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  1. Super religious people who judge you

    I like to think it is both. My continued good deeds subsidise my lack of traditional worship. If you can't live a life in which you offer more benefit to others and the world around you rather than damage, but can't get into heaven, then I think none of us stands a chance of entry! Whatever God makes of Friday 13th I would argue that it isn't a sin because it doesn't harm yourself or your neighbour. In fact if you like it, it provides entertainment, good mental wellbeing to yourself and maybe others just like anything else. F13 isn't evil and shouldn't make you do evil things.
  2. Fix Suicide. It is being abuse

    I see that open to abuse. Surely you'd see Jason player with friends in a lobby who would quit just for him so he could farm xp doing didly squat. Think how quick Jason could level up if it was a lobby just of friends. Instant match ends, instant xp, instant disaster waiting to happen.
  3. Super religious people who judge you

    He sounds to me like he is afraid of doing something wrong as without following Christian teachings to the literal word he and others would be severely punished. That's his choice entirely, I like to think that all our personal beliefs tailor our rise to the afterlife, believing in an easier way should make the journey itself easier and so making it harder surely only makes it harder? I am not a stout religious Christian but I do like to believe in a pragmatic lifestyle. Every good deed I do in my day no matter how small is always greater than the sum of anything bad or punishable I think I have done. I like to think my good deeds and my choice of work which only benefits others even if no one takes notice is the same good work to God and those who will judge my life as worshipping in a church. This should grant me the ability to go to heaven (in my mind) the same as anyone else + the benefits of a modern cultural lifestyle.
  4. Fix Suicide. It is being abuse

    What give Jason a welfare XP payment because he can't do his job? Pffft... If the rebalancing updates Jason to be a super killing machine I don't thing he needs to get free XP. Its tough luck if Jason can't kill them in time and usually its as much counsellor mistake to climb through the broken window as tactical suicide. Jason didn't kill them so he doesn't deserve anything free. Perhaps counsellors should be given bonus XP for driving a full car of people to the exit, but you don't. I rather see a minus xp penalty for suiciders than give Jason credit for something when for all we know could be on the other side of the map.
  5. What generation are you?

    I know! I think I am the only person to start a 'what thread' in the off topic section and it hasn't had as many views as those chucked into the general discussion area. Staying on topic I think the next generation should be called generation dependent or something similar. Dependent on tech even more so for lifestyle and probably environmental reasons etc.
  6. What generation are you?

    You must expect execute with extreme prejudice censorship. Or in this case you must admit it was still on topic with themes linked to our generations and was educational - I didn't know what tide pods were!
  7. Whats your job/what are you studying?

    Thank you all for replying, I thought I would take the time to get back to you all: That sounds good fun helping out at the camp and your Christian course sounds very interesting. I honestly don't know if there is an equivalent in the U.K other than becoming a priest. Once you get your Master of Divinity, what sort of job are you aiming for? I too would like to move out! Unfortunately house prices are ridiculous and until I find the right person to spend my life with I am reluctant to get a mortgage by myself. Disney could indeed offer you some big opportunities, I hope you are lucky at the end of the year. If not, then don't give your hopes up there is plenty of work in hospitality and tourism! Sounds very interesting, particularly with unmanned aircraft. I suppose I could say farming is my homeland security role as we all need food! That aside I did consider military service but I just couldn't bring myself to make the lifestyle change. In fact I probably work more hours in a more rigid lifestyle in farming than if I had gone into military service. Even part time reservist is out of the question because I work too long in the week... Nice! I wouldn't want to be a chef myself but if I had the money I would own a restaurant and would help out in its kitchen if I needed to (I am not much of a cook!). Its always good when your job isn't far from where you live. Its great that you work within a good team of helpful co-workers too, its never fun when you don't get on with who you have to work with. I am sorry to hear of your family loss and cancer battle. I am yet to find the right partner too, but I'm sure you will find the right person eventually. Its always good to keep a busy job because it keeps you focused and strong, you know at the end of the day you have achieved something and lets you forget lifes worries. Yes you get bad days at work, but the next day can be a fresh start. I am sorry to hear about your abusive customers, I don't think I would be very good at your job - if they were like that too me I would refuse to serve them, and then probably loose the job! You must be a very calm and caring person. I hope you do well in all your exams, with the list of subjects your studying I know you'll do well. Languages can be very important, I wasn't very good at learning foreign languages, but there's always a demand for people that can speak another such as career translators that get paid a lot by the minute. Is that as hard a career choice as I think? Well not unless you hit it big with a best selling series or lead role in an animated film! Do you have to back this up with other work or are you living comfortably off writing and speaking? I wish I could find a secondary talent that could earn myself something on the side.
  8. What generation are you?

    Well really, I am probably not that much older than yourself but I can't really say how much slang we used to say or indeed what it was. I should say your generation doesn't really realise how fast and connected you now are with technology advancing as it is. For example when I left primary school at 11, my school still was still using chalk boards and had just built its first computer room. That would be around '05-'06. It was a shock when I went to secondary school (which had a lot more funding!) which gave me computer lessons and had electronic white boards etc. Now they are dishing out Ipads, see where I'm going? A lot has changed in 13 years. I suppose things can become popular now because so many people can be exposed to it online anywhere even if they don't want it, were as 10 years back you had to search the internet to specifically find it.
  9. What generation are you?

    Who comes up with this gibberish and why does it happen so often now? I agree, I was only commenting on two things I could remember from an early age in the '90s. There is a ton of great and better stuff in music and tv from before then. We each have our own tastes, but some things remain eternally popular no matter which generation you come from.
  10. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Okay okay, how about these superbly improved stats! The previous never happened... High luck. high stamina, good speed and good stealth! Does this tick all the boxes? - She isn't a repair character so that stat is pointless, anyone can repair if they need to. - Composure remains the same for character theme. - The Mean Girl isn't a body builder, strength not important and more balance for Jason against assault counsellors. Bish, Bosh, Bash sorted!
  11. That moment...

    I like to have the intel on where I am and where everyone else is straight away, so I have the perk that gives me the map at the games start - you won't fool me with this one!
  12. Redhead Trope?

    Put her through one of those fancy editing tools and she looks pretty redhead to me! What do you think?
  13. What generation are you?

    Millennial of '95. I can just about remember the two big hits of the time before 2000; The Spice Girls and Diagnosis Murder.
  14. Redhead Trope?

    NO! 2 sexes are more than enough for any game.
  15. Vendetta Against Savini Jason?

    I have nothing against Savini Jason players nor have I seen people in lobby react badly. However I just personally can't stand that twiddly demonic fiddle playing in the music when Savini is right next to you - drives me round the bend!