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  1. Stalk is still broken tho. Counselors will scream still when you are close by in STALK mode.
  2. Cool map, was hard finding counselors, maybe they are stacking sense perks now? Did one game as Part 4 and only person who gave me a challenge running from me was Tommy in the main house. 2 pocket knifes vs 5 or 6 which was awesome. Only one car on map, ouch for them lol... Wish they would just mute Pams voice for Roy.
  3. Agree. Jason should be able to grab while in combat stance since counselors can juke.
  4. Like the update. Was way too many PKs and wrenches. Wrenches should be found in the basements/garages etc. Shotguns are fine as its already hard enough to hit Jason while he is moving with the jerky aiming in the game. This will make having a mic more important and communication, hopefully its not a group of little kids you are depending on who shouldnt be allowed to play this game in the first place. The speed buff to Jason will be great, depending on how fast it is. (Tip) Just remember to kill the host last so you do not waste 20 mins for no XP, but then again he might still rage quit. What needs fixed still for Jason (my personal exp.) Savini Jasons weapon attack misses 80 percent of the time. Not being able to hit a counselor climbing through a window is dumb. Stalk is useless when counselors automatically scream when you are close by as Jason.
  5. Would be cool if they added all this stuff you guys are asking for but I wouldnt get my hopes up Is there going to be a new character also?
  6. Great changes. Now fix his rage mode when he breaks thru walls and doors he gets stunned and cant do anything about it. A few less pocket knifes would be nice since almost each camp site has them plus cabins but maybe this change will balance that.. Throwing knifes are great for when counselors jump through windows because you can hit them with a knife with they stand up.
  7. So is dedicated servers more so about $ or what? Its 2018 and games have implemented DS's for a decade or more. Whats the deal?
  8. Just fix it to where Jason cant get stunned right after raging thru a wall or door. A wrench or bat with epic stun perk is a 100% stun chance on Jason. Also less pocket knifes.
  9. I just kill the host last. Or keep trying til im the host. I think friendly killing should be an option along with being Jason or Counselor.
  10. - Bots do not hide in tents or closets outside - Bots swim in circles in the water - Bots seemed smarter on Easy mode vs Hard - Tommy doesnt fight back much, he likes to hide more often than not - Bots seem to have a slight delay to start moving if you spawn on them at the start of the match (maybe 10secs before they decide to move) - Some bots like to keep going in and out the same window right infront of you for easy kills - Bots will not use their weapons most times or healing until later when it wouldnt make sense. Example I hacked a bot and they ran from me for a couple mins then FINALLY decided to use their med spray - Played over 10 games so far and these are the big issues I have found Edit: ok well one finally hid outside once all cabin doors were smashed and after she shot me inside the cabin, the 'moon' closet was just outside of the cabin
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