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  1. Please fix counselors screaming when Jason is in stalk mode. Thank You.
  2. Who is taking over and are they going to continue to work on the bugs to make this game 100%? I still enjoy playing it esp. with the good connection speeds due to dedicated servers. Also noticed the violent shaking during kills is gone from the couple of games ive seen on XB1, so I bought the Part 2 kill pack
  3. Why are bodies still shaking during kills on XB1? Tought they fixed it?
  4. Just remembered that I escaped in the car and both of us 'suicided' and another game 3 of the 4 people in the car also did. XB1
  5. XBOX PATCH: Drawers still close after checked. The games graphics when moving seems choppy and laggy, not smooth at all and gives you a headache. Played maybe 10 games after patch so far. Didnt find anything else yet.
  6. I agree. EVERY SINGLE KILL IT HAPPENS. It pretty much ruins the main point of the game, to kill but 7 glitched kills each game.
  7. Especially this. No Paranoia so no point for it except to troll other players by attacking them.
  8. As Jason, I would always shift right before she uses the sweater on XB1 and they would be super mad LOL Do you ever go outside or just a liar?
  9. Salt mines have a timer and I have the same issue on XB1.. BUT it only happens like once per couple of hours so it really should effect you.
  10. Sounds good. Fix them going in and out of the windows without stopping. Make them gang up more. Less seek and destroyed. Maybe record a online game and have the bots copy their actions and just randomly put it in the offline game?
  11. I love reporting people whe 'lost connection to host' happens
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