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  1. I think the friday ps4 servers are down, we might be getting dedicated servers in the morning plus a japanese release. I expect a final trailer as well
  2. The battle axe is my favorite weapon to rock on running Jasons. That weapon can break windows and hit counselors through windows really easily. Just combat stance heavy attack for single window or wide swing for the double windows. The spear is good for weapon strength Jasons as well
  3. ExpertDual

    Weekly Challenges

    I would like some more data on the game. Once you get all the badges you have no clue how much of what you did.
  4. When Jason gets rage you can jog without making sound pings so if you can break jason's line of sight in la big building you can hide for awhile. I find that is the most fun. I try to target the one with the least amount of luck in a group while grabbing only those with the highest (Tommy&Chad) so they can't hit me alot. If you block a weapon as it breaks you get an easier window for a grab so keep track of their hits
  5. ExpertDual

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    You can still cancel the sweater animation by dropping an item
  6. I definitely spent between 200k-300k cp after the update. I really want a legendary speed demon to try out increased sprint speed.
  7. Local Multiplayer or a better way to play the game with friends. Maybe a private matchmaking mode where you get all the perks, colors, and Jasons from the beginning.
  8. You don't get a game in as Jason if the host rage quits as well
  9. ExpertDual

    State of the Game - Critical Issue Update

    There's this bug when hiding underneath a bed sometimes your counselor crawls out. If you click to re enter the bed you get stuck as a bodyless mess Jason can't kill you, you can't take damage and you can't move. If you have a part it is lost to the aether
  10. I rolled a couple already, my favorite one so far is a Legendary Firecracker that's +10 range -0 noise +4 attack speed. I also had fun with a gimmick grab breaking build with lone wolf + escape artist.
  11. Will there be a legendary perk event or will that count as extra content? Are you able to implement the credit roll in some aspect of single player either the challenges or virtual cabin?
  12. Counselors don't even need to do the objectives to win. I lost to a Vanessa that was able to avoid me for 20 minutes with Rage really early game. She actually used 3 pocket knifes and 4 sprays, she probably had 4 extra too. I was just confused like wtf
  13. https://youtu.be/AA-z2npaiCQ I was just rolling Perks and I ended up in this really long roll by accident. It wouldn't end just by clicking X. However when I clicked up on the dpad though it ended immediately. I thought what if I inputed some sort of cheat code to roll specific perks the devs left in? It was an uncommon Ice Cold Perk with 34% & 0% value. I rolled alot more perks afterwards trying to get it to trigger again like idk what if it was that and I could roll a knife perk lol
  14. ExpertDual

    Is Jason 5 aka Roy bad?

    Block chance is a pretty big thing, I don't like blocking at all with this Jason, prefer to dodge or throw a knife. I think Part 6 is way better at holding his ground because he can shift in shift out, while Part 5 can't shift in and run away.