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  1. Lack of pocket knives, increased movement speed for Jason and extra throwing knives. The Jason OP skills are back.
  2. Does Thrasher even work?

    I used it with Sucker Punch and Swift Attacker on Buggzy, 2 shots with combat stance and the mask stayed on. Took it back off for thick skin.
  3. I'd rather just take vengeance into my own hands and massacre the teamers or people who use exploits but yea, sad how cheese some players really are... I don't see the fun in it...
  4. Most cruel thing youve done to a teammate

    Intentionally pushing an afk Tommy into a bear trap multiple times so I could get his pocket knife?
  5. Depends on the situation... I grab kill every person for the final kill aside Tommy but I more rely on someone to run out of stam. People worry so much about the knives, I actually like to make people waste them on me. When they die, the knives drop with the dead body. So, it's better to just eat a pocket knife and get it out of the way for the final survivors potentially.
  6. I don't rely on traps being triggered without a knife in order to know if they are triggered or not. It all boils down to your awareness, instead of traps... I'd like to see more throwing knives in random locations to counter all the pocket knives.
  7. 1. Car/boat speed seems like it was cut in half on the PS4 version but PC version the car seems the same speed. Any clarification?... Part 4 Jason was able to morph back and forth to the exits at the top of Higgins Haven to cut me off and didn't have rage activated. The car also seems to shake on screen quite often while driving now on PS4. 2. Repairing seems easier. The bar doesn't move as fast while completing successful QTE actions. I was hitting most of my repairs flawless with Vanessa. 3. Increased amount of shotguns. Is this intended?... I know the pocket knives + sprays are being placed but didn't realize about the shotguns at first. 4. Part 2 Jason's run speed seems decreased, a Deborah nearly out of stam jogging was outpacing him. This wasn't an issue in the past for me. 5. Trap placement has been tinkered with again. I use to setup 3 traps in the barn with a counselor in a stall so Jason would hit one after the other. Can no longer place 3 bear traps like this now. 6. The phone box has more possible buildings now. Before on Jarvis House, it'd only be along the bottom. Today, I noticed the phone was at the house closest to Jason's shack at the top of the map. 7. Was Jason's grab altered?... Seems a bit harder to grab people when they exit a vehicle when you are standing there waiting for them to step out. 8. Pamela's sweater is seeming to have issues on PS4. I knocked Jason's mask off with Tommy, a Vanessa used the sweater on Jason and he ran off without being stunned while the sweater animation was going. It was a waste of the sweater there and screwed me out of a kill on Jason. Also, the sweater seemed to not activate at times pressing triangle while in Jason's proximity. These weren't lag issues either as a heads up. This is in no way a complaint nor a dig at the developers. Just things I've noticed. I appreciate the effort put into the game and the attempt to try to spice up gameplay. Thanks for taking time to respond if anyone with insight can clarify any of these points. Thank you for all that you guys do and for producing a game I crave to play daily.
  8. Car speed seems to be decreased. I loaded up a car full and the car seemed to be vibrating while I was driving away. I was on Packanack escaping and Part 4 Jason was able to morph back and forth to cut me off without rage initiated. Also, Part 2 Jason's running speed seems to have been decreased. Not sure if that's legit but sure seems it and the connection has been fine when noticing these. Other than that, just noticed the camera pans to an odd angle now when opening drawers. But overall, I'm happy with the update. Just minor things that stuck out so far.
  9. Only way I've found for some glitches as these are to morph into water or land a shift grab to be able to resume grabbing. The one glitch won't allow you to attack, only grab or use alterior things like throwing knives + traps. If you do land a grab, it stops the glitch. The glitch of not being able to strike is very annoying though. Bout all you can do is the morphing in water or just keep slamming buttons while blocking people off until it straightens out.
  10. About our recent update

    I just recently began posting on the forums but have been playing since day 1 on PS4. What most people will fail to realize is that the entire gaming world isn't going to be happy, no matter how much work or improvements are implemented. Some love it, some hate it... but atleast your team has taken initiative to address issues like real men for one... you didn't give us half ass excuses on any issues to this point... Secondly, most people can't respect the work put into this project when they can't comprehend what it took to build this game! The entire team's work has been appreciated and I've put hundreds of hours of my life into playing and have a ton of fun. The main thing with getting a game, does someone get their money's worth?... I've far exceeded mine and I'm thankful for any work or progress the game takes. Thanks for all you guys attempt to do.
  11. About our recent update

    Hey props to your small team and the effort they put into trying to improve the game and add on to it. Unfortunately some people will never be appreciative, no matter how much blood, sweat and tears go into something. The only things I feel I've disliked from the new patch was it seemed as if car speed has been decreased and Part 2 Jason seems to move slower. Those are minimal issues, but your hard work is very appreciated. You guys deserve a pat on the back for the effort you've put into the game. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for a quality response, I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Kudos!
  13. Ah, sometimes in combat stance you can actually swing your weapon sideways to make the striking quicker. I didn't realize this was an intentional fix. Seems like if anything, all updates as far as gameplay seem to be implemented to aid counselors aside the trap at car doors now. The grabbing, attacking, trap placement all goes in counselor favor now.
  14. 1. I mentioned this to Randy on the last live stream, a new window kill. Instead of throwing someone through an open window, have Jason put them in the window opening and then slam the window down. When it slams, have the glass shatter and decapitate the person or just have them dead stuck in the window. Leave em stuck with a similar mechanic as when you hang them on things. 2. Eventually add a crawl feature for when people are hurting, you could expand off this and make it so Jason has new execution kills. 3. Leaderboards for play as both Counselor + Jason. Pretty simple, might be too much of a coding nightmare but alot of people would love it. 4. Using a corpse as barricade as Jason would do in the movies (just an idea right?) 5. Dumb down the power of weapons... a pot would never stun Jason under any circumstance lol. 6. Increase the amount of throwing knives available with Jason, considering the fact of the reduce in grab range + the distance necessary being increased for trap placement. Why not give Jason something extra instead of just counselors? 7. More moderation for all the teaming with Jason in public lobbies. Nothing worse than a squad of people working together with Jason to kill off one or 2 people then having to watch them screw off for 10-15 minutes. Maybe address this by adding a report function that'd grab a upload of that round. Far fetched due to the time and implications but it'd help on the cheesing being cut down to make the community more legit. 8. Fix the attacking doors with Jason while in combat stance. Being in combat stance and having your weapon stick in the door for no apparent reason is frustrating. 9. Probably been addressed, but the connection issue as far as when you go to join a quick play lobby. If you leave lobbies and try to find a new one, there are host connection issues with no option but to restart the game. 10. Fix glitching issues from certain kills. Such as the 1 handed choke near a police exit. That will morph you to other places on the map at times. 11. Jason can be killed by the boat as a heads up. Not sure if that has been noted, if a boat is being drove along a shoreline like nearly touching the land. If Jason flips the boat from the shore side, there is potential the boat can kill him. This has happened in stream before. 12. Jarvis House has issues with tent glitches at times, also with kill glitches with drowning time to time. Thanks for taking time to read, this is what this section of the fcrum is for so new ideas can always be refreshing. I've been slaying since day 1 and feel the game has exceeded any expectations anyone should have had. I appreciate all the time, energy and detail put into the game from the design to the music, to the mechanics. This is in no way any type of a complaint toward the game or the developers, just respect for the game and ideas to help keep the ball rolling for improvement to attract more stability and fans for the game (potential sales also)...