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  1. What do you think is the best overall Team composition or setup of counselors. I have a setup that I think could win every game but I would need exceptional players. Here's the Team I think could win every match vs Jason. Please tell me your prefered team and characters. I avoided adding high strength characters because of how good Tommy Jarvis is and characters with 1 repair. Everyone has 2+ repair and can do something in a round. Point Character: Vanessa 3 of em to be exact. Vanessa is the strongest counselor but the most likely to die at the start of the game. She is a part runner and protector. She deals with Jason so other counselors don't have to, that's what makes her strong. If 2 Vanessas die first there is still one left to help Tommy go in for the kill. Perks Thickskin, Suckerpunch, Leadfoot, Heavy Hitter, Swift Attacker Middle Character: Mitch 2 of em to be exact. Mitch is the best counselor at hiding. With a composure of 9 and stealth of 6 (can walk without noise pings) he can hide almost forever and rehide even if Jason comes back. His repair is also the best overall compared to the other repair characters. Mitch should focus on the Car and Phonebox and keep at it while Vanessa protects him. If Vanessa stuns Jason he can hide again and repair again. Perks Firecrackers, My Dad's a Cop, Medic, Restful Anchor Characters Victoria & AJ Victoria's high luck allows her to start cars very fast. This means she can come in to save the day if the Car or Boat get caught. She's also a safer part runner but if she escapes early she might doom the rest of the team. So it is better for Mitch and Vanessa to escape. If she gets her hands on the mask she can go for a sneak kill. She can also grab parts from dead counselors and finish the job. She's my main as well. Perks Lightfoot, Speed Demon, Thickskin, My Dad's a Cop AJ's high stealth, composure, and repair allow her to be the only one to be able to repair the Tommy Jarvis house if its been cut and Jason is watching the general area. She can sneak right pass him and repair it in the darkest or most terrible situations. She can also target low priority objectives and get them easily going by herself because of her perfect stealth. Perks Lonewolf, Marathon, Medic, Lightfoot, Motorboating, Nightowl
  2. I platinumed this Game and I love it. But with this patch I think it is time for me to retire the game and wait for the Sequel. A game with every Jason, a map from all the movies, Jason chasing counselor cars and boats out of the map, Jason actually killing the cops, and multiple ways to kill Jason. That's what I really want. Although this change would be great for an arcade version of Friday the 13th as it is straight up unfair halfway.
  3. As someone with alot of experience in this game removing stuns for rage just makes the game more camp heavy. This change removes my favorite way of Playing. That is being the last one or the survivor especially after a hard match. If Jason is unstunnable during rage you cannot get enough time to start the car in Jason's presence. The second option would be to have a counselor sacrifice themselves but if Jason headpunches them you still won't have enough time. What I'm saying is that in order to do something useful to escape during a Jason stun like start the car or boat you already had to rely on RNG to get the good stun. High Luck was good because more bat swings means more chances for an opening to escape. But now with this patch all I would be able to do is hide during rage. I already felt like sometimes my best wasn't good enough to win. Now I definitely need to spawn next to an objective to have any chance at escaping with low levels or vs super good Jasons. L
  4. My quickest Time is around 5-6 minutes killing all 7 counselors in a game. Part 7 probably is the best for record fast wipes because he's the easiest to catch counselors out in the open. https://youtu.be/FgqQWJDEWrc
  5. I'm pretty sure it already makes a quick blip/static noise as Jason when the radio is called. If it's not noticable try raising the volume, it sounds sorta like a microphone being tucked away or started. Tommy Jarvis is designed to be uncounterable for Jason in whatever he wants to do when he comes in with no noise, max repair, max strength, max luck etc. He is the only hero character. He can survive a match with only 2 counselors in play. Because of all that I love playing as Tommy but I almost never get my chance unless Jason specifically Tunnels me before he kills anyone else.
  6. As Part 3 Jason it took them one hit vs Tommy. That Tommy originally was Buggzy but I throwing knive killed him at the start of the round pretty easily so he must've had a damage boost perk. It was after a pocket knife grab too he whacked me and I was instantly demasked. I almost still killed them all but when I grabbed the sweater girl she was mashing Triangle and the stun interrupt from Vanessa took me to my knees and an Injured Tommy lumbered over. It looked weird like Jason's head reeled back like the falling animation but then he immediately fell to his knees. I took that strategy though, but I never used it yet
  7. If you practiced driving the boat enough you can figure out spots where he can't catch it. Jarvis map for instance has alot of shores where you can juke him but If Jason comes high enough out of the water he might be able to grab kill you. Once everyone starts using the shores effectively you will feel like Jason does need the sound effect. I definitely feel like Jason needs it to even attempt to catch me and it drives him off of other counselors.
  8. ExpertDual

    Best place to hide

    At the house near the bottom left of Packaknack and the boat spawn if you place a trap near the front of the building and Jason hits while entering you can jump out the window to the outhouses and hide before he recovers
  9. On Victoria I'm running Legendary Speed Demon, Legendary Lightfoot, Legendary Thickskin. I don't think I would ever need anything else for Victoria besides these perks. Well besides from a 1% Sprint Speed increase for my Speed Demon perk coming soon. I already rolled it twice hoping third time's the charm for the perfect version.
  10. I don't know, even players that are super good at Killing Jason don't all have perfect Jason play. I can't name anyone super notable recalling the last month. It is hard to tell because you never see Jason's perspective in quickplay to really see how good they are or if your teammates were just dunces.
  11. ExpertDual

    Best Jason Music?

