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  1. So, you guys didn’t release Bots 2 months ago because in October like once promised because you said that you guys had bots shouting at random which is probably the only thing that “doesn’t” happen you guys told me two months ago you had Counsellors opening and closing doors over and over well that happens still, once Jarvis comes into the map he has a pocket knife and map and first aid SO therefore when he goes and find something he already has like a map or pocket knife he’s stuck opening and closing the same shelf. Another one is id when the Counsellors run away from you they tend to run back to you again....also some Counsellors g through windows and come straight right back out then again. Seems like ya didn’t get very far with A.i Bots to me, still a lot of fixing to do but at least you guys released it, fast way to level up our accounts.
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