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  1. PC runs at 60 fps and PS4 and Xbox runs at 30 fps though
  2. Yooo you can Edit Jason's moveset in a Private Match now???? For real??? That's really cool to be honest. Also no more getting stuck as Jason yay
  3. I made a Tierlist! I think LaChappa is the worst overall. Buggzy, Mitch, and Jenny are also pretty bad.
  4. @bryanp3692 Honestly I don't think Tourneys are worth playing right now. If you wanna get started you can get into a League Team. The rules are easier to follow one match per week. I recommend the F13 Uprising League on PS4. If you do well in League Play you'll do well in Tournament play too. It'll definitely be interesting because you'll be playing really good players on a near daily basis. I got into a Team because one of my PSN friends wanted me on their team. But they quit too so I left after the league ended. I recommend League over Tourneys for a more enjoyable experience.
  5. Twice as many maps There's only 7 right now but a Map and a Small Map from every movie would be really cool, 24 maps. And the killing Jason options are harder if the Jason plays on their Map. Way more kills for Jason and easier execution better lighting for Kills universally. Jason doesn't just bring a Camera crew he brings a Lighting crew. Instead of having more Counselors there's an edit-a-counselor option and more Dialogue like "I found the Keys!" or the main counselors have unique dialogue when meeting others. Leaderboards and more Stats are Traced on another website instead of just in game. I would also like it if there was an enclosed Area that you can Access as a Counselor that Jason can only access after killing all the other Counselors in the Camp. Counselors can sitdown on chairs, hug the walls, go prone but Jason can instantly kill them if he finds them in these positions. Maybe Jason has a Second remixed theme when the Mask falls off and Stun music to Transition it more smoothly. Like Part 6 in the soundtrack has an ok Theme but there's also another Part 6 Theme that's more intense.
  6. I also think there is a Tommy Jarvis house spawn list that you can memorize but I don't have access to it lol
  7. It doesn't spawn in small houses Depending on the map you can guess. Like Crystal Lake small it doesn't spawn on the left side of the map so you have a 50/50 but also the cutscene can reveal it. That's probably the best map for it. Second best map is Higgins Haven I'd say since the cutscene practically covers one whole section you can tell if it isn't there and the houses that have the Tommy house call are removed often. Otherwise you can guess through the perspective of a counselor. Where would it be if I was a counselor? That's how I land it more often through pure intuition. And you can cut the power where Tommy Jarvis might spawn to see him easier with sense on the way. Sometimes you can morph on the graveyard when Tommy comes in and practically guarantee kill him out in the open. Same with campfires near the bottom or top of the map respawns.
  8. Part 3 and Part 8 I think are the most popular. Everybody starts off with Part 3 and Part 8 is just as balanced. Part 3 gets way better with weapon swap too. He's the only one with Weapon Strength, running, and 5 traps. With the correct door breaking tech he also has Destruction lol
  9. What if Jason could actually hide in dark rooms like in Part 2 and 4
  10. I think the Boat propeller spawns on Jarvis are The island cabin on the left, the bottom left cabin all the way on the left, the bottom cabin left but not the farthest, the bottom cabin on the middle right, the basement of the Jarvis house, the bookshelf of the Party House, the middle house underneath Jarvis, the left house next to the cops, and the house on-top of the Party house. It doesn't spawn in like 4 spots and every spot that it never spawns car parts spawn there. Pinehurst the propeller is always close to the bottom or on the island to the right
  11. They can't do it for single player because the AI starts in the cutscenes. If you skip cutscenes in single player the counselor AI goes off track. Same with the game loading during multiplayer, the cutscenes are used to properly sync the online parts up.
  12. That Jason was really good. IMO good Jasons put you on a Death Timer with Shift and Morph eventually they'll hit if you don't have good Stealth. He never even got Rage if he had Rage he would be even faster lol
  13. @SteveChristy oh yeah. If you just hold R1 while doing shift you can move with the left analog. Its really easy to do, it increases your total range slightly since you are moving during the long Startup and turning is alot easier. You could shift upstairs, chase someone around sharp corners, or stop cars driving towards you more easily with -Minus Shift
  14. Strafe Shifting and Double Tapping doors are glitches/techniques. What you are describing probably is not a hack. I like Strafe/Speed Shifting but I don't use Double Tapping because it requires way more practice lol Double Tapping is like canceling the endlag of a light slash with a heavy slash if the weapon bounces off of something
  15. Its good to keep Tommy out of the game as long as possible till you get rage. Keep the counselors alive and once rage kicks in with the mask off you can move from counselor to counselor wiping them out. If you are getting meaty hit/chain stunned move face towards the wall. If you fall to your knees they can't perform the kill if you face the wall. I try to Kill Victoria/Jenny/Chad if there's a Car ready as if you stop it they can restart it and escape the most easiest. You can morph away from Tommy Box if there's only Vanessa or something. Double trap phone and Double trap Tommy Box so you can cover both. Don't be in a endgame scenario with a Wasted Trap. Don't let them use pocket knives on your traps.
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