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  1. So I rolled 100,000 cp to try and figure out how to roll legendary perks better. Here's the things I learned through some testing You are practically guaranteed 1 legendary perk after 10K CP if all the perks you have equiped on your counselor are the perk's MAX value My Perk setup was Preparedness, Thick Skin, Hypochondriac in that order. I would roll on Preparedness Different Characters seem to have a pool of Legendary perks available to them. I used to only roll on Victoria but I repeatedly kept getting the same legendary perks. So I went to another counselor put on the exact same perks and rolled until I got a legendary. I rolled a completely new legendary hypochondriac however it did not have a MAX stat, it was 19vs20. After I replaced it I couldn't reroll another legendary perk with my same perk setup which rolled almost all of my other Legendary perks. I thought maybe there would be something else like playtime on a perk or a limit on how much legendaries you can roll in a day. I rolled 2 legendaries before hand and 20K twice afterwards on the new replaced setup. I could no longer get a legendary perk from that setup, but when I switched to other MAX value perks I got another legendary. So I'm here to say try and be careful with what perks to keep and try to keep MAX value perks if you are hunting for a specific legendary perk. Once you get a good setup try to keep it and roll with the same perk setup on multiple characters.
  2. I almost thought about recording it but it would take too long, after I get another 100,000 CP later on today I'll keep on rolling them with the method that seemed to work and if I get exactly what I'm looking for I'll make another post.
  3. Nah that's not too lucky if you rolled alot of the same perks as me. I have 14 on the dot too but I keep getting Legendary Perks I already own. You do get em every 10Kish and sometimes if you sell em immediately you get another one. Well that's what I often find. I'm not sure if I should roll on different counselors or different perk load outs to change my odds to get what I want. I must've rerolled a legendary firecracker perk eight or more times lol, everytime worse than the first time.
  4. Depends, I think It happens when something interrupts you opening or closing a door or opening/closing a drawer. It might not even by your fault it could be because of Lag, Jason, or another counselor next to you that could trigger it. If you go into the water you're camera will be locked still and you can only swim in one direction. If you get grabbed and break out with a pocket knife the camera gets locked again in a different direction so you are doneso usually. I made a blind escape with the cops before with that glitch happening though.
  5. My quickest Time is around 5-6 minutes killing all 7 counselors in a game. Part 7 probably is the best for record fast wipes because he's the easiest to catch counselors out in the open. https://youtu.be/FgqQWJDEWrc
  6. Here's my Jason tierlist assuming everyone is doing their best. I never played as Savini so I can't actually Rank him. The buffed Part 7 has the highest potential in a match with +Sense IMO. You never have to get Lucky as Part 7 to win. While Part 4 seems to requires the most Luck to win. A: Part 7 B: Part 6 Part 5 Part 8 😄 Part 3 Part 9 😧 Part 2 Part 4 N/A: Savini
  7. ExpertDual

    Jason bullying

    Well Jason can have more HP so even if they are getting beat they have to get beat alot more. -Defense Jasons can get demasked with one shotgun shot and one axe/machete hit. While the healthier Jasons can take a shotgun and potentially break a couple of the counselor's weapons. Part 4 and Part 8 pass the Axe RNG Stun check more often while also needing to get hit almost twice as much. While a good player might still survive the night after a failed kill it buys the Jason player more time.
  8. ExpertDual

