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  1. Its good to keep Tommy out of the game as long as possible till you get rage. Keep the counselors alive and once rage kicks in with the mask off you can move from counselor to counselor wiping them out. If you are getting meaty hit/chain stunned move face towards the wall. If you fall to your knees they can't perform the kill if you face the wall. I try to Kill Victoria/Jenny/Chad if there's a Car ready as if you stop it they can restart it and escape the most easiest. You can morph away from Tommy Box if there's only Vanessa or something. Double trap phone and Double trap Tommy Box so you can cover both. Don't be in a endgame scenario with a Wasted Trap. Don't let them use pocket knives on your traps.
  2. Honestly Pamela should just Nag Jason more when there's Teamers. Like the AFK lines trigger if Jason is in close proximity to a non-moving Counselor for a little while. Or you lose EXP for holding onto repair items for a very long time. It is in a Sense a Betrayal to hold onto keys and not take em to a Repaired Car. Or to simply Destroy a Car with other people in It.
  3. Speed Demon. I can't stand there being a boat and Jason having +Waterspeed
  4. Jason can not sense you in a Tent pre rage. If Jason is looking for you during Rage he might not see you 1/4th of the time. If you pick a Far away Tent in the Corner of the Map it will work better. Otherwise you can always leave the Tent before Jason kills you. It could save your life if you are waiting for the Cops post rage.
  5. I think the people with Wallhacks gave one of the most important information bombs for all of Friday. Every objective part spawns close to the objective. Without learning that I would never be able to Repair that fast. I only could learn where parts did/didn't Spawn. People using modded controllers also discover the weirder desync glitches like teleporting after a swing. I think its really hard to tell whether something is a hack or a bug in this game. Even spectating players or rewatching matches I can't tell what is happening. But I usually report anything if I have footage of it.
  6. Did he have a flaregun? There's a way I saw. Some player would get infinite Stamina after shooting a flaregun but they couldn't jump through windows or open doors. However if Jason grabbed them and they had a knive they would keep the infinite Stamina then would be able to open doors and junk. A small selection of players are keeping the glitch a secret.
  7. So I was playing Counselor and I scored higher than my Jason. Of course it was lucky but I think Jason should get more EXP for doing certain things like Stopping Objectives. Like cutting the Tommy Box removes Jason EXP when it is super advantageous to do. And it would give Jason an immediate notification that he did cut it. In the video I score 1700 EXP as Jason and 1900 EXP as Counselor. https://youtu.be/likgG8_mQN4
  8. I did one Challenge Video. Its not like the rules you described but I thought it was pretty cool. I don't even remember which Challenge it was and its only on my personal Twitter. I get every counselor, kill Jenny with a rock before getting Kenny with the hammer.
  9. If I run normal morph vs a kill squad its usually this order for morphing Tommy Powerbox Easiest Car to repair Powerbox Shack/Phonebox depends if someone makes a break for it at the start Tommy Call house If you end up at the Tommy house first even if its been locked and somebody is trying to repair the box you are good. Breaking down Tommy's house is dependent on how close you are to it. If it is one small cabin length away, across water, or the Powerbox spawned ontop of it.
  10. I'm going to Rewatch Parts 2-4 in a garage with friends maybe the first one too? Idk yet
  11. I don't think any of the Jasons will win this lol assuming you can't from last time I watched Guru. Unless you got a new strategy or trick. This is very Big money though
  12. Tommy Jarvis never generates noise pings (even in water unless he runs out of Stamina). He also is immune to Dead bodies, starts with a Shotgun, knive, and spray which is already a perfect loadout. He can repair in Jason's face, can out jog a running Jason, can restart the car/boat in Jason's face, can demask Jason in one hit and can stun him with the Bat 5 times. It takes like 5 minutes or around 1/4th of the match for Tommy to lose face in a chase. A good Tommy is practically unstoppable for any objective he chooses to do as long as he acts before Jason or if Jason is busy. Tommy practically comes in with 4 perks and if you just give him marathon+restful Jason will never tire him out before the end of the match.
