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  1. At this point I have lost hope for this game. I have been keeping track of how many times my game just ends all of sudden. Mind you that my internet is good, usually its around 100. Today that screen pop up 9 times in a span of 4 hours?! What's the problem? Is it the sservers? Glitch? Idk its just frustrating when you are literally about to escape with a car or by the cops and your game just crashes smh. Has this been happening to y'all? Is there any way to try to fix this or do something to minimize this crashes?
  2. Do any of you guys know when the new event with the new counselor and the offline bots start for PS4?
  3. Ok guys I'm a new player to this game and just asking if you get a penalty after leaving a match. Sometimes I get killed first and I really don't want to stay and watch some person just hiding in the tent for 20 minutes lol
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