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  1. Haven't you watched the movies? The "slutty" girl isn't supposed to escape, duh.. But joke aside, poor Tiffany can't even use lightfoot properly, so she does seem to be a victim of bugs...
  2. Anyone else feel like she doesn't really feel like a mean girl? First of all her clothing, which has already been discussed here. Gameplay wise, she plays more like a final girl to me..I've been more often the last survivor with her than I've been with Jenny, hell they could as well have added "Tina" instead. What do you think?
  3. Been searching for a map in dozens of cabins recently, couldn't find any and had to go all the way to the packanack map stand...Although the police were to arrive in few minutes.
  4. Imo Fox is really underrated. I value her strength since she is the only counselor who can demask AND wear the sweater. She can also do repairs when necessary, her stamina/speed are OK...thanks to her above average conposure, her stamina doesn't recharge too slowly, and the mini-map stays for a while. To compensate for her low luck and improve her combat potential, I use thick skinned, man at arms and sucker punch. My favourite weapon for her is definitely the axe due to its stun potential AND damage, which synergize well with the perks. I can adapt my playstyle depending on what the others are doing, get the sweater, and/or demask, or repair, or protect the others, which I feel is good for quick play. So what do you guys use on her? Tl;dr: Fox can do many things AND can get the sweater, which imo makes her outclass Adam/Shelley/Kenny.
  5. This. I picked another Jason but spawned as part 2 (apparently due to a new bug), and got really bullied by the two of them. Part 4 at least has destruction and weapon strength. I used to main part 2 before the October patch (aka all the Jason nerfs/counselor buffs), but have barely touched him ever since.
  6. What bothers me more is the character selection.. Twice I have spawned as a counselor I hadn't picked, once even as another Jason..Anyone else experienced this?
  7. final_gal

    Should the Perk ,,Medic´´ get removed?

    No...but I have a feeling that the legendary version has been intended as a punishment, with its increased repair speed..ya know, for all high luck/low repair counselors who tank the trap and try to repair the part.
  8. I noticed this immediately, which is really annoying..though correct me if I'm wrong, has it always been like that? I hadn't played in a while until this patch..
  9. From the 4 counselors that are unlocked from the beginning, who do you think are the most beginner-friendly? I'd lean towards Kenny or Jenny; Kenny because of his 5 in every stat and Jenny because she isn't detected too early, giving the player more time to explore (though I'd still prefer A.J. for this, but level 4 fortunately isn't too high). Chad and Vanessa are probably the more difficult choices because the player still has to become familiar with stamina/fear management and the combat mechanics. What do you think?
  10. Depends on the counselor and map. With A.J. (or high stealth characters in general) on Packanack, I usually go to the main lodge and try to survive the timer...leave all doors open, hide in a room; once Jason comes in, stun him, close door behind him, rinse and repeat..he often wastes time destroying closets and searching for you because he won't see your noise pings. With other counselors that have higher speed/stamina or lower stealth, I try to juke him from cabin to cabin.
  11. So this is a topic for fans of BOTH F13 and Dbd...NOT a discussion about which game is better! I'd just like to talk about which counselor compares to which survivor in terms of traits, playstyle etc., since I'm a huge fan of both games. Of course there are no stats in dbd, but we can make assumptions about the survivors based on their unique perks and character description. I'll give it a try: - Meg = Vanessa (runner, athletic person), more so Tiffany (stealthy runmer, see Quick and Quiet) - Jake seems to have that tough "bad boy" personality = Adam; both have technical skills (Jake = Sabo, Adam can repair); though Jake can also be played stealthily. Adam has also fighting potential so he may resemble David King (who occasionaly gets caught up in brawls)? - Nea = A.J. (focus on stealth, punk/emo style) - Laurie = Jenny (final girl trope, also Jenny's last name) The others I find much harder to pin down... - Dwight can be either the nerd who has bad luck (LaChappa), the nerdy teamplayer (Deb) or the coward who constantly is scared and has that facial expression (Chad, also both are meme lords) - Ace can compare to Chad because of their luck, but then they have a different personality - Chad comes from a wealthy background while Ace likes to gamble and cheat - Bill is a war vet which means he has to have some strength = Bugzy; he can also protect others (borrowed time), though his strength and speed/stamina is questionable because of his age - Claudette's perks are centered around healing so idk, though she is somewhat described as nerdy and can be stealthy, so maybe Deb? What do you guys think? I do know that they are different games and that many characters can be unique, but since the horror genre often depicts stereotypes, I just like to think about the similarities.
  12. final_gal

    Is there a trick to the Jason stuns?