    Jason bullying

    I think there are Jasons that are really easy to kill but there are a couple of Jasons that aren't easy. Jasons without -defense and with -stun resistance are way harder to kill. I think Part 3, 4, 7, 8 are good enough picks to not get killed easily. Rage makes Killing Jason less fun though because you can no longer surprise a good Jason for the kill. I only got one kill by complete surprise popping out of a hiding spot with the Sweater before Jason had Rage. There's also another time where me and another guy almost got a meaty kill off of a long range shotgun shot when Jason ran away. Of course Jason can always avoid the direct confrontation with the Sweater girl and Tommy but if you play well enough to get the surprise it is way more interesting to do. Sometimes the Tommy house appears in the opening cutscene and Jason can go for it immediately but other times Tommy is called at the start of the round. If they made radioing Tommy Jarvis an Objective that requires a part no one would try to fight Jason at the start of the match.
  9. [Link omitted - No player names on videos, please] So there was this Chad player that was always able to glitch himself on elevated buildings, Packaknack, Higgins, Pinehurst, and Jarvis. They all can place him in an unreachable place and all he needs is a window. I tried to kill him before he glitched but it was instant! I used literally every throwing knife in the game and it didn't kill him. I am sooooo fucking mad. I even set the map to Crystal Lake before hand but it went to Higgins Haven Small!
  10. You want to walk along the door and hold the attack button down till it drops. Be sure to be on the left side because you drop the trap from the right
  11. I used to main Part 5 with the knives and Stalk he was super fun. I switched to Part 7 after the buff and gave him a spear. I think more people should try him out as he has crazy sense potential in a match and is one of the hardest Jasons to kill.
  12. I thought Controlled Breathing wasn't good as well until I learned the importance of the counselor's composure stat. I used to only play Jenny but switched to Victoria, that's a 10 to a 4. I tested some legendary perks that had fear decreased to make her feel more like Jenny. 6% general fear decreased made a big difference for Victoria making her recompose to no fear at all very quickly after getting away from Jason. Fear reduced perks like preparedness or nerves of steel had little to no effect for Victoria. I realized that Jenny or Mitch do not benefit as much from the Fear decreased perks due to their higher composure. Controlled Breathing has +20 fear decreased in a hiding place. I think a legendary controlled breathing with a +20 -hiding spot fear and +3 -fear would be the best perk for Victoria in the game along with hypochondriac and thick skin.
  13. I rolled a 22% perk and it prevents you from losing stamina due to rng. If you have low fear you won't stumble anyway but If you just want to sprint away from Jason after dealing with him for awhile it can give you that extra boost. Stumble only really screws over those with thick skin or max fear. I once had a Mitch stumble 3 times while running from a building next to another and it actually cut off enough stamina for him not to be able to crash through the window. It was literally a 3 second run from the two buildings
  14. I was told that I'm a scary Jason player or a fast Jason. Since I played so much I know how to effectively morph on counselor spawn positions at the start of the game. I am consistent with window punishes and throwing knives but I still sometimes miss shift grabs. I rarely trap the objectives too, instead I try to kill counselors in enclosed areas where the objective parts spawn and that often buys me alot of time. If I catch a car then I would trap the driver's side.
  15. Basically just this game in an arcade setting. I think it would really fit with all the in game button prompts. I think it would need like a different character select screen though. I know another recent online ps4 game that came out called Dissidia which was originally an arcade game. The arcade scene is like dead here but if I saw this game at like a movie theater I would play a round, that would be great.
  16. I think the Jason title card splashscreen would be still really cool to see on an arcade cabinet
  17. ExpertDual

    Ideal Counsellor?

    I think my character would be called the Runner-Up Composure 4 Luck 6 Repair 3 Speed 8 Stamina 7 Stealth 6 Strength 1 With this build you get 4 baseball swings, no noise pings while walking, and you move faster than jason jogging. If someone already is pressuring Jason you get to do something else. And of course you can put the pressure on Jason himself.
  18. Whenever I block a baseball bat and it breaks AND I get the grab right afterwards makes me feel boss
  19. Oooo nice I got everything achievement-wise except for the 1000 jason games. I been getting Jason alot in quickplay (6-10 per day) but one of these days I'm gonna grind private lobbies with a local friend. Since I got all the pamela tapes, badges, and tommy tapes. It would practically be a waste of time to play more counselor games (despite how much fun it is). I wish you got something for completing the badges! That was the funnest part imo because you had to go for it. Imagine if you got a scount sash or something lol
  20. ExpertDual

    Fastest Time you wiped a full lobby as Jason?

    Part 7 is the only Jason who can sense noise more easily. Even characters with 9 stealth are trackable for an ambush. If you know the maps you can morph/shift on counselors positions the moment they are out in the open.
  21. It's fair early game but late game I wish you could fire more knives or that they would regenerate
  22. I think the friday ps4 servers are down, we might be getting dedicated servers in the morning plus a japanese release. I expect a final trailer as well
  23. The battle axe is my favorite weapon to rock on running Jasons. That weapon can break windows and hit counselors through windows really easily. Just combat stance heavy attack for single window or wide swing for the double windows. The spear is good for weapon strength Jasons as well
  24. ExpertDual

    Weekly Challenges

    I would like some more data on the game. Once you get all the badges you have no clue how much of what you did.
  25. When Jason gets rage you can jog without making sound pings so if you can break jason's line of sight in la big building you can hide for awhile. I find that is the most fun. I try to target the one with the least amount of luck in a group while grabbing only those with the highest (Tommy&Chad) so they can't hit me alot. If you block a weapon as it breaks you get an easier window for a grab so keep track of their hits