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  1. Yeah, I was messing about with a bear trap trying to find the best angled spot to place it and after setting it, disarming it and picking it up a couple of times it went invisible on me until it was setup again.
  2. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    My point as well. Whilst we're on the theme of clothing, the only problem I see with true to Melissa individuality is a swimwear dlc. If memory serves me correctly Jenny currently wears her bikini option and I doubt the devs would do a copy and paste because it is 1) lazy and 2) would make people complain that if you can get the same outfit on two different counsellors then why shouldn't every counsellor be able to do that etc etc... Anyway, back to my point what sort of swimwear outfit would you want to see? Or does it not matter so much as for example the dress dlc option?
  3. Its unlikely but she could be holding a bear trap. I have had a bear trap go invisible when holding it, however when it was placed it reappeared.
  4. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Yes that was what I was thinking, I suppose a long slit might make it look convincing in Unreal 4. We also have the option submitted from @Culp which would turn the dress into a Jumpsuit to avoid clipping and stretch issues. If I may add a third suggestion, how about cutting the skirt into a pencil skirt above the knee to avoid 3d problems or simply copy the AJ's mini skirt that we know works. I know none of you want a big compromise but compromises might have to be made on long dresses in Unreal 4 (Who knows!). What is surprising, or should that be expected is another suggestion from @Barbara Ann is a unanimous hit! We seem to be doing a lot of creative development work for the devs at the minute - lets hope they look, listen and provide the results.
  5. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Picking up on the clothing trail I have yet another hypothetical question! Firstly there is discussion on the forum about Grendel and if the current line up of counsellors would be playable on it. Secondly people have been discussing what the counsellors could be wearing on Grendel and if for example the current counsellors could be used wearing the current clothing dlc on it e.g. bunny suit. The question I now ask is, what do you think the mean girl should be wearing if she is playable on Grendel? Do you think the mean girl should have her own Grendel/space theme outfit? Should all the current counsellors get their own Grendel outfit? Or do you think it would be a case of 'anything goes' ? Obviously this is all dependent on whether Grendel lets you play non Grendel counsellors when its released. I'm open to suggestions for the Mean Girl on Grendel!
  6. I don't even get the damn map as I have the perk that gives you one from the start!
  7. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    I think your Penelope Pitstop impressions will never be used in the game. As funny as it might be Shifty will never announce her as the mean girl or her wacky racers car either... Thanks, well I came up with the angel idea just as an opposite to Tiffany being a devil. I forget who it was but someone came up with the idea of a rivalry between the mean girl and Tiffany, people liked it and it seemed to stick on this thread. A pure white angel just seemed the right sort of competition for her.
  8. - Any perk to do with swimming because its generally a very bad and noisy thing to do. Once Jason spots you, you generally have no chance. I avoid swimming at all costs. - Also controlled breathing and heavy sleeper. Hiding is a terrible strategy and only useful as a temporary one to regen stamina or quickly dodge Jason and then move on. Heavy sleeper is too circumstantial and pointless when Jason enters rage, controlled breathing is a little better but still a waste of a perk spot. I find the whole holding your breathe only gives the game away to Jason because people never hold it long enough and just end up making even more noise.
  9. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    I never really considered that Marilyn Monroe looks a lot like Melissa from part vii! Her blonde hairstyle is very similar and that outfit would suit her fine. We haven't seen a long skirted clothing option yet, whether that's possible on the 3d models I don't know but that pink dress with the big bow would look fabulous on the mean girl.
  10. Jason Selection Update

    When Shifty says so! That'll be sometime after the current update coming some time in April. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GRENDEL UPDATE A long time into the future, In a galaxy not so far away....... An Evil menacing force named Jason strikes back! (Using force grab a lot!) *Dun dun dun, der dee dun, der dee dun, Do do do der dee do, do de-do*
  11. Time to give non-backers what they want: Savannah Jason

    If Savannah Jason was real he'd be in nearly every lobby after release, and no matter how many times you fire your 1 shot rifle the Savannah Jason's keep coming! My God...
  12. Jason Selection Update

