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  1. Don't feel guilty I once got annoyed with stupid Kenny's corpse ragdolling the door so I shunted his body under a desk. Then tidied his legs and arms into a little hidden package to put his death spasms to rest. Yep, your a satan worshipper! A witch to be burned for even mentioning emotes. You don't expect the Inquisition, but they crawl out of the woodwork on this forum everytime!
  2. New Emote Pack for Counselors

    I'm always up for a good laugh. I find emotes to be circumstantial to be good, however as we all know they are usually used to taunt Jason at the exit. - I think you'll find many players are already doing the Harlem Shake when Jason is stunned - And that's without using an emote DUN DUN DURN!!!!
  3. "We've got a slasher!"

    Camp sites! Glorious bountiful camp sites! They shouldn't be, but they are key counsellor hotspots for the above mentioned items. I think the problem with less items will be people complaining about empty draws in one room, were as the next player finds everything a cabin across. I think there should be more randomness as to where med sprays and knives spawn. Making items less available should make life easier for Jason, making grabbing more viable. However I think we will continue to see a lot of slashing Jason's because spamming slash is a great deal easier and quicker than grabbing which has higher chance of Jason getting stunned on the spot.
  4. Whats your job/what are you studying?

    As we have a thread about where we're from, which I've just noticed has got away with being accepted in the general game discussion page, I'd be interested to know what we are all doing with ourselves outside of the game. Do you have an interesting job or are you studying to work up to getting into work? To kick the ball rolling, I'll have to start with myself. I live in England's flattest and best farming land, so naturally my job is to work off it. I am a tractor driver for a farming company that manages other peoples land and also rents land to make money. The company I work for farms around 10,000 acres and I have been working for them for about a year now. I end up planting potatoes and Gladioli flowers in spring before spending the summer months delivering cut Gladioli and Sunflowers before autumn potato harvest which runs until mid Nov. (that's a very rough idea of my years job role). Its hard work in all weathers with several breakdowns along the way. At peak harvest I sometimes end up running through two weeks before a day off work clocking around 90 hours per week. Luckily I collected holiday leave for Christmas and have just returned back today after 3 weeks off. Unfortunately for me my company tractor broke down on me before Christmas and three weeks later I find it in the workshop with the same error codes and a new oil leak for the fitter to fix... So what's your job at the moment? Or what are you currently studying? Hopefully all is going well for everyone!
  5. I would have thought an energy drink would have been more suitable for stamina, but alcohol... would be quite funny if your counsellor drank a little too much and was running drunk and missing their swings on Jason the whole time!
  6. Counselors Height?

    No no no, being a SJW is the last thing on my mind! I do agree with you about the obvious 80s stereotypes and I have seen most of the films. This was a case of someone who I know hasn't seen any of the films, I am sorry if I lashed out a bit in my previous comment. Thumbs up from me! You even brought up the heels topic again, now interestingly if your wishes were granted twice and she one appeared and two came in stilettos, what would the devs do? Would we see the same size counsellor 5 in game inches higher up, making her the tallest counsellor? Or would we see her head being the same height as the rest but her heels 5 in game inches up, thus making her the smallest character?
  7. Counselors Height?

    Wow now that's a damn harsh thing to say, I should have known better that this would attract the attention of wilfully ignorant bigoted individuals. Oh the irony is obesity is an issue growing wider every year no matter where you are. I do not advocate such lifestyle at all, but some people are born naturally plumper than others. As I have stated, the person I referred to, to my mind isn't fat. Just slightly thick in the legs and behind. She has a flat stomach, now it was her opinion that she thought the females represented were too skinny not me, but you could raise the point that women do feel pressured into having the perfect body which can adversely affect their mental well being and physical health too. Very few of us can claim we have a perfect body, hell I'm built like a stick insect and couldn't put weight on if I tried! It would be interesting however to know the demographics of players of this game, or the gaming community as a whole and whether perceived character design does/does not live up to the demographics expectations. Now put straight, I having nothing against the current format of the girls in game, but I am not against having more counsellors even if their bodies were of different shapes. The Banana Girl! I forgot she even existed. Not my cup of tea as a playable character, but might be funny to see in game for a trope! - Also, I didn't take much notice of AJ as I don't play her, but I can see what people mean about her, particularly in that bathing suit. Whether that's the deception of the suit or that see was a thick all along I don't know. To my mind she looked as skinny as the rest in her default outfit.
  8. Counselors Height?

