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  1. Was wanting to share, just hit it after I spent over 4 million CP on Legendary Thick Skin. Motorboating ended the pursuit of all 30.
  2. Least I see would be the shears and pickaxe. Most are machetes.
  3. I'm waiting for my chance to get on that roof and head punch one of the exploiters, but I did throwing knife one to death the other day.
  4. I have over 3,500 hours of gameplay now and just got Legendary Thick Skin earlier. Next legendary I roll will give me all 30.
  5. Methodicalize

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    Chaos... Lord... Wesker. Sweet.
  6. Methodicalize

    More buggy lately?

    It happens, I saw your name and was like ah man... neither of us were dead or had Jason, guess the timing sucked.
  7. Methodicalize

    More buggy lately?

    That moment @Manny1985 is in your game and leaves immediately off the go
  8. Methodicalize

    Just reached 100 Full Days Streamed for this year!

    Hey, thanks! You were part of those 100 days so thanks for always being classy!
  9. Hit this milestone on Halloween of all days. Wanted to share and show that Friday isn't dead! Thanks to anyone who has been part of the stream!
  10. Hop in if you guys wanna catch Buggzy playing live with SuperGio!
  11. Methodicalize

    Is Jason too easy to kill?

    Mask off, sweater stun, preferably axe in Tommy's hands. Tommy hits Jason, Jason goes to his knees if it doesn't bug out... Dead. Easy.
  12. What you do is get a car moving the next games and hunt them down every game after until they leave.
  13. Methodicalize

    Friday is alive and well!!!...

    I'm happy with it, for the way the viewing has been overall for streamers and the way things have taken off... I'll take it gladly! 379 active was for my stream alone, not the entire community. We also had over 100 streaming at one time on Twitch alone.
  14. Methodicalize

    Friday is alive and well!!!...

    It is cool to see a bunch of new blood getting associated and interested. It's like new life on the game and there is a ton of excitement in the atmosphere over the game. Hopefully things keep rolling for us!
  15. Apparently the PS+ Free game of the month has worked wonders in increasing interest in the game. With the multiplayer aspect and tons of people getting into it, Friday is alive and thriving! Today we hit a record viewing on my stream with 379 active people and it felt so good to see Friday thriving. There have been good and bad moments, but moments like these help give the game some life + hope. So many people are looking for insight and interested, it is a really nice feeling with being a diehard of the game.