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  1. I don't understand the enviromental kills being so broken in quick play, yet work flawlessly on the offline bot matches. What is the difference?
  2. It doesn't matter what's happening internally at Gun. Unless they are being held hostage by gunmen and being forced to release sub par work then i'll give them a break. They are heading a product experience that they either unable or unwilling to fix. I don't need your permission to have an opinion about them or their product. Never once have i personally attacked anyone at Gun - unless you consider criticism of their inability to manage the game to be a personal attack which I get the idea that you do.
  3. Keep white knighting for them, never change. People lose their jobs for incompetent work on a regular basis in the real world. Go give your boss broken or half baked work and see how long you last. I guarantee your boss isn't going to wring his/her hands to the administration saying you need continued support despite your shoddy work. Thank God, gun has people like you who will give continued support to them regardless of the quality of the product they give you and will actively defend the product from any criticism justified or not.
  4. This isn't how the real world works. If any other business couldn't give you proper service after a set amount of screw ups you would not give them more support. There's a difference between legitimate complaints about the product and someone conducting personal attacks on people. The new dev team didn't come on last week, they've been here for months. At what point are they supposed to be responsible and accountable for what they do?
  5. @The Milwauking Dead - every patch they make breaks something. They deserve a bit of being raked over the coals if they can't do their jobs.
  6. If I had the same kind of performance as the F13 dev team with their patches in any other job, I would be unemployed by now. Why do they get a free pass?
  7. With their track record of how well their patches work I expect counselors learning how to walk on water next patch.
  8. @Jason Todd Voorhees This is the third patch they have released to fix roof glitching. And it has once again, done nothing of the sort. At what point do are we allowed to question their competence?
  9. How many patches that change nothing are we gonna get? Was any play testing done for this last update? Does Gun do playtesting at all?
  10. Please stop. Just stop patching the game. Just let the game exist as it is right now. Stop patching it, it's obvious the devs have no idea what the root cause of the roof/car/etc glitches are. Every time a patch comes out - the huge glitches remain and you introduce new bugs. Just stop while the game is still somewhat playable.
  11. I did get one NA server finally, got kicked to Quick Play the moment the game ended tho.
  12. I can't get anything but EU and AP servers on Steam. Are they gone?
  13. No fix on Jason destroying cars with throwing knives. Guess we just better get used to it.
  14. People whine about groups of people beating on Jason. The funny thing is grabbing a counselor using that counselor as a meat shield was a hard counter to getting jumped by a gang of people because you could use your living shield to tank all their weapon shots. But that made counselors complain that Jason was too hard to ki...I mean it made it too hard to escape Jason. So it had to go. Also remember it took Gun a whole year just to admit Jason Part 7 was sub par.
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