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  1. Oh like when you've tried to run me down multiple times in public lobbies, failed and then I killed you? Ah.
  2. Exploiters present no real issue to the team, they can care less if people blatantly exploit. Even with video evidence. 0 respect.
  3. Marathon, Restful, Thick Skin on Buggzy Marathon, Medic, Thick Skin on Tiff Marathon, Speed Demon, Thick Skin on just about everyone else. Marathon = Increased Stam and Stam Regen Speed Demon = More flawless repairs as the wheel moves slower, and also solo boat escapes vs Water Jasons Thick Skin = Increased Health
  4. 1:47 with Deb solo boat ecaped on Jarvis House for me
  5. Nothing beats a badass car escape, juking Jason multiple times and being on the edge of your seat. Nothing like it.
  6. Guru whining because without exploiting, he lacks true skill to survive without an army protecting him and a pile of resources. I've been surviving the night with Chappa, post patch... we all have to adapt. End of the day, GamePlayingGuru is a known exploiter and deserves 0 credibility. Far more people know me than that guy or know my involvement with the community and imo, this guy has to go.
  7. Shouldn't need a lock on, should be about precision and aiming your hit.
  8. I've seen people having issues with this all over the net, anyway from what I see... if you want the best and quickest odds to get a QP match. When you search, the search should be saying "Checking Session For Room" at the 13 second mark. Generally when it does this, it will land you a match within 3-30 seconds. If it goes beyond 33 seconds, restart the search. This is the best I have seen from testing it in Quick Play lobbies.
  9. Guru would be one to talk about disliking gameplay mechanics yet there is video evidence of him exploiting. Check the video yourself in this and you can see, Guru has no room to speak on mechanics considering he intentionally ruins public lobbies. Needs his accounts and IP banned tbh to send a message that exploiting will not be tolerated. http://www.jasonkillsbugs.com/ - Enter name, email, platform (PS4), Type of Problem (exploit/hack), Frequency (Often), Date - January 5th, 2019 and https://youtu.be/EpbJqlVWiHQ?t=261 for the link needed to be provided. Thanks, lets keep this community clean.
  10. The game is more balanced now than ever... 1st half of the game: Counselor... 2nd Half: Jason... not just stun Jason over and over with a squad and think you're good.
  11. He needs to just continue being buffed, he is suppose to be a killing machine. The more power, the merrier in all honesty.
  12. Was wanting to share, just hit it after I spent over 4 million CP on Legendary Thick Skin. Motorboating ended the pursuit of all 30.
  13. I'm waiting for my chance to get on that roof and head punch one of the exploiters, but I did throwing knife one to death the other day.
  14. I have over 3,500 hours of gameplay now and just got Legendary Thick Skin earlier. Next legendary I roll will give me all 30.
  15. It happens, I saw your name and was like ah man... neither of us were dead or had Jason, guess the timing sucked.
  16. That moment @Manny1985 is in your game and leaves immediately off the go
  17. Hey, thanks! You were part of those 100 days so thanks for always being classy!
  18. Hit this milestone on Halloween of all days. Wanted to share and show that Friday isn't dead! Thanks to anyone who has been part of the stream!
  19. Hop in if you guys wanna catch Buggzy playing live with SuperGio!
  20. Mask off, sweater stun, preferably axe in Tommy's hands. Tommy hits Jason, Jason goes to his knees if it doesn't bug out... Dead. Easy.
  21. What you do is get a car moving the next games and hunt them down every game after until they leave.
  22. I'm happy with it, for the way the viewing has been overall for streamers and the way things have taken off... I'll take it gladly! 379 active was for my stream alone, not the entire community. We also had over 100 streaming at one time on Twitch alone.
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