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  1. I think the slow Jasons like Part 6 should get their old grab animation back to where they can move after whiffing. But the running Jasons should have the new Whiff Punishable grab.
  2. I saw one guy got 149 kills as Jason in a single game due to that new bug where environmentals don't work. How much EXP would that be?
  3. Honestly when would sense be helpful in that kind of situation. I have a bad habit of not turning off sense during a grab kill, if you land a grab it should go back into cool down honestly
  4. Did they nerf Stamina this patch? Just checking
  5. Legendary Speed Demon is the best Perk in the game in my Opinion and within my playstyle. Speed increase allows you save Stamina and get out of Jason's line of sight easier dodging Knives or getting out of range of Normal Shift Grabs easier. As a player that can always solo repair an objective starting it would give me a free escape even vs +Shift Jasons. You can also challenge water speed Jasons for the escape, the boat is untrappable and if you move faster you can easily escape vs Waterspeed. Mine is +22% Vehicle increase, -3% Repair Speed, +3% Speed increase. Incredibly helpful for players that know where Parts spawn making them faster at completing objectives. The Perk makes survival as the last one incredibly easy. With this speed bonus as a Stealth character you can lose Jason in a chase. Every game I play I get considerable use out of this perk. I've been winning even in lobbies of 4 people or less. This perk is for players that are able to Speedrun the game and Survive in the face of great Adversity greatly recommend
  6. Yeah its honestly way better to just run epic/legendary thick skin and medic/hypochondriac if you have -1% or 0.
  7. Yep I rolled a 20% thickskin and got a 2% thrasher. You could take one more hit from a non-weapon strength jason but if they threw a knive or a weapon strength Jason hit you you'd be downed in the same scenario as regular 18-20 thickskin. Like I took out 2 traps and normal healed I got slashed by a non-weapon strength Jason one game and still ran away but the next with weapon strength and another with a throwing knive I got downed.
  8. Playing Jason good is way more fun than playing counselor good right now. When I play as Jason I focus more on the pace of the game vs just speedrunning objectives as a Counselor.
  9. Best for Jason: Pinehurst when the phone is across the water and the boat and car are right next to eachother. Worst for Jason: Small Higgins Phone at the bottom right of the map. Sure you get a car too but you can't morph onto the phonebox on that map, meaning Counselors hit your traps for Free. Best for Counselor: Near any objective or place where you can find parts. Worst for Counselor: Being far away from the objectives with no nearby phonebox.
  10. What do you think should be done to balance the perks? I just thought up an idea that they tie Perks to the type of Jason you are up against. Like if you had thickskin it would only trigger if you were up against a Weapon Strength Jason. Or if you had motorboating the perk wouldn't activate vs Part 2 or a Part 4 Jason. Same if you had a car perk versus -Morph and -Shift Jason. Or if Jason had -Sense Sense Avoidance perks wouldn't work as well. Sucker punch and damage boost perks wouldn't work on -Defense Jasons. I think Legendary Bonuses should stay on no matter what though. I rock Thickskin, Speed Demon, Lightfoot and pre-rage buff my solo escape/survive the night ratio was like 90% in QP.
  11. I mean blocking as Jason isn't intuitive. You really have to enter combat stance and hold R1. If every Jason could block with one button press they could just charge any counselor
  12. Well this is one situation where they could have done that. People work with Jason all the time. Honestly you still could've got away in the car even after solo repairing it if you fought Jason. Sometimes Jason players can just guess where you are at. I wouldn't mind the removal of Counselors on the minimap as a private lobby option but only if Dead Body discoveries were more punishing like notifying Jason you are there. Then you would be terrified to check broken cabins and would need to find a Walkie before trying any objective.
  13. That evasion perk isn't worthless. If you get a perfect perk it makes you a very rare player usually, nobody else would be running your set. That's what might make you unique. Perks might need a nerf though because there is no punishment for combining good perks without that factor. If you play Hypochondriac, Medic, Thickskin the Thickskin perk should take a hit but since I have no damage boost on the other perks I am just unkillable right at the start of the round. Its bullshit honestly some perks should have minimum minus stats instead of 0.
  14. Yeah heck ya, gonna tell all my friends who play Smash Ultimate Competitively to pick up the game then play me on PS4 after they get good. This is the best news I heard yet!
  15. It would definitely be hype and add Excitement to every game. Watching every cutscene and seeing your main die as Jason begins his Approach would actually be Scary. It would give Worse Jasons an easier time and prevent overcentralizing team comps like lobbies all filled with one or two Characters. If I played with my Friends for instance I would kill them every round even if they were the only one playing Deborah or something. It opens way more strategies for Jason and its really easy to do animation wise just a model swap. Random selection is also already in the game but you won't get Perks for Tommy Jarvis.
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