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  1. Sorry if you thought that was a weird connection. I am French and the link is a partner of the jeuxvideo site. com. yesterday, I joined parties where we were 50 advisers, I did not understand. I joined the match in the middle of the match, there were only 8 minutes left when I arrived.
  2. I never had that, however, when I get out of the car, I start running, and Jason catches me anyway, because for him, I stayed in front of the car, without moving
  3. I don't undertstand the problem ... (i"m french) Can you explain me please ?
  4. What is the problem ? I can not understand what you're talking about ...
  5. Yes exactly ! I'm sorry, i'm french, and i speek a little english.
  6. And for cheaters? Have you planned something? I'm tired of speedhack, glitch and more .... ? I do not play Jason anymore because of that....?
  7. Hello everyone! I find that in the game, it's almost impossible to get away with it when Jason catches us if we don't have a Swiss army knife on us. Even with Tommy Jarvis, I never get away with it! (or I didn't really understand how the game works: ( Every time I animate the animation of the murder, I think a QTE would be really good to give us the chance to get out of it anyway, even if it's like "you miss once it's over " X) The QTE may be more difficult depending on the fear, endurance or strength of the counselor and/or Jason's fury. Thanks ! Ps: Sorry for my English, i'm French ! ^^
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