    I thought the baseball bat always has a 100% stun chance? So sucker punch shouldn't really affect it...If I use the perk, I prefer the axe to the wrench because of its range.
  13. Oh boy, not that guide again First of all, this needs an update. Secondly, it is kind of biased in that it mostly takes into account TEAM-oriented counselor play (which he has stated himself), which realistically is rarely the case. So while A.J. or all-rounders like Adam/Kenny might be trash according to him, they can still be a decent choice in quick play/as a lone wolf. An experienced Vanessa is obviously strong and coordinated team of them nearly invincible, but I'm just not sure whether she is beginner-friendly.
  14. Oh, I totally forgot about him I only had the counselors from release in my head, well I guess he's also beginner-friendly since he's kinda well-rounded
  15. final_gal

    Is A.J Mason overrated

    It's funny how more A.J.s seem to have returned just after the update I've also been playing her more often now and she seems to be a decent choice in quick play. Some days ago, on Packanack Small, most counselors (including a bunch of Vanessas) died very early and I was the last remaining. By that time, I had fixed the whole car and run to the other side of the map to pick up dropped keys all by myself. When Jason found me, I still managed to juke and run for several minutes. I eventually got killed but it was a good chase, what I'm trying to say is that the slow repair characters can still perform pretty well on small maps. Meanwhile, all those Vanessa mains run around like fools, not knowing what to do - or not caring at all (there seems to be an increase in trolls again). Edit: Not only mains, but probably also noobs since she is unlocked from the beginning.
  16. Though I like both, I slightly prefer thick skinned because it lets you tank traps without needing a med spray, especially now that they have become scarcer. It lets you take more overall damage, which can be useful against slashers. Healing right in front of Jason can be problematic because his hitting animation usually interrupts the healing animation. On the other hand, I tend to use Medic on high luck counselors (6 and above) because they don't have to worry that much about window damage. Which one do you prefer anf why? Is it counselor-dependent? Or do you use both at the same time?
  17. I did quite the opposite. Once I was bored and used an epic heavy sleeper perk on Jenny. Hid in a tent the whole match, though I have to admit I had watched this in Rydog's *GREAT* stealth guide video. Even when the cops had arrived, I didn't leave my tent. Jason never found me.
  18. Thb I'd find it more useful on Tiffany than A.J., because she actually has the stamina to sprint for a longer time. On A.J. I prefer sense avoidance perks.
  19. final_gal

    Jason too easy to kill?

    ^This. I've contributed very often to killing Jason right after the October patch, though I don't know what it's like now - haven't tried it since the latest patch. I don't think it needs a "nerf" either since most of the time, the sweater doesn't even work.
  20. How has the players' choice of counselor and their behaviour/playstyle changed, starting from the release until now? For example, back in summer, lobbies were full of A.J.s, she was considered the BEST counselor. Nowadays, I almost never see any A.J., and rarely play as her myself. Most people have moved from a stealth-oriented towards a combat-focused playstyle after realising stealth and composure weren't that great as they were thought to be. However, many counselors today only seem to fool around, throw dance parties in the main cabins, gang up on Jason during the whole match and do not give a shit about objectives - even the Deborahs and LaChappas. I am also guilty of playing almost exclusively as A.J. back in the summer, but have recently switched to Adam/Fox because I've given up on stealth and like to have some combat potential while still being able to repair things, though I often choose Random. Has your counselor "main" and strategy changed during all those months?
  21. So now that the update has been out, do you think the counselor preferences will change? Do you think stealth/composure/sense avoidance MIGHT be more viable? Will we see A.J.s return to dominate the lobby? Or will people just stick to Vanessa/Tiffany, focusing on running instead of fighting extensiveley? Or do some of you think "screw the Jason buffs, I'm still gonna beat his ass up!" ? Discuss.
  22. final_gal

    How is Balance?

    I've experienced quite the opposite. Items were definetly harder to find and I did not notice much in his speed, maybe because I was playing Tiffany? So he wasn't after me that often. His grab still isn't too difficult to evade, but given the weapon and item changes, I think it's more balanced.
  23. While I do like the idea of Jason picking up (bear) traps, I don't think all Jasons should start with the same amount as this would make part 2 even weaker /pointless than he already is. Another suggestion that I've read is that Jason should be able to re-open traps (without moving them) which counselors already had STEPPED in (not the ones disabled by pocket knives). This would also encourage counselors to use their knives on traps more often and reduce tanking.
  24. ^ I'm not saying Stealth isn't useful at all. It just seems pointless on high repair characters because Jason will patrol objectives anyways. However, it can indeed be useful on Tiffany because she mostly stays away from objevtives, can sneak into Jason's cabin and run away fast and for a long time. Stealth+Stamina is a good combo imo.
  25. It isn't that hard to catch the car since the speed of -shift Jason has been buffed...I've recently encountered part 4 (!) Jasons who seemed to appear out of nowhere and arrived right in front of the car.