    I never really thought about their heights, I just presumed they went for an average height and standardised it for all the counsellors. I presumed Jason was scaled up to tower over them in game. On body sizes, I let a friend play the game for the first time and she's curvy - not fat. Just in the plus size bodyshape, anyway she wanted to play a woman but didn't like the fact that all the female characters are pretty much super model thin like Barbie. Now I tried to explain that they were modelled from characters in the movies and that there weren't really any curvy girls in them and that's why they're thin, but she wasn't having it. She claimed the developers of this game must only be interested in body stereotypes, I tried to make the situation a bit more up beat by saying she could play as LaChappa who is the widest waist male character but that offended her!
  9. Kill Ideas

    Death by spilts- Jason pushes down on counsellors shoulders forcing their legs to do the splits until the legs pop out of the hip and the spine collapses. Car door body slam. Jason should be able to activate items equipped to cousellors e.g. set fire crackers off on their backside or spraying the med spray down their throat. Electrocution at power box Forced to sit on camp fire or forced to sit and get impaled on his weapon on the ground. Face smashed by frying pan in kitchen Forced to literally 'eat the mic' when calling for Tommy Forced to drown by fuel can when caught trying to pour fuel. Death hug mk2: Jason hugs the counsellors smothering their face in his shirt whilst he holds their head and they flap their arms about.
  10. Wouldn't it just be simpler to throw the darts at the heads of those inside the car? Three dart headshots and Jason gets 'One-Hundred-And-Eighty!'
  11. Where is everybody from...

    The flat arable land of Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom.
  12. Upcoming patch notes

    "soon™" Exactly! This clip explains the brilliance of their masterplan... I agree, even if it was a simple message explaining patches problems or a little screenshot teaser we wouldn't be having to speculate so much.
  13. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Yes that's true, I was just trying to draw on some similarities. Also, I know the biggest hope is obviously to have the mean girl tope herself represented in the game next, but would it be likely that this happens alongside a part vii map as well, or is that wishful thinking?
  14. Hmmm, well a lot of common sense opinion has already been said. Recently I have been getting annoyed with other players and setting traps. I always set a trap when I find one and I try to put them as central and close to the main door as I can. That doesn't stop some know-it-alls with a mic trying to tell me how off centre and badly placed it has been. They then stupidly 'correct' the issue by trying to disarm the trap to move. Then bop it disappears. Bloody annoying and people just don't learn to leave things alone.
  15. Fondest Memories of Gaming

    Well it all started for me when my family got our first pc. A Packard Bell with huge monitor, computer box and external side speakers. Including was Empire Earth 1. A game with abysmal 3d graphics but so much content in campaigns and create your own stuff. Hours of fun! I eventually managed to get a ps2 and spent many hours on call of duty 2:Big Red One, no.3, and GTA's Vice City and especially San Andreas: not only because San An was outstanding, but also because I liked to use cheats - unfortunately I didn't know that 'make everyone a ninja' corrupted the campaign! 3 quarters in I had to save a stupid drunk black man from jumping off a casino and committing suicide. I had to do the cut scene, run to an old truck and drive it underneath him. Simples it was not, he used to jump and die right after the kill scene, dead before I had reached the damn truck. Internet research told me I was an idiot and had to restart from scratch. I moved onto xbox 360 for modern warfare 2 craze. A brilliant online experience that sadly cod has never managed to achieve again. However before I got this someone leant me Elder Scrolls Oblivion 4, I was blown away and needless to say also spent many hours on Skyrim too. Played a few more cods up to BO2 and moved onto Battlefield 3. Another masterpiece of online experience, I loved being that guy with support class ammo bag on m60 mg with bipod and 7x optical scope! In the present on xbox one, alas work took over and I lost some interest particularly in re-occurring series. Have diversified slightly and picked up new games like F13 and am back online more often! Hooray!
  16. Environmental kills like Jason. Tina can tele-control him and force him to animation die or severely injure with an object depending on where they are and what they are near. Or give her a generic set of telekinetic powers that could be activated much in the same way Jason can building up to a sort of anti-rage to Jasons rage. I think the possibilities are fairly wide and endless if you are imaginative and go into detail.
  17. Jeepers Creepers needs a game

    I get your point, I think Jeepers Creepers would be a hard sell for balance depending what the game was supposed to be. I think there would need to be an extreme use of artistic license to make it work, as you say most people that did see him chose to run away. I don't want to drag this too off topic but if I had just killed him/survived till his life got sucked out by daylight what would you do? If I remember correctly at the end of film 2 a farmer hangs him up in a barn for tourism? If that was me Id chop him up into bits try to cremate most of it and then seal the bits in concrete buried deep in the ground far apart from one another. That way when the bits of him or his head awoke it had no chance to reform and kill. Of course in a game he/she/it does it have a sex? Could be injured and need limbs or heads replacing, but you couldn't kill it any way, only survive till dawn. Also there wouldn't really be any zone of escape exit as Jeepers can just fly and pick you up at will.
  18. A reminder of the function of the Report Button

