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  1. Hope so man. I get the need to keep it entertaining because the game can be a little androgynous at times, but too many people exploiting stuff like that all the time ruins the whole experience of the game and is just one more reason a lot of people have stopped playing.
  2. Thats pretty hilarious because I was just in a match with the guy that started this thread and he used a glitch in the game to get onto the roof in Packanack lodge. Glitches can be fun and all, but dude, if you’re gonna complain about the need to make a more powerful Jason, how about playing the game without exploiting?
  3. @ShiftySamuraiJust out of curiosity, how are you guys going to track this? Will we be able to report these infractions in game or do we have to record every match and report via Twitter still?
  4. Ok, pocket knives needed to happen but medsprays?! You guys made pretty much anyone who plays as Jason now into slashers and now we gotta deal with that. Have y’all thought about taking a more balanced approach instead of jumping from one extreme to another? Like I said, glad y’all are reducing the amount of pocket knives. But some stuff was fine as is.
  5. Let me start off by saying I love this game. It’s a fun game. But there’s a lot of BS that goes on with the game and a lot of stuff that’s broken that makes the entire experience frustrating and honestly makes me want to just delete it a lot of the time. But if the devs can put a little more work into fixing what’s broken this could be a very successful and long lived game. Firstly I’m glad to hear the recent news that the devs are fixing Jason. It’s much needed. One night myself and a couple of buddies killed Jason 11 times. That’s right 11. So Jason getting the TLC he needs is a great move. Next thing the devs need to do is add host migration. This needs to be done for a number of reasons. I can’t count the amount of times the host in a quick play match has threatened to quit if Jason kills him. It’s a pretty chickenshit move that happens way too often. Adding host migration would put a stop to that kind of player behavior. It would also help in the cases where the host legitimately loses their connection or game crashes. Speaking of, fix the game crash problem. It happens to either myself or the people I play with a couple of times every day. Fix matchmaking. It takes way too long to be able to find a lobby. There’s gotta be a solution for this problem. Also it wouldn’t hurt to add an option to kick a player. There’s too many times where I’ve played with people that do stuff to intentionally screw over the other counselors like place counselor traps below an open window inside a cabin. Or intentionally hold onto the fuse or keys to prevent other counselors from escaping. Or the worst offense in my eyes, work with Jason and rat out other players. We should have the option to kick these guys and remove them from a lobby. Another thing to maybe look at is the amount of pocket knives that spawn. In my opinion there are way too many. Upping the amount of pocket knives needed to happen but I think they overdid it. It’s caused a lot of Jason’s to pretty much just slash now.
  6. Head back to the room that you unlocked when you entered the Mother password into the computer then go through the red door. From there just follow the badges.
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