    @kitcat I feel the same as but don't have the guts to say it in quite the same way. Well that's partly because I only really like playing the counsellors. It does make sense to roll out as much content for the same group of players in one update and although its small, I'm still all for improving the games system even if I don't find it that exciting. Hopefully this doesn't have an adverse affect for those that want to play Jason all the time. Is it possible you could run out of tickets? I don't think we want to see this sort of situation... That's great news! Excuse the pun, but we have been at a crossroads on the forum with how the last roadmap went/is going with people presuming one thing or assuming another. I'm all for having another one just so we get an idea of what to expect further down the line this year. Myself included, most people want a select group of new counsellors that are popular on the thread, more dlc like clothing appears all the time etc, so having a glimpse will put a few minds at rest should you bring another roadmap out.
  13. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Thanks, I presumed you'd want her to have a bikini option, more clothing dlc is a no-brainer in most peoples minds but I'd be wrong to assume so, as there's no doubt that there's one person out there on the forum that would argue against it... Some interesting ideas there, Mitch the magic marijuana plant would be hilarious! That or he'd be a Psychedelic rolled cigarette or something like a zombie-hippy. Shelly's a tough one to get right, in some ways he'd be good dressed as a slightly fatter and shorter replica Jason or simply be running around with fake wounds and weapons stuck in him like when he hid in the house in the film. Fox could be anything really, I think she looks a little like Michael Jackson in thriller so maybe she gets a costume and makeup to be like that or have her as a generic evil monster like a vampire or whatever bikers dress up as on Halloween! And now for the pièce de résistance: The Mean Girl. Her Halloween outfit has to be rich, stunning and sophisticated. In some ways you can pick any outfit and sum it up in those three words but I do have some ideas. If Tiffany is the slutty common devil, then have the Mean Girl as her opposite. She could be the proud and pure angel. Or if Jenny is the common princess, the Mean Girl could be the Queen in more flamboyant attire. Perhaps she'd flaunt that she was Prom Queen or Miss Crystal Lake. I'm open to all options so if you think my suggestions are cheesy please say so! I agree, no counsellor should be left out, they should offer a second round of dlc packs for the later counsellors or simply rap them all up in a big set of extra updated dlc when we know that no more new counsellors are to be added.
  14. Mid match Rain change!

    Apart from the frame rate issues it would add more atmosphere, I'd love a mode with crashing thunder and lightning - it would really enhance the horror jumpscare feel to the game, maybe even disguise Jason's music and make him quieter. If it runs smoothly I have no problem with this idea of a heavier downpour, good point about the noise level, if the rain got very loud would it cancel out Jasons from spamming sense? Surely it would be like static on his sense radar with sound pings all over the place? If that were to happen it would be a game changer, Jason would really have to work hard in the first part of the game and in the second heavy downpour counsellors could have a big opportunity to get things done and turn the match around.
  15. I'm all for adding more as in different items for empty draws, but nothing that would shift the balance of the game too much. I'd be happy to find the propeller in the draw, sometimes it can be near impossible to spot the propeller and it doesn't always spawn in the correct spot, glitching in the air at the side or even through an object. Maybe they could add some more chance collectables too, not necesseraly tapes but novelty items associated from different films or even background items that relate to the cousellor your playing. Perhaps you could get a little xp bonus for this? Not an item addition, but to make draws more relevant maybe Jason could get a kill from them too? For example when he chases that one counsellor who jumps through a window and then starts searching draws even though you can see they are about to get grabbed... What I mean is giving him a head bash kill just like the cabin door kill only he forces the head of the counsellor in the draw then smashes it back and fourth. That will teach them for looting other peoples possessions!
  16. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    I suppose chilling out by the water would suit a spolit mean girl well. Does this mean you'd want a dlc swimwear option for her too? I think the 'being mean to everyone' option would work really well, she could have a universal argument with any counselor in any location or situation. I think her and Chad would socialise well with similar chemistry between them, perhaps this angers Tiffany for getting too close to him. An argument follows in which one of them leaves the room alowing Jason to kill one of them. On the other hand maybe this leaves the mean girl by herself and vulnerable to Jason. Another option would be Jason could trigger an argument, for example he knocks out the power box to the house, inside the mean girl gets annoyed by who ever the joker is and forces a repair counsellor outside to investigate. Sarcasticaly saying to Deborah 'well that power isn't going to fix itself is it!' etc. Thus Jason has the option to kill a lone individual. I think the 'death throw' would be a funny addition to Jason's kill choices and it would be very fitting on Melissa/the mean girl. Who knows, maybe they will release more kill options in the near future. Even funnier would be your suggestion of the Mean Girl answering the door like in part vii. I think it would be brilliant if Jason uses his 'door knock' ability and this summons a counsellor to answer 'who is it?' Other mean girl related scenarios could be between her and a male counselor. Like Melissa in part vii, she lures someone into the bedroom in the hope of getting the attention from the person she has a crush on. This could either be 2 kills in one place for Jason or the opening for an argument in which the lured counsellor hates her for tricking them and then leaving. Thus letting Jason insta-kill the leaving counsellor or focus on the alone Mean Girl. I also imagine a jealous mean girl might try to prank or embarass a rival in some way. I'm not quite sure how this would work but maybe instead of her intended victim walking in on her its Jason who pulls his own embarassing deadly prank on her. I'm still not 100% on this idea though. And finally, focusing on the reasons why she'd be alone, could also be applying makeup in the bathroom or searching draws for something she can't find like a hairbrush or lipstick. Meanwhile, whilst she's distracted Jason can creep up on her. Well thats a few ideas off the top of my head if they are any good or not...
  17. Guns in (North) America