    Sarcasm or not, the link is the word button. I'll take your word for it, I know how to brake a computer in many ways but I don't have the slightest knowhow in coding or websites - I narrowly got away with an IT qualification by copying and usually pasting my friends work and luckily I've not needed to use it for work since! I was just throwing an idea that might stem the flow of reports to the mods. Even if I send 1 report how do I know every other user hasn't sent one as well? The current setup seems to work fine and to be honest its not that big of a deal if nothing changed because it was too complicated or time consuming.
  19. I know but cp is a little useless - you've got to admit. Once you get three solid perks you like all you can do is roll, remove, roll again till you find some good epic novelties you probably won't swap with your current setup. Well that's me anyway. I do agree clothing and dance dlc isn't expensive, but that too is in very limited supply. I would have thought micro transactions were a no brainer to keep pumping out. People will always be suckers for more customisation at a low price.
  20. Jeepers Creepers needs a game

    Unlike Jason Jeepers creepers can drive and fly, that's massive advantages over his targets. I think he would be a bit over powered compared to his victims most of whom don't even know he's their till your grab through the roof of your car or go to scare the crows off a scare crow.
  21. A reminder of the function of the Report Button

    If you'll excuse the pun, I pushed the button a little too much in regards to another spam attack today. I was ignorant of the physical implications and annoyance I gave to the mod who got all my notifications. Jokes aside just don't do it. Anyway, would it not be a good idea to have the ability for all users to see when a post or thread has already been reported by another user? For example showing with an icon the comment or topic has already been flagged or on the option to report it comes up saying 1 report already sent? I'm sure this would make life easier for us all and so that the mods don't get 10 reports regarding the same issue even if 10 people only sent 1 report.
  22. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Well I suppose you could argue Megan was a bit of a bitch - especially to her dad! And that other police officer. She was also a bit domineering over Tommy as well`? 'Shut up and keep your head in my crotch!' or similar words to those effects...
  23. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Just been thinking... Would the mean girl pick up a weapon any in-game weapon and use it against Jason in self defence and may be to get a kick out of causing him some grief? or would she not even bother touching such dirty heavy weapons that might chip her nail or give her a splinter? 'Tiffany! I've just had a manicure - you pick up that dirty old wrench! ....you dirty slut....' The reason being, everyone these days looks to pick a weapon up - you get a bonus for arming yourself so why wouldn't you? - Anyway, once armed either with an instant Jason stopping shotgun or flare, or failing that a good stunner like the baseball bat, many then go to repeatedly hunt, stun and grief Jason till the weapon breaks or he gets a lucky chance on them. The forum has been full of talk of this and how to buff Jason this or curb counsellor that, so why not give us an even better bonus for going the whole round or maybe till you escape by not picking up a weapon at all? That way you there may be more of an incentive to not grief stun on Jason with an added challenge to the game round. If this were to happen it might not be best suited to all those statistical meta warriors out there who would say that the mean girl isn't suitable for it (This depends on the stats on release of course), but the mean girl might be the most plausible candidate to go all game without picking a weapon up. - Too dirty and too much hard work! Is this a plausible reason? Do you thinking you should try going a whole game without picking a weapon up? And should you get a good bonus for doing so? I reckon Jason players at least wouldn't complain, but do you think a mean girl would pick a weapon up and use it or just complain and not bother?
  24. Clothing Glitch (PATCHED)

    Damn I never knew this glitch existed! Is it still working? Oh and on the nudity thing with consoles there are topless women on gta v at the playboy mansion in campaign and used to spawn online too (whether that's still the case now I don't know). The only console game that I remember with jiggling boobies was Saints Row, to be honest you could customise a little too much on the males and females if you get what I mean... I am also surprised we never saw anymore clothing dlc around Christmas/winter as you can clearly see the customisation tab was set up for more packs to fill the space. Luckily I have never seen any sort of modding on xbox yet.
  25. A reminder of the function of the Report Button

    See that big report button - Do not push it! Oh the temptation now... In all honesty I have only used it once, well about 15 times on the same Korean spammer who ended up spamming 15 or so new threads. Guess the statistics were up on that day!