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  1. On the subject of Miller, does he have legal claim to stop The Simpsons due to F13 content shown briefly within the series too?
  2. I highly doubt animals will ever be added, but they could have been a fun addition - just be careful what you wish for, bunny rabbits can be as dangerous to counsellors as Jason!
  3. With the Broccoli example, when the need is paramount or in fact the want, they will more than likely pilfer it from the field or cold-store! In game terms, I think if Gun and Illfonic pull the plug there will still be a select group still trying to play and particularly with pc games there will be a select few that will begin satisfying the necessity of their want by doing it themselves by modding or hacking the game when the developer no longer feels the need or the want to police it anymore.
  4. I have been in hibernation for quite some time due to not really having much spare time and then lack of energy when I get time at the moment due to work. However, let me say I am very pleased with the result of having Victoria added for the community and I had high hopes for the rest of the update that has unfortunately thrown many annoying glitches into the game. I am glad to see the commitment to resolve the on going bugs, but its still a little unnerving to be reading that message. In my mind if things continue to go pare shaped I read it as they will throw in the towel and move on. I know that's hard to say but I get the impression F13 could be in a hopeless situation due to that legal action. Whatever the case they should stick to their word and resolve the current game problems. I don't want to be highly critical and I commend the developers for putting family first, but there are many of us out there who work damn hard through weekends and at peek times pushing 90-100 hour weeks. If they did the same we might have gotten more/better quality content before this buffer stop. For the games sake I hope more content can be released but its looking very unlikely. I absolutely hate being so negative, but this is turning out like a failing company in denial that's going to be forced into administration one way or another. With such greedy and immoral people out there with their stupid lawsuits, we'll have to just copy but rebrand everything as our own unique content for future games! No that's not Jason its Jeremy and he's wearing a cement bag on his head because he has facial hair disfigurement. He kills with a stolen sword and goes after teens on nature treks in the wooded mountains. He prefers to kill on Saturdays because he has a busy weekday schedule, oh no he is nothing like Jason or the F13 franchise etc etc...
  5. Who are you referring too? That is simply true, will humanity reach the 5 billion mark I don't know, but there's a song on this I'll post bellow: I'm not sure if I'd ever indulge in direct to brain gaming as it sounds a little risky, no doubt VR is going to be an ever increasing future trend but I'm still old fashioned and enjoy relaxing and watching through a screen as I do enough body movement, pain and occasional hunger when I work.
  6. Good for you, Yay, it's Thursday (I have a three day working weekend) - Oh wait a minute The irony for me is that right now I am going to be super busy at work this month so I wouldn't get to play the game very much update or not. Not really a blessing in disguise, but I could last another month wait if that is the case. I don't do Twitter, so I usually play catch up with the info when it drops here. Lets hope we get some good content to come if there is an extended soon period
  7. Well that's quite a big list to go through and I admit I haven't gone through them all but 'Big Cat' stands out as the one that suits my personality: "Big Cat would rather not fight...he enjoys peacefully observing forum conversations and laconically participates when the moods strikes. He playfully chases interesting threads..." Yep I think that's me, I don't like forum aggression and don't start it. I'm hear to try and contribute when I can by viewing threads that I have an interest in and the time to write something meaningful. Well here's the full profile: https://web.archive.org/web/20160608093214/http://www.flamewarriorsguide.com:80/warriorshtm/bigcat.htm No doubt some would say I'm more a fanboy of a certain topic, which I don't deny I am, but I try not to limit myself to one thing exclusively.
  8. Hear Hear! I'm exactly the same with my job working long shifts and some would say stupid hours during Harvest, most people my age don't work the same as me either. As you can tell my love life is none existent at the minute, it's kind of embarrassing when nearly everyone looks at you and thinks your only 16, 17 or 18. Some of my friends have tried and got hooked up with online dating (whether the relationships last long time has yet to be seen). I wouldn't rule online dating out as its still a good option, no doubt I will end up on it eventually!
