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  1. Is A.J Mason overrated

    I know how you feel. Heh, I had a cat once.
  2. Whats your job/what are you studying?

    Chef. I work with knives... and souls...
  3. Bot Mitch

    Found him crashed and behind the wheel of the 4 seater. Hard mode. He was solo.... I morphed to stop but he was already into a fence and sitting there. Creepy as F. Took the kill... came back and Tommy was trying to use the car to leave... lolAnyone else have bots crash? I’m new so the bot mode is still fun enough for me... but even with under 40 hours in game I’m usually 8/8 on hard mode...
  4. Bot Mitch

    Bahah... he was behind the wheel tripping balls...
  5. What kind of beer do you drink?

  6. What kind of beer do you drink?

  7. SPOILERS: Next Jason

    Nice! Jason x is fun! I treat it as an alt universe timeline.... literally
  8. Newb here

    Love the game! Still learning ... cant wait for the new patch Monday! On steam as max power Simpson if anyone is looking for a player who makes good Jason fodder