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  1. @mattshotcha - how are we supposed to colonize Mars without catastrophic rocket cars now?
  2. To be honest, Gun quit caring about this game a long time ago.
  3. Steam is riddled with hacks, and Gun really isn't going to do anything about it. It's why I left steam for console F13.
  4. He's still an icon in the horror world. It's like people hanging around any celebrity.
  5. Especially when he's shifting. We shouldn't be able to see the red dot while he's in a shift.
  6. To be honest, Gun has been nerfing Jason since the game dropped. Adding unnecessary animations that turns Jason into a defenseless target to almost everything Jason does. Gun's response was giving Jason 2 extra knives and a slight increase to run/walk speed which only the slowest counselors can't out jog. Gun's idea to buff Jason was to just make him invincible to stun in rage, not to remove any of the myriad opportunities for counselors to get free hits on him. All it would take would be to add a few invincibility frames ate the end of Jason's stun animation to end chain stuns, but that's too much to ask. It took a year for Gun to admit that Jason 7 was ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. That title is now held by Jason 4 with both a crappy morph and shift.
  7. Posts started by He Who Posts The Things should be marked a different color or have a special icon by it so I stop wandering into them.
  8. I swear the Pick Axe and Spear get stuck on thin air and puts you into the stuck weapon animation a lot more often than any other weapons.
  9. I just go for AJ first if that happens. You can't do anything about it, it's all programming errors. Just try to adapt the best you can. I can't get the Road Block challenge on the map with Jenny, Kenny and Chad because when they get in the car - they don't start it, they just get out and run away.
  10. On PS4, if you set your counselor to be random the perks don't transfer to Tommy. As a random counselor, my Medic perk never applies to Tommy. If you select a counselor, they do.
  11. If you use exploits to get an edge then you are a cheater, there's no discussion. Everything else is you trying to justify your cheating to us and yourself. There's no referee so I can do whatever I want is the mantra of a toxic player. Btw there ARE standards of play - you just choose to ignore then because you can't cut it with your own skill.
  12. The opinion of a gutless coward who hides in the lake is of no consequence.
  13. Corruption comes in small steps. Eventually most people will graduate from Spray Cancels to Ghost Walking, Car Knifing, and Sliding.
  14. You intentionally exploit the game in a way you know it was not intended or designed to be played. You are no different from the teamers or any other people who exploit and play for no other reason than to ruin other peoples experience in game. You screw people over just to show them you can. You should have been banned a long time ago. And if Gun had any integrity, you would have been.
  15. The problem with competitive players if they are willing to exploit anything and everything to win. I have yet to see a "tourney" player who won't knife the car. The crowd you hang with is just as toxic as the trolls.
  16. It's just how Gun operates. They come in with fire and fury, then they get bored of it and leave. I can understand about the constant questions about "new content" from the trolls, but just assign a person to mod chat and ban them, and put it to follower only mode with a time limit of you have to have followed for XXX minutes/hours/days to chat. People on Twitch/Mixer/YouTube/etc can deal with trolls and still make content all the time, but Gun moves on the moment people stop kissing their asses and start asking real questions about what they are doing.
  17. It's not just unfulfilled promises, it's like Gun doesn't even know how their own game works. They thought that it was possible to take Jason to his knees with a shotgun while he was in the sweater stun when anyone who has ever played the game knows it has never done so. They mentioned this with the rage update. It took months just to fix the enviro kill bug and a glitchy drawer in Pinehurst. We have bugs that have been here for longer that they just have quietly given up on or cannot understand how to fix.
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