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  1. Thanks! I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I'm noticing when I do get the occasional badge its not even saving on my progression chart. So thats the latest thing I'm frustrated with.
  2. I've played the game a few times and I'm horrible at it. I'm not an idiot, but most of my video game experience is from 80's nintendo or a Sega Genesis. Is there anyone that lives in the Santa Monica area that could come by for an hour or so and just teach me some basics on my PS4? I search around on the web for "help for beginners" but even some of the lingo is pretty foreign to me. I just need someone to show me the basics and get me on the right track so I don't fuck up other peoples games when I play with them online! Any help is appreciated. I barely know how to "run" on this game so that should show you where I'm at skills wise! (or even if one of the game creators reads this and wants to give me a call, just let me know!!) Thanks! Chris G.
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