  13. I'm sharing this now. I never relied on major glitches besides the fast-walking desync bug. But otherwise I would've walked the whole time anyway. I use almost every possible hiding spot at the Jarvis House that doesn't corner you so this run its really good. And I avoid Sense earlier on. Being a Sole Survivor with near impossible odds felt super rewarding as a Counselor. The Jason wasn't even playing bad
  14. I don't think alot of People use this part of the Forum the most but hey I think it'll be cooler to see Stuff beyond Opinions in general chat
  15. I remember in one of the other Forums there was this Thread of Players who managed to beat one of the hardest challenges in another game using a Unique Team no Cheese strats. That was in the Pokemon Sun/Moon Battle Tree and it was cool to see other players post their Team and Screenshots etc to the Forum and get added to a continually updated List. There should be something like that Moderrated/pinned on this Part of the Forum if anybody cares to share their Completion/Builds/Achievements. In fact I think it will motivate more people to Share as long as it has to meet some sort of Requirement
  16. I don't think Teaming is as Bad as it could be. I'm saying this as Someone who can Survive despite the Fact a Car and Jason is Chasing me or no Other objectives are Done. Only time I think it really sucks is if you die Early and Come back as Tommy when a Teamer has the Sweater. The Fear mechanics ensure that Jason can't Team up with someone effectively for a Long time. And a Person using the Map Teaming in Party chat can only give your general location. I never thought it Ruins your Exp gain but it actually does as you can't do as much. If you are Teaming though you gain more EXP than normal too as Jason will let you repair and escape that sorta sucks.
  17. My friend said he thinks Jason is a God on PC VS Console Play. One reason he said is that aiming Shift is Easier with a Keyboard and Mouse. He also said Vanessa being able to move with WASD is just way better for Footsies since Stick has a bigger Delay over 2 Button presses. Throwing Knives are Also way easier to hit he said since the Framerate is higher you don't miss as much and you can get better at aiming. You don't have to rely on alot of Console Techniques Playing as Jason on PC.
  18. Yeah it does. However 20% Swift Attacker is good enough by itself. I'd say its better to stick on a Male Counselor since they have Slower swing animations
  19. Combat Stance Should Work like other games. I.e. You can choose who you are targeting and locked on to. I don't think it matters for Counselors but for Jason Players you can't pick out one person to focus on in groups. My suggestion is that there's a Black Dot or a White Dot on the Counselor you are Targeting and it goes away if you switch Targets or they are in a Hiding Spot. You can detect Counselors under beds with Combat Stance sometimes too. But you can Remove that if you are gonna rework how Hiding Spots work too as Sometimes Counselors become invulnerable while Hiding underbeds or Jason can animation cancel the Check animation.
  20. I like playing Part 4, Part 5, and Part 7 But overall on PS4 Part 3 with the Machete is probs the best overall Jason Weapon Strength is the most important Jason Strength currently as it makes things way easier for Jason fighting counselors with weapons, Pocket Knives, and Spray
  21. Your joycon might be desyncing if you get stopped for no reason. If you sit more closer to the Switch unobstructive it shouldn't desync as much.
  22. Curious if you can play it with a GameCube controller Maybe as a Counselor anyway lol
  23. I watched 2 hours of Gameplay. It has dedicated Servers which is huge probably one of the only switch games with that and in game voice chat. No frame dips at all online it runs very well. I personally would love to try it But another thing is that it lacks Party features. You can join somebody else's game but you can't setup a Party and go into Quickplay. Graphics are pretty good albeit way darker, even darker than before. Or maybe I'm used to 3 points up in the contrast
  24. Switch has DEDICATED Servers now too so that's probably why it was acting funny for a little bit. I was playing on ps4 yesterday night everything was fine. They were preparing for Switch Launch
  25. I saw at this GDC Press Conference the game is designed for 3 Counselors to always have the tools to escape. If 3 Counselors escape thats an even match for Jason. If there are 4 or more counselors that escape counselors outplayed ya, if less than 3 counselors escape Jason outplayed ya.
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