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  1. Swapped jason skins demasked

    Wtf? Really cool!
  2. Pinehurst Small

    I’m new to the game. Purchased on Steam in November... I love Pinehurst but I find smaller versions of other maps make it better for survival. Quicker games too. When the game launched in May, were small maps always there for pacanack etc? Or were they on updates?
  3. Yup! I’m in steam. Happens everytime! Sucks. I feel the same way... if you get a good group you can only play with them once unless you get lucky!
  4. Since the latest update everytime I use the phone I get “ sorry kid, all the guys at the station have seen part 6, we know how this ends. Good luck though” then they hang up. Frustating 😎
  5. The Sphinx in Violet's room.

    They are worth it! I never really got into the Blaze albums either. Dianno was great on the first two albums but when Bruce joined for Number of the Beast, things really took off!
  6. The Sphinx in Violet's room.

    They are my fav NWOBHM band. I’ve been lucky to see them live a lot. They keep getting better! Rhime is a monster of a tune! My fav under appreciated track on the album is Back in the Village. Overall every time is solid.. although the duellist is my least fav. cheers
  7. Petition for Savini Jason

    This won’t end the way you think...
  8. Mabe you’re right... I just prefer it. It’s marketed as a 1vs7 asymmetrical 3rd person ... so maybe teamwork is implied. Either way we’re all entitled to an opinion. I’m very new and more of a casual player... the balance is fine for me.
  9. I like the balance now. I’m under 50 hours total and the patch makes me play the game a little harder. I could often get out befor but it’s rarer now. Team play is essential.
  10. Your first time as Jason

    There was a dance party on my spine... Part 3 jason... everyone got out.
  11. The Sphinx in Violet's room.

    It could refer to Powerslave... but without copyright infringement ... great album!
  12. Is A.J Mason overrated

    I know how you feel. Heh, I had a cat once.
  13. Whats your job/what are you studying?

    Chef. I work with knives... and souls...
  14. Bot Mitch

    Bahah... he was behind the wheel tripping balls...