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  1. While I do like the idea of Jason picking up (bear) traps, I don't think all Jasons should start with the same amount as this would make part 2 even weaker /pointless than he already is. Another suggestion that I've read is that Jason should be able to re-open traps (without moving them) which counselors already had STEPPED in (not the ones disabled by pocket knives). This would also encourage counselors to use their knives on traps more often and reduce tanking.
  2. ^ I'm not saying Stealth isn't useful at all. It just seems pointless on high repair characters because Jason will patrol objectives anyways. However, it can indeed be useful on Tiffany because she mostly stays away from objevtives, can sneak into Jason's cabin and run away fast and for a long time. Stealth+Stamina is a good combo imo.
  3. It isn't that hard to catch the car since the speed of -shift Jason has been buffed...I've recently encountered part 4 (!) Jasons who seemed to appear out of nowhere and arrived right in front of the car.
  4. Though not from the 80s, there is one in Final Destination 3 (Erin), though she also seems to be goth-ish. I feel that A.J. should have been a readhead.
  5. Didn't happen to me because because when I speak, Jason often seems to think I'm a 12 year old boy/younger child, which results in quite the opposite...aka tunneling
  6. How has the players' choice of counselor and their behaviour/playstyle changed, starting from the release until now? For example, back in summer, lobbies were full of A.J.s, she was considered the BEST counselor. Nowadays, I almost never see any A.J., and rarely play as her myself. Most people have moved from a stealth-oriented towards a combat-focused playstyle after realising stealth and composure weren't that great as they were thought to be. However, many counselors today only seem to fool around, throw dance parties in the main cabins, gang up on Jason during the whole match and do not give a shit about objectives - even the Deborahs and LaChappas. I am also guilty of playing almost exclusively as A.J. back in the summer, but have recently switched to Adam/Fox because I've given up on stealth and like to have some combat potential while still being able to repair things, though I often choose Random. Has your counselor "main" and strategy changed during all those months?
  7. It's diffucult to answer because you have already mentioned the most important things. Jenny does have some combat and kiting potential thanks to her luck (hence why I prefer her over A.J.), and you've already mentioned the stamina regen rate. Restful or marathon can really help, also thick skin/medic for more window juking and damage resistance. Well, at first this sounds similar to Vanessa you might think However, one major difference imo is that Jenny should not immediately seek conflict with Jason...unlike Vanessa, who likes to distract Jason from the beginning. Instead, make use of the fact that his sense isn't too strong in the beginning, stay away from large groups, gather some important items and when the time comes, be prepared. Stay inside cabins because most high composure characters are slow. Jenny is said to have 8.5 stealth, make use of this and get surprise attacks on Jason. That's also a difference from Vanessa, whose noise pings Jason will see inside cabins. Also mind you that I'm not suggesting a selfish play style, just saying that Jenny should avoid LARGE groups because most of them will already have Chad/Vanessa/Bugzy, making her redundant. She can, however, try to protect a fixer counselor. So yeah, that's basically it, not much new information though. Jenny isn't top tier but can still be fun to play as, or if you want a "challenge" as some might say. Haven't played Mitch a lot. He seems to be a "mixture" of A.J. and Jenny and worse than both because he can neither hide properly (only 6 stealth, unlike Jenny's see above) nor can he defend himself. Idk if you consider 7 composure as high but as far as Adam is concerned, he is more of a fighter-fixer and can be played in a more offensive way, whereas Jenny is more defensive.
  8. I'd like to know which Jason is your favourite (or currently the strongest in your opinion) as of the game-changing October & December patches/Jason nerfs. Has your choice of Jason changed ever since? My favourite right now is Part 8 because he has no serious weaknesses, is very adaptable and his destruction is helpful after the combat stance "exploit" has been patched. He has neutral traps and his shift is controllable but not too slow for the car. He isn't too bad at slashing either. I also enjoy sneaking up on counselors, though their scream occasionally ruins it. Prior to the October update, I LOVED playing as Part 2. Any Jason could easily grab people and + destruction didn't matter that much; also, objectives weren't marked on the maps. But now, due to the amount of pocket knives, Jason's new grab range, an increase in trap tanking and in Jason's vulnerability, he seems to have even lower chasing/ fighting potential, and isn't that great at objective control anymore either. I remember just after launch, lots of people had him as a preference. Are there still people out there that enjoy playing as him? Who's your favourite now?
  9. I don't see the connection between beer and stamina either, but maybe with another stat, and it should have a downside...Think of fallout, maybe it could give you +strength or composure, but decrease your intelligence (aka repair) or luck (stumble more often) for a while. Or energy drinks could give you a short speed boost, but at the cost of composure and stealth (the side effect should last longer). Or imagine being able to use a magazine that can give you +1 repair
  10. It's an interesting idea, but in order to balance it, Jason should be able to kill each cop. Here's an idea: There are 4-5 cops who come from both exits and split up. Both counselors and Jason can see them marked on the map (they can run anywhere, searching the camp). Once a counselor reaches a cop, a cutscene plays and they automatically escape. However, each cop can only take one counselor (the first to reach them). So no more taunting/dance emotes, no more ganging up on Jason before exiting ;) The only problem I see there is that high speed counselors have a huuuge advantage.
  11. Good synergy: - Jenny and any repair character; she can protect them, but isn't fast enough to leave them in the dust - Two high stealth characters - one of whom at least can repair - for the boat escape (usually A.J. + Tiffany or Deborah + Tiffany) - Bugzy and Vanessa, also with Tiffany if she's wearing the sweater (though Tommy should arrive quickly) - Fox/Adam/Kenny/Shelly can basically work with anyone - Chad and Vanessa Bad synergy: A.J. and Vanessa, A.J. and Bugzy; to some extent Jenny and Chad because although they are similar in terms of fighting, Chad will leave her in the dust
  12. I agree that it is satisfying to kill Chad and Vanessa, but I voted for Deborah. Why? Because I like to chase her early in the match and decrease the counselors' chances of getting objectives fixed quickly. It is also satisfying to know that it will take more time for the others to repair things. Now the others (e.g. Chad, Vanessas) have actually do it themselves instead of running/dancing around like fools
  13. What about Adam and Fox? They are well rounded and imo better than Kenny.
  14. @Rexfellis I agree with you. Also, if your team only consists of said trolls, one of whom helps Jason and/or tells him your position (which results in you being the first to die), I see no reason to help them afterwards.
  15. Well it doesn't even need to be 10 repair, 6 or 7 are just fine and still enough to repair in Jason's face. High composure+stamina would also be great for juking; almost never lose mini map + very quick stamina regen