    I made a tierlist for this last summer might as well share now Top tier unsettling Part 2, Part 9, Savini High tier unnerving Part 7, Part 8, Part 5, Part 4 Mid tier spooky Part 3, Part 6 Low tier Retro/NES Retro, Part 3, and Part 6 sound the worst at a distance during a chase with the proximity difference. Especially Retro, he is super quiet. Part 6 also has the intro part of his theme replay faster than other Jasons because of +Shift. My friends said Part 2 & Part 9 were the scariest without any experience in the game.
  12. Once I fell off the map and it was all water underneath it. I swam to the little creek at the bottom of crystal lake and escaped via cops
  13. ExpertDual

    Jason Kill Scenero - Question

    No you shouldn't shiftgrab in on sweater girl in a group. A co-ordinated group would demask you off of one pocket knive stun. @x OLd ScRatCh x If Jason hits the Tommy House first there is no counterplay for them. You can retrap Electrical boxes endlessly. Based on the map Layout you can get a rough guess to where is the Tommy House. I think there is only a certain amount of map variations and if you played as long as me you can tell when a group wants to kill you beforehand. Hitting the Electrical box is the most powerful thing you can do to stop all of that but you don't get an easy tell. Earlier today I hit the box first thing and they got me into Rage before I even had Stalk that's OD.
  14. I wrote down my opinion on Jason X earlier actually but I changed it Strengths +Sense (Opening when he wakes up) +Destruction (Knocks down a fortified metal door with a thrown body) +Weapon Strength (Kills marines and army guys) Weaknesses -Traps (He was inside only) -Morph (He never got the jump anyone without already being there or diverting their attention) -Can't Run (He tries ok) Jason X would be the best at Trapping people inside buildings and finding fleeing counselors. But objectives go early like in the movie.
  15. ExpertDual

    Community Events

    @TheHansonGoons They would also take forever to run. I watched one Jason tourney with points as a system and getting one match done took like an hour. The tournament itself lasted a week I thought about playing but it would take too long. They would always need like 6 competent counselors and people would just leave all the time. I wouldn't mind to play in a king of the hill style event or game mode. Where if the Jason player is playing really good he never gets off his spot. It would be great for grinding Jason games.
  16. ExpertDual

    Anyone ever see this glitch?

    I'm pretty sure the first one happens when someone hides under a bed for a long time. Their body comes out by itself and it prevents Jason from stabbing the bed. It only works with beds against the wall.
  17. I almost always land my throwing knives, attacks, and shiftgrabs. But strong counselors can demask Jason after one failed shiftgrab. You should play a Jason with more hp and weapon strength. I think I died as every Jason type except for Part 8 and Savini. Everytime I'm like "I can't believe that actually worked!" Try to ignore the trashtalk and be sure to destroy their Jason afterwards! If the counselors fail at killing your Jason it is more often their own fault than yours. Also remember that if they fail once during the procedure there is no hope left for them in the match.
  18. Wow! Right now I'm at 22/30 legendaries with 7 epics. I rolled the legendaries of the same type of my old epics but they weren't much better or just worse overall. I'm happy just to get the legendary of speed demon and thickskin. Those perks definitely feel like the truth! I also like the fear decrease legendary bonus because it acts like an inverse fear rate penalty. At least that's what I think
  19. I finally got a very good set of perks for Victoria. Legendary Thick Skin, Legendary Speed Demon, and Lightfoot. The Speed boost really does allow me to Save people or combat Jason more effectively and become a way bigger threat in a match.
  20. @Redrum138I don't think the speed boost works on Vanessa or Tommy because they are already at Max speed, I can't really tell the difference anyway. The penalty was -4 repair speed, I was getting annoyed with -14 earlier because it made me less effective at instantly repairing stuff the start of the round
  21. ExpertDual

    Rage quittin' pansies

    I was Part 7 Jason in a match vs Jason hunters. All 6 left the match before I even got shift so I missed out on 6 kills. However during that match literally none of them spawned near an objective so I didn't even have to worry. I think some kind of balance is at play for your spawn point if something is unfair.
  22. I'd like it if Lightfoot could come with Hiding Spot fear reduction or general fear reduction instead of it being less than a Poor nightowl perk as its legendary bonus please.
  23. ExpertDual

    Jason is weak

    Jason starting the match in Stalk mode would be cool. He would still have to unlock it but the first morph in on a counselor would be a really good option. It would also make it harder to guess where Jason's shack spawns in on smaller maps. Nearby counselors can often check near the shack area and hear Jason's music before he even morphs away when he collects his throwing knives. It would also allow Jason to pinpoint stealth/repair characters at the start of the round from his shack.
  24. The folks at epic games said they are going to release the tools they used to make fortnite crossplay on Unity and Unreal Engine for free! I'd love to play with my friends on PC since I have the game on PS4. This game is mainly animation based I don't think there would be a huge advantage playing on PC over console.
  25. I made a Victoria video guide discussing alot of Advanced techniques I use