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  1. I would choose the Axe but I remembered it does in fact have a smaller chance of stunning Jason compared to the Baseball Bat. I had situations where I hit Jason with the Axe but it only makes him flinch. But if I was doing damage and trying to survive alone in the same time I would use it, it’s pretty satisifing to hear the sound of the weapon hitting Jason’s face.
  2. Game sucks.

    Hit detection is very broken. The weapon that shows it going through Jason 80% of the time is the Pan. Like seriously it looks so awkward seeing a piece of cookware going through Jason, at least the Pot has a better chance at hitting.
  3. Don’t get me wrong I like Shelly. But the biggest thing that bothers me is his facial detail. Why does it look so... plain and his eyebrows look like somebody used a brown sharpie. Compare Shelly and Adam, you can actually see the how much of a difference in detail there is, google it.
  4. Yeah I was totally looking forward to wet Chad. Too bad they couldn’t do wet Chappa.
  5. When I saw Victoria’s image, at first I thought she was Laurie Strode.
  6. It’s for those new players who want to keep up, also with that new perk system coming soon im stocking up hell tons of CP.
  7. I feel like passives would in fact bring a more individual identity. Basic stats don’t seem to be enough to define them other than their looks.
  8. Best Jenny Build?

    It was a joke build.
  9. Best Jenny Build?

    Numb Build: Jenny -Ice Cold -Nerves of Steel -Preparedness
  10. Offline Bot AI Improvements

    Will the bot councelors now stop going through windows where Jason is waiting on the other side?
  11. AJ or Deborah?

    Dude A.J. is exactly a lone wolf character. Her stealth makes it hard to find her anywhere. A.J. Can be screwed big time when near loud Counselors. She’s like the opposite of Vanessa. It’s harder to find her than to catch her.
  12. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    Awesome update, also loving those A.J. shades.
  13. To be very honest I think stealth lacks the usefulness when it comes to councelors with decent stealth. Such as Kenny, if he had 6 stealth he wouldn’t make any jogging pings. But no, instead the cutoff of stealth is 6. It’s either make some noise or make none. I think stealth should instead do this instead. There’s a certain distance that Jason can see your pings. For example if your playing Deb for example the only way you can see her jogging blips is if your within 3 meters. Stealth Scaling: To see sound pings. 10: No Jog Pings, 5 meters for sprinting. 9: 3 Meter Jog Pings, 10 meters for sprinting. 8: 6 Meter Jog Pings, 15 meters for sprint. 7: 9 Meter Jog Ping, 20 meters for sprint. 6: 12 Meter Jog Ping, 25 Meters for sprint. Okay from here crouching is making noise at close quarters. 5: Crouch 3 meters ping, Jog 15 meter ping, Sprint 30 meters. 4: Crouch 6 meters, Jog 18 meters, Sprint 35 Meters. 3: Crouch 9 meters, Jog 21 meters, Sprint 40 meters. Now we get to the loud characters. 2: Crouch 15 meters, Jog 32 meters, Sprint 100 meters. 1: Crouch 20 meters, Jog 64 meters, Sprint Infinite meters. So, what cha think? This promotes stealth to characters who usually don’t have the options for. Now... For our good boy Jason If he was able to switch out abilites he doesn’t want to use. I made up a ability called “HYSTERIA” Activating Hysteria causes 3 things. - Lights nearby go out. (60 Meters) - Fake out teleport/shift static appears on everyone’s screen. Also causes fear gain as if Jason was really in the area. - Jason cannot appear on anybodies minimap. - This all lasts for 25 seconds. This will allow Jason to scare the sh*t out of everyone and confuse large groups of teenagers as they can’t see because of fear and the inability to pinpoint Jason’s location. This can be countered by, Hiding before the intial activation, Flaregun to reveal Jason.
  14. I figured that if we are going to add characters into the game might as well add the poster boy of the cleaver kill. Jimmy’s Stats: Idea Composure: 2 Luck: 2 Stamina: 10 Speed: 7 Stealth: 5 Repair: 3 Strength: 6 Since he only has stamina as his main strength, he plays somewhat similar to Vanessa. Also he would be the first character to feature 10 stamina.
  15. Wait a minute...

    I’ll say this, hiding should determine two factors. Composure and Stealth. Remove hold in breath mechanic, instead Stealth should effect how loud your breathing is overall while composure reduces amplification of breathing when scared. For example: A.J.’s breathing should be nearly dead silent unless her fear amplifies the noise. Jenny’s 6 stealth, breathing should be faint but her composure prevents her breathing to become even louder because of fear. Chad’s breathing should be the same as Jenny since he has the same stealth stat but however because of his composure the breathing when scared is greatly amplified when he