason skin, should be badass!!!!
  3. I think an 18-21 coming of age Jason would be cool. Just before he discovered the sack!
  4. Out of all the ideas Ive heard so far, That is definitely a new one, I like it. Maybe its own game mode. Cuz that definitely changes everything.... Only problem is, staying true to the movie. That "parasite" basically is Jason. Jason isn't standing there while his parasite is out and about.lol.. So it can't really leave Jason. As seen when "the infected" in the mirror WAS Jason. SO maybe its own Game mode, whereas Everyone is a counselor. But one is "infected" Transferring body to body, dying in the process also growing stronger. When 2-3 counselors are left. Jason is Jason.Pissed off as ever! But again staying true to the movie is a problem. Just having fun... The game is expected in the coming months. None of this matters. The game will be great as is!!
  5. Check out this music video, Friday the 13th part 5
  6. always like critters 2 and ghoulies 2, sheesh house 2, more than the originals.. maybe cause i was young always watched and loved the 3
  7. Yea the Steel machete case with the extra goodies is the way to go!!!!
  8. Nobody agrees Emma looks like a young Heather Langenkamp..? I had too look her up thinkin she may be Heathers daughter.... None the less pretty decent show, especially for MTV.
  9. Emma looks damn near Identical too a young Heather Langenkamp, I swear she totally reminds me of Nancy from Nightmare on Elm St.
  10. October is coming quick! I'm sure alot of things are still being worked on as far as giveaways/contests. Slasher backer is cruising along nice. you gotta expect a couple more big pushes before release
  11. I hear ya,,, but im sure some would like to be a counselor.... Ive been playing the UFC career mode too much lol, been creating characters left an right.. Na I get you. Your absolutely right.
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