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  1. If Jason shows up there is a 50/50 chance he gets your knife... if you use your knife there is a 50/50 chance you disarm the trap and repair without an error. Use the knife on the trap and go for the repair...
  2. Methodicalize

    Part 4 Tips

    1 trap for the phone, 1 trap for the 4 seater and a backup trap for the phone. If I know an item is repaired on one of the vehicles, the 3rd trap can come into play. Will also use the 3rd trap on a car if it's started but I stop it. I usually run through a lobby pretty quick though. 3 mins and 6 seconds for a lobby of 6 with Part 7 recently. The most important aspect is being able to pinpoint your morphs to close the distance on counselors. If someone eats one of my traps, I'm generally right ontop of them and have allowed less than 100 survivors in over 1000 Jason matches using all Jasons.
  3. Methodicalize

    Part 4 Tips

    Put a trap on the phone and 1 on the 4 seater. Use the 3rd trap as a backup for the phone until you are down to 3-4 counselors remaining. If you know they repaired an item on the 2 seater if there is 1, then put a trap on the opposite repair item needed. If you are down to 3-4 people and Tommy isn't on the scene then trap the power box closest to the Tommy call. Move quick, thin the herd and use your shift with your morph. The key really more than anything is to just be efficient and stay after people.
  4. I'm nearing 2.2 million CP with 30 Epics. All Tapes Collected Trophies Platinumed Badges Finished Anything I'm missing?
  5. Methodicalize

    Subreddit is Dead

    I basically quit trying to share content because people just troll and cry there.
  6. *Incoming "STOP ASKING ABOUT DEDICATED SERVERS" People.* How dare anyone be interested in this game and it's progression!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Methodicalize

    2 Million CPs with 30 Epics!

    Shhhh.... you choose to not speak up when offered a chance, I have no place for the smell of cowardice in my life fella.
  8. Methodicalize

    Venus Fly Trap Lobbies

    I know groups like this, but anytime I deal with Jason killers... I just stock up on knives, pick em off.... make sure I have a morph, stalk + shift + slash then morph away if need be. If I catch them seperated, I'll go for a grab but that's the only real time. If I catch em in the shack and have traps left then I put one outside while in stalk. It is very annoying though...
  9. Methodicalize

    2 Million CPs with 30 Epics!

    Taker, my boy!!!!!!!
  10. Methodicalize

    2 Million CPs with 30 Epics!

    Thanks for the responses, this wasn't intended as a bragging topic on my behalf. Just was wanting to share the accomplishment with the group. The CP is prob a bit overkill, but I guess we'll never know till those perks are released.
  11. Methodicalize

    2 Million CPs with 30 Epics!

    Ah, Friday gaming is basically life for me. I stream 7 days a week on Twitch and am making solid money with it. Better than a good handful of people with regular 40 hour a week jobs. Cept the last 2 weeks before this week I had a combined 157 hours of streaming in. The #2 most watched Friday channel and the #2 fastest growing Friday channel on Twitch through Twitch metrics. I love the game, was waiting 20+ years for it, my life went to hell... so here I am, streaming over 140+ days straight with no days off. I built all this cp since the end of December.
  12. Methodicalize

    2 Million CPs with 30 Epics!

    Damn, you have 2 million CP with 30 Epics? Should screenshot your perks for us. Yea how about it, plus all the extra playing till the perks then all the extra CP from selling stuff... going to be fun lol
  13. Finally broke the 2 million barrier today! Wanted to share the hard work with everyone!