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  1. I might've missed it looking though, but some of the Jason combat animations are off.
  2. Is probably the fact that now that it's here and the game is (for the most part) set for a while and we can finally move on to more content based updates. Now before you start commenting, I know it's gonna be a while. I'm not expecting it soon, I'm enjoying the update it's great and I'm grateful. I'm not trying to act like "oh this is all we got, where's the new stuff" I'm merely saying that I'll now be much more excited to see what's next. Anyone else feel like this? What do you think will be next first? What do you HOPE is next first?
  3. As someone who loves playing as Jason, I adore this grab. Every grab I've missed has been my fault and I'm completely okay with that. I really like the stinger too. I dunno honestly seems fine to me.
  4. Anyone notice that while I. Combat stance, Part 6 holds the Machete like he's holding his spear? Just thought I should mention it so it'll hopefully get fixed at some point.
  5. Because it's not a let down, even with all the issues, I play with family and friends. We have a good time and I really like playing as Jason. I play it BECAUSE I enjoy it.
  6. I love the Friday the 13th series, have since I was a youngun. My dad was really into horror so it was kind of bound to happen. It's the love for the series evident in the game that keep me tied to it.
  7. Hobbs tweeted out about testing SP Challenges, wouldn't count on the update coming this month, fellas.
  8. Y'know, I'm a huge Friday the 13th fan, this game was a dream come true but man, even I'm starting to get worn down. You can only be in the "man I camt wait for it to come soon" mood for so long. Not saying it's great to constantly badger the devs but I'm dying for this update man.
  9. Hmm, very interesting responses, I half expected backlash, I thought the Pamela tapes were really great, although I may be bias as they were made bubble Tom McLaughlin.
  10. To clarify, did anyone else dislike the direction that the tapes took Tommy's life? The middle of the tapes just feels like a reference fest, mentioning the hospital from nightmare was a nice touch considering how close the series now, but then it feels like a tourist guide to horror locations and gets ridiculous. And I love a lot of the movies mentioned but frankly I think the only other one that should've been included was Glen Echo and maybe Hatchet. No offense to the writer but personally I felt that was a bit much. But having Tommy institutionalized after Part VI just left a bad taste in my mouth. I always felt that with Jason at the bottom of the lake Tommy would finally start a new more healthy life but apparently not. I know the game could be considered it's on canon and it's not like this changes anything in the films but with Tommy being one of my favorite characters in the franchise, I was really looking forward to these and was a little let down. thoughts?
  11. Part VI being my favorite film in the series I have a LOT of time with the spear and many an animosity and vitriol. All I know is as soon as that update drops, the Machete is NEVER leaving Part VI's hand. Er, gloved hand that is.
  12. I hate.....WAITING FOR THIS UPDATE! I WANT PART VI JASON WITH THAT SWEET SWEEEEET MACHETE. Now I know it all takes time but oh man does the time burn.
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