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  1. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    As a lover of all animals great and small I will of course contribute a like to the Muffin cause!
  2. What a very precise question indeed, I think the zebra skin just wouldn't suit Jenny's outfit (that being my opinion of course). I think animal prints would look better on themed clothing like the swimwear pack, but it wouldn't surprise me if our new up coming counsellor Victoria gets some snazzy patterns or perhaps animal prints for her power suit, then again it might just be block colours.
  3. Any info today?

    Well I've nearly caught up to my Gladioli planting schedule of week 11 of year 2018 which is of course a month already late and then straight onto week 16 without being able to give the flowers a staggered growing interval... The highlight includes a trial with various silly named varieties: - 'Different' - 'Ted's Frizzle' - 'Limoncello' - 'Lemon Frizzle' - 'Villa Blanca' - And not forgetting 'Mighty Joe Frizzle' Only around 5,535,000 bulbs to go!
  4. Whatever takes my fancy when I have spare time. The only two games I know I will get will be the next Battlefield game because I love the intensity of the online battles and of course Red Dead Redemption 2 because the first one was great and you just don't get historic wild west gun slinging games.
  5. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    I agree, but I can see why some people might think Victoria and Fox have similar faces from a distance but up close they are completely different, I think its mainly down to the big staring eyes in the close up shot. I think Victoria looks great! I wasn't expecting the power suit to be in the game as I thought the jeans and jumper/sweater would be a more popular choice. I reckon they went jumpsuit to make her dress style more distinct and unique instead of looking like a Jenny clone - then again they might have just flipped a coin and gone with the result who knows? I think if there wasn't a 'Melissa' character in the film series, I reckon the Mean Girl Trope would still have been as popular and iconic to horror movies today. In a parallel universe that might have been the outfit chosen and you would have gotten your choice Barb. I agree with @Gummybish it would still make an excellent choice for a Halloween or fancy dress school girl costume. There is a glimmer of hope your prayers may yet be answered again by the devs! Also, I had no idea there was a link between Heather Chandler and Chanel Oberlin but now I see the resemblance...
  6. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    These are the three re-colours I like that you've done, I know we haven't got much in the way of images to test at the minute and this one doesn't have the best of lighting but they still look good! Surely there has to be a pink or purple option from the start? I really like the look of that jacket too, I know I did some pretty horrific colour tests on the power suit many pages back but I still like the idea of having the neck collar and wrist cuffs in a different colour to add depth and detail to the outfit - just like this! Also with a quick bit of googling I found this: I think it shows a good amount of patterns and light pastel colours that would suit Victoria's outfit. Even more interesting is that it was from Chanel who was starting a revival of their famous 80's collections last year.
  7. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    DLC clothes? - that's Victoria's Secret at the moment!
  8. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    This is fantastic news, well done to the community on this forum and this thread! Firstly, a big thank you to all you guys and girls! And an even greater thank you to @Barbara Ann for starting the ball rolling and your continued and devoted effort towards the Mean Girl Trope! It has been a long journey starting from August 2017 to the here and now of April 2018, a long road of diverse conversation on all aspects of the mean girl from minute details of appearance to stats and background narrative. A big achievement in its self covering 31 pages of 770+ comments and a whopping 25,500+ views! We need only now wait for the big update to commence! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Looking closely at her appearance and stats, our individual contributions can be seen and I hope we are all totally thrilled with the results. I even bet one of you hit the nail on the head and got the exact same stats. Talking of stats our combined efforts weren't too far off the mark. Many pages back I took the time to number crunch the mean averages and bellow are again the results: Composure: 3 Luck: 8 Repair: 2 Speed: 6 Stealth: 7 Stamina: 7 Strength: 2 As you can see they weren't too far out at all and it looks like the fan character narrative for the stats has been listened too by the devs as well. Thanks @ShiftySamurai ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Again, I end with a thank you and congratulations to you all. - A Kamikaze Man. - But remember this isn't the end of this thread! We can now evolve it to conversations about how our new mean girl plays in the game, what perks best suit her and what the future may still bring etc etc!
  9. Oh boy at last! Thank you devs! And thanks to everyone on the forum with their creative ideas along the way! After a long hard day at work in the miserable cold weather this has cheered me up completely
  10. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Damn! Its took Shifty long enough to say it, if I was him I'd have said that a lot earlier on instead of keeping us waiting and speculating. However he didn't say 'no' to the Mean Girl concept so fingers crossed we still get some development and a surprise release! We already have Mitch based off Chuck so I'm confident we will get a blonde Mean Girl representation under a different name. Maybe it would be a name not begining with 'M'? Perhaps this opens the discussion up to more variations in clothing than Melissa wore in the film or just what you'd like to see? Maybe we might see a similar to Melissa but slightly different hair style too? So lets all start a fresh! Post bellow what your not Melissa but Mean Girl variation would be, don't forget to mention the following: - Standard clothing outfit of 3 pieces - Hair style - Stats (Although I guess many of you already have written your ideal numbers a few pages back!) - And last but not least name - and it doesn't have to start with an 'M'
  11. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Same experience for me on xbox too! I tend to see more swimwear outfits than Halloween, I guess the bunny and devil novelty has worn off... As for swimsuits I see AJ and Vanessa the most then perhaps Tiffany and the Speedo King Chad. All this is speculation I know, but if the Mean Girl does come and does get a swimwear outfit (whatever it maybe) I bet she'll be super popular as a new counsellor and will then 9/10 times be seen wearing the bathing suit/bikini.
  12. Good question! I say old purely because it has been out such a longtime. I don't have any intention of playing E.S.O: The Cash Cow, I reckon we won't see another proper elder scrolls game for several years until the milk dries out and the cow dies for E.S.O. That's a lot of hours of game play! I completed the game on 360 as an argonian Daedric Knight/Conjurer who later became a vampire with the dawn guard dlc. This time round the game comes with all the other dlcs included so there is a lot of extra content for me to play. I tend to swing Stormcloak as their story is more compelling and has more unique characters - even if the first npc one you meet is already dead. I hate the Nazi Adlmeri Dominion and their Gestapo agents and don't like the Imperials letting them kill people like they own the place. However saying that I don't want to split the Empire up either or double cross the jarl of Whiterun who is friendly and helpful. Then again it strikes me as funny when you side Imperial and then kill the Emperor for the Dark Brotherhood! I know its a game but politics makes my head spin!
  13. Decided to pick up an older game whilst I wait for the impending f13 update. I am returning to Skyrim with the Xbox One complete package download that was on offer. I absolutely love the intro music! This time round I have started with a khajitt character as I have never played a cat-person, also to have some fun I am going no weapons as they have a claw bonus for unarmed combat, it turns out that this can be quite a powerful character build if you stick to it. So to recap: awesome music and a fisting cat-man! - I never know which side to pick for the civil war: Imperial or Stormcloak?
  14. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Hardly surprising. A lesser liked character with a smaller fanbase, which has character age issues and with less content to talk about... I hold no grudge against Reggie or his supporters just this character is more interesting, more iconic and diverse and also more popular overall. We're now 30 pages into the thread full of content that has been creative and also moves the conversation on.
  15. New weapons for consolers?

    @Truth That's hilarious! I never knew such a thing existed. The salt level on the forum has just intensified-but in a good way! Empty bottles or filled bottles? Glassing Jason could cause him significant damage, but if they had alcohol couldn't you use it as a Molotov cocktail by splashing Jason and then using a flare gun?