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  1. Methodicalize

    How to Spot a Troll

    Meh, my buddy Khan already killed Tommy when he was Jason. I knew he was just hype.
  2. Methodicalize

    no survivors

    I'm on Twitch with the same name. I've finished entire lobbies in under 5 mins with Part 2.
  3. Methodicalize

    no survivors

    August 1st till December 7th with Part 2.
  4. Well it's okay to stream any unreleased content... aslong as you have a solid following and the company can make money off you in the process... Again, 0 action taken on the guy I saw earlier...
  5. I was watching someone stream it earlier and I seen 0 action taken...
  6. Methodicalize

    Demasking Builds

    One good thing about sucker punch is the fact of increased chance of stuns. The stuns lead to more free attacks and more chance to get yourself free to keep fighting. The way the stun system is now, it's tough to predict if you will land a consistent stun. You might hit Jason with a bat even, and he'll shrug it off and snatch you. Bear traps, flare guns and shotguns can all de-mask Jason now also.
  7. Methodicalize

    Demasking Builds

    One on one as in that person with a random team. That is how I test someone's ability. When you are truly helpless and can't rely on others to save you, it shows what you are capable of as a player in my eyes.
  8. Methodicalize

    Demasking Builds

    His knives, running and 5 traps is a nice combo. Always nice to see ya in threads, you've always been a cool dude. Much respect.
  9. Methodicalize

    Demasking Builds

    Yea, the 3 games I played as Jason I killed the entire lobby and was funny because when I posted about the million cps and 30 epics you were the first to respond. I met you there, and then we met down the line playing. I've had 2 people make it out since the update on the 24th. When we played I was using Part 6 that day and the last time we ran into each other I had Roy.
  10. Methodicalize

    Demasking Builds

    Yea, I'm not a fan of someone going out of their way to be argumentative and be a pain in the ass. Dude sitting there trying to discredit my abilities, you've seen firsthand yourself as to how I am as Jason. Tommy is a clown, always trying to go out of his way to poke and quote me out of the blue in random topics to get my attention. I put him on ignore to save on any further confusion. Thrasher, Sucker Punch, Swift Attacker using Buggzy is definitely not a good setup to demask Jason according to Tommy ole boy. Attacking quicker, ability to stun easier and higher attack damage with an axe... totally not a reasonable setup to use to demask Jason lmao. Sorry for the hassle in here.
  11. Methodicalize

    Questions About Future Content

    People tied in with the game are well aware whats up, good thing that the highest margin of profit has already occurred. I never supported DLC due to the game not getting servers and having game breaking bugs in every patch. Shouldn't be too long and the servers will just be shut down altogether as the DLC excuse will come into play as an excuse for the closure.
  12. Methodicalize

    Demasking Builds

    You invented what as a Jason player bud? lmao... Do you even have the game platinumed yet?... Would love to know when if so for starters. Do you strafe shift as Jason like I do?... Ever gone 4+ months without a survivor as Jason?... The answer is no to both those. Meanwhile as a counselor, you rely on others to help you accomplish anything worthwhile. First time we interact, you mention about gathering a team up. So impressive that you feel you need others to help you get the job done ;). Played with plenty of people who would outclass you as both a counselor/Jason and still bested them. And sorry to hijack this thread for a pissing contest, I'll stop responding now. Points have been made, only the weak need others to prop themself up.
  13. Methodicalize

    Demasking Builds

    Tommy guaranteed dead if he tries to run solo against me 😛
  14. Methodicalize

    Demasking Builds

    Well considering Thrasher does increased damage while using an axe.. Buggzy with a 10 strength. Sucker punch for increased chance of stuns and swift attacker for quicker attacking. Logical that attacking Jason will have a good chance at demasking. And yea, I'd assume anyone who relies on exploits would have better chances at surviving than a typical player out there in the community. Again, if you consider me as weak than it just speaks volumes as to your abilities as a player. Maybe the difference with you and I is that I do all my work as a solo guy, I don't rely on anyone and don't need a crutch to prop me up. Keep yacking, plenty of people know who I am and my ability... So, your words are meaningless to me considering you are just another nobody out there.
  15. Methodicalize

    Demasking Builds

    Gonna just sit here and wait till people with their "dedicated and educated research" can pull off throwing knives like these btw :). Like say I'm a scrub, what does it make the people who make those mentions considering they are nowhere near this level as a player. https://clips.twitch.tv/ViscousDiligentPepperoniPMSTwin?tt_content=video_thumbnail