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  1. It's unintuitive on console. On PC you just tap the checkbox. There's nothing telling you to press start on console lol
  2. The Frying Pan has a faster swing than the Bat, and it stuns all the time. So theoretically the Frying Pan is the better weapon if you only want to land a hit or 2 VS Jason. Otherwise the Machete is the best for Damage. The Axe and Baseball Bat have slower swings but a bigger range. The Baseball Bat also has the lowest damage input. Ranged weapons like guns don't recover your stamina after you use them!
  3. Friday the 13th: Midnight Stalker Because I often play at night lol
  4. I did this before I think so if I were even more honest with myself. 4 Composure 4 Luck 7 Repair 3 Speed 6 Stamina 8 Stealth 3 Strength This is me directly comparing myself to the other counselors in the game. My guy is Slow with Low composure so he's known to freeze up around Jason and not get away unless he was unnoticed. But also pretty decent at Repair and Travelling around by himself in the open.
  5. I like the Fire Axe, it has slightly more Range than all the one handed weapons. But it still acts like a one handed weapon so it hits all around Jason.
  6. @Carlso lol ok I thought it doesn't activate ALL the time. But I know for some games it's still active. I'm asking if it's not working some games or with certain Jason picks. For example I've seen it happen with Part 4. Where Part 4 was at the Bathhouses in Crystal Lake small during Rage but he couldn't see the players lined up at the road waiting for cops.
  7. I've been seeing alot of Matches were counselors survive the night or get away from Jason late game. I don't think the Rage Sense boost is applying to every Jason. But he still gets a Hearing loss so he can't track down hiding counselors or see counselors on their way to the exits. Can anybody test it?
  8. @AchillesShield You might get drafted automatically if you play good online, that's how I got in lol. I think there's 3 PS4 Leagues right now. One is run by BigLizzle on PS4, another one is run by LordCharCzar, and another one was run by GamePlayingGuru. They all play on Twitch so you can follow F13 on twitch and you'll be bound to see League play on the weekends. I don't know who runs Xbox and people don't play League on PC or Switch yet as I know of.
  9. High composure makes Skill checks bigger already I believe. If you have no fear generated repairs are way easier
  10. Poggers, can you guys add a feature in a private match that disables perks? So you can say have a match where Jason is overall weaker but no perks are in play? Without everyone having to change their settings that is. I don't think there is anything that disrupts gameplay now by the sound of it. I think I can remember every patch, Jason used to be slower, grab was reworked alot, cars used to be able to go up hills or be kicked around by Jason, phonefuse used to spawn in phonehouses, there used to be teleporting/rubberbanding, getting on top of roofs, getting killed while escaping, Rage was upgraded, grab kills were fixed. And that's excluding new content that was added and all the perks reworked. What I'm saying is that I appreciate it all! For sticking with the players for so long.
  11. It didn't work at launch either tbh. Jason was unlikable during rage. It works so you are less likely to make a comeback vs Jason near the end of the round. Unless you have a shotgun or a pocket knive you can't really challenge rage Jason at an objective.
  12. Bruh just roll new ones 500,000,000 CP is like anything you'll ever desire lol. Or you can email the Devs through Jason kills bugs and they'll fix it for you as long as they have a copy of the old data.
  13. Restful is better than Marathon if you are playing as Tommy Jarvis. Good kill squads would have 2 Vanessas die early that are running Restful, Thickskin, and Sucker Punch. With Restful if you get a bad Spawn away from Sweater girl you can meet up with them much sooner. Characters that don't really run into Jason because of their Stealth or if you don't want to fight Jason in a chase you can run the perk.
  14. My trophy popped after killing Part 7 Jason with the Axe. Even though I already killed Jason with an Axe. I thought it must've meant you killed one of each Jason because at that time it probably was my first Part 7 kill since no one played him.
  15. Depends. It doesn't matters how good you place one trap in front of the door because good Counselors can always squeeze by in Combat stance. It's very rare that you'll get demasked early and lose track of the counselor with the mask. Otherwise you will be warned no matter what. You can bodyblock the door as Jason and that's your best option 90% of the time.
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