    As a non-American, I find America's addiction to all forms of guns baffling. I understand the constitutions origins for self defence against invaders and dangerous animals but that doesn't quite reflect so well today. I don't see a problem with regulated hunting rifles, but I think things got out of hand when people could by military grade guns and attachments (whenever that was). And now I will back out of this thread before things get a little out of hand...
  18. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    If only that were possible! Would be good if we could throw in some host quiters and bugs too! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Mean Girl in Single Player Challenges: You know, there is one big hypothetical topic that hasn't graced the pages of the mean girl thread yet - Single Player Challenges! Oh yes the one big thing bar the engine update we are all exited about (well I presume most of us!). Several of us have already discussed 'would the mean girl be hinted in S.P.C or released in it first or together' etc etc. A few pages back most of us liked the idea of some form of rivalry between the Mean Girl and Tiffany - but we haven't come up with any exciting ideas that could feature the mean girl in a single player challenges update. Of course, we will soon see what scenarios and counsellor interactions the developers have come up with when single player challenges 1.0 is released . I ask you all, what scenarios would you like to see the Mean Girl in and which counsellors would be involved? Feel free to post any interesting ideas or stories bellow, I admit I haven't come up with any good ideas yet...
  19. Yes but in the suggested idea Jason holds all the cards, so you have to give the counsellors some sort of chance particularly when the counsellors aren't coordinated and don't know where they are exactly. Yes I do think hiding behind a big rock as an example would be a good way of not being sensed. How I would like to understand Jason's sense is like Sonar on a ship or in nature the sound waves bouncing off a moth to a bat's ears. Surely a big physical object would stop or at least make it harder for Jason to register the noise.
  20. If I may make a suggestion could it not also be linked to Composure too? Lets say holding your breath drains the stamina bar and this lasts for as long as your stamina bar is big, so how about linking composure so that a higher composure stat reduces the speed that the stamina bar decreases by holding your breath. This would hold some middle ground for counsellors like Jenny who have high composure but poor stamina. - Also, would the stamina bar be effected by the players current stamina bar use or would it just take the stamina stat every time? Although it might seem realistic, it would be quite annoying to run into a cabin, reducing your stamina, then hide only to find you can't hold your breath long enough.
  21. Yep, the biggest niggle I have with the dashboard bug is its persistent and biased behaviour - it always strikes when I am having a particularly good game, not once has it bothered to send me back to the dashboard when I have a disastrously bad game. Bugs are one thing but bigoted bugs are something else!
  22. I know! Well I'm embarrassed to say I still have that problem, I have only 2 lines on the telegraph pole 1) to the house landline and 2) as an extension for internet. My family built an extension to my house so my Granddad could live with us in his own self contained house joined on. He has a separate landline number but it has to go through line no.2. It doesn't happen very often, but when someone rings him and he answers a call it takes priority, cuts the internet off and buggers up whatever I or anyone else is trying to achieve on the internet...
  23. Meh, I have lived and do live with it - could be worse I can just remember the dreaded pre-broadband 'dial up' era! I a bought a router for gaming and have it set up so all the juice (or lack of it!) goes to the xbox, this is why I never host. Generally its sufficient for online gaming unless my parents are watching youtube videos or such at the same time.
  24. I think pretty much everyone in general would be happy for more clothing customisation and dlc (differing opinions on what themes it should be of course). In a way yes, I suppose you could say its unfair on the original cast of game counsellors, but on the other hand they got some optional themed dlc clothing that Shelly, Fox and Mitch never got. This might get balanced up in another update or further dlc packs but it would make sense to have first officially announced that they have reached the limit on new characters. That way every counsellor can be updated at the same time without leaving any late additions out. Hairstyles and such have already been discussed before, but I don't have any links.
  25. No worries, I'm still living in the dark ages with sub par infrastructure so issues are just the norm for me. I really wish I had access to fibre but its not going to happen as I live 'end of the line' too far away from the cabinet to get access . On the brighter side I can at least cheer you people up with my peasant internet connection!