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  1. iAMDaBeST-LT

    Thank You, Gun Media

    Get a hotel room! 2.0 is shitty and pointless, it should unlock stuff in game.
  2. Oddly enough tommy is always the first to leave lol
  3. Its actually "mother" use that on the computer next to the door.
  4. iAMDaBeST-LT

    Offline Mode and PS Trophies?

    Just letting everyone who collects them, you can obtain Gotta Kill Em All and A Ph.D. Murder in the offline mode. As well as all kill related trophies. Head Counselor and The Final Chapter need to be done in quick play or private match.
  5. Look under the tree stump outside and use the key on basement door, once your in rearrange the movies order
  6. Do kills maded in offline mode counts towards the Gotta Kill Em All trophy?
  7. iAMDaBeST-LT

    Offline Mode and PS Trophies?

    Wish they could just answer us.
  8. iAMDaBeST-LT

    Patch Notes - 12.18.2017

    Does offline bots kill count towards the Gotta Kill Em All? Update would be nice to know.
  9. iAMDaBeST-LT

    Offline Bots: Initial Thoughts

    Try on hard, its not so easy lol
  10. iAMDaBeST-LT

    Offline Mode and PS Trophies?

    Does anyone know if this has been confirmed already?
  11. iAMDaBeST-LT

    Update Content & Holiday Events: 12/18/2017

    Can you let us know please or find out for us? Thanks!
  12. iAMDaBeST-LT

    Current Updates

    Its live on ps4. 2.288 gb patch ? You need to restart your game to apply patch.
  13. iAMDaBeST-LT

    Offline Mode and PS Trophies?

    Even though it counts towards our level?