  9. @Armani? Well you certainly surprised me, I had presumed you were a lot older than me. Turns out I'm older than you - just goes to show you can't judge by someone's writing alone. Anyway, I only really watched Cartoon Network when I was at a house that had Sky satellite TV as I grew up with 5 channels of analogue TV at my house. Anyway, logo no:1 is the one I associate most with. I remember watching some of Johnny Bravo but not really ever getting into it as I used to like watching the Power Puff Girls. I never really watched any of logo no:2 cartoons but went for adventure time because it is so well known and long lasting. As for logo 3 I went for Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated. I have watched some of it and found it pretty good - then again its Scooby Doo so I've watched episodes throughout the franchises life and loved them all, who doesn't?
  10. It happened to me once so far, I was inside a cabin which I had just looted and I had just moved right next to a window. Before I had even chosen to climb through, Jason appears at the window so I went to move back just in case there was a chance I could get a slash from him when he smashes the window. Instead he just grabs me, pulls me through the window and then instant kills me by throwing me back inside the cabin again. I haven't experienced the floating yet!
  11. I can't remember if this has already been discussed but while we wait a little longer what sort of perks/combos are you going to equip when playing Victoria? Obviously her weakness lies in composure and speed so would you equip perks to boost these? Is it worth boosting her fear resistance? Note: I don't count strength as a weakness because she isn't a real fighter and would most likely be used to stun Jason with the baseball bat rather than using say the machete to knock Jason's mask off. Also due to her high luck her 3 repair should be relatively easy as you can spam reset the skill check until you get an easy one. Also a funny random idea, wouldn't it be great for the car radio to be playing Eurthmics 'Sisters Are Doin' it for Themselves' when she escapes by herself when there are other counsellors left or that useless Tommy that tried to steal the car anyway. "Sisters are doin' it for themselves! Standing on their own two feet and ringin' on their own bells...."
  12. That point is quite an enigma but I like all animals and am all for more options and customisation. Having Muffin would be a fun, if a little silly but perhaps quite fan base splitting addition. There would be problems with Jason grabbing, slashing and certain death kills to be ironed out of course, but Muffin could be the ultimate distraction player for Jason. As for the bad bitch point you better be hoping all the others are dog lovers too and the developers.
  13. I think they will each get their own fair share of content but fan favourites and certain trope character could be more dominant in conversations and scenarios , obviously too much and so wide a topic to ever really fully discuss until the update is released. I do think the spotlight will shine on A.J, Bugsy, Tiffany and Chad the most with the other characters being more extras in the scenes unless it is a scene which said character is the main focus. If I may mention our newest upcoming counsellor Victoria I'd say she would rank the highest in speaking roles in scenarios where there is an argument, sarcasm and manipulation. She will probably be a key character in making other characters react in a certain way or do a certain task whether to try and get close to her or throw her face in the mud (not literally I hope). In this way it might be a plausible way for the mode to split up the group and make it either easier or maybe harder for us a Jason to kill them off one by one...
  14. Perhaps Jenny is a new follower of Victoria Sterling - Victoria no.2 anyone? @Barbara Ann I really like your hair update idea, I'm tempted to do my own but I lack the skills to do anything professional. I agree, Jenny desperately needs a hair rework even if it means giving her a completely different hair style to her current appearance. I'd like to think there will be an update in the future that remodels the current counsellors up to standards with the new engine. No silly, what Jenny needs is in fact Tender Loving Hair
  15. Well your assumption is wrong for me as I am not gay. I took interest in this thread because it was one of the only ones on the go when I joined the forum and Melissa was an iconic character for her trope, hot mean girls tend to be represented in most horror films and she seemed an ideal choice. I was surprised looking back at how much detail and debate we had over sometimes the smallest of things to create the perfect fan generated character mould. I'm always for more characters and customisation but the attractive mean bitch in horror films stood out from the others being mentioned and as time has shown has been a very popular driving force on the forum. Apart from that, I don't know my out of place old fashioned thinking was drawn to her upper class style and standards. I agree, but sometimes I get the impression that a mean girl can also be a little too honest and cold hearted which emotionally effects other people albeit probably still calculated to achieve a favourable result for the devious mind of the mean girl. But don't get me wrong they would probably be as likely to lie, manipulate and deceive to get attention and some sort of gain. I think that's why the trope tends to work well in horror films.
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