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  1. I personally almost always main AJ due to her 10/10 stealth and good repair & composure, and try to go to the big cabins (like the one in Packanack) but Deborah is also quite good because of her 9/10 stealth and 10/10 repair. I only personally play those two ladies because their repair and stealth combo, which basically allows you to get faster out, although their speed and stamina arent that good. Btw, head for the boat instead of the car when playing as a repair/stealth character, because a lot of Jasons go for the cars and forget about the boat. Also the boat needs only 2 parts (gas, propellor) and the another one of them can be found almost always from the house nearest to the boat
  2. What if its a some kind of hint for future content, like Roy Burns as a ''Jason''?
  3. So i've been thinking about this for a long time and i have came up with an idea, and thats why i am currently writing this atm. So, since adrenaline kinda gives you a ''boost'' when scared/or in a situation like the counselors are in the game, so i think there should be an ability for the counselors to use when scared. I would be called as ''Adrenaline Rush'' and would give you a limited time boost. So, lets say that you have your fear up a little bit, and Jason is near you. You activate the ability, and you get a boost to your stats; probably 5% per fear level. (I consider 1 level as 5 percents) The stats that would get a boost of this would be Strength, Speed, Stamina and Luck. So, when your fear is up to 25%, you would obviously get a 25% boost to your stats etc. But, the length of the boost would be like this; 5% fear = 30 sec 10% fear = 1 minute and 30 seconds 15% fear = 2 minutes 20% fear = 2 minutes and 30 seconds 25% fear = 3 minutes 50% fear = 1 minute and 30 seconds 75% fear = 45 seconds 100% fear = 30 seconds And thats basically it. The reason why i lowered the time limit down when coming onto the higher percents of fear was because if for example, AJ would have 100% boost on her stats for 3 minutes, it would be basically overpowered if she would have all stats at the highest level for the 3 minutes of the boost. So, thanks for reading
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