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  1. Put that you can play against bots without having to connect to the interneteven if you do not earn points
  2. For If Someone not to in view of account cannot be played the way against bots without having Internet
  3. To put that it could play without Internet against the bots because in play station 4 meeting continues beginning the whole moment, already that would not gain points at the time but it is all the same to me
  4. The Way A Player, the bots are very easy even in difficult difficulty and know if podra to play as counselor in way offline bots?
  5. But if this one in the same site that virtual cabin, new counselor, offline bots and new map (that neither this one)
  6. Can you say to me the hour (European union) in which all that will go out?
  7. Did previous updates put them at the same hour? What time? It is an idea does to me of what time pondrian this new update
  8. Since the update would have to be already because already it is Monday, I am wishing that the update goes out already, the way a player will be necessary to have Internet or play station bonus?
  9. Hello, it is 12:29 (Spanish time) someone knows what time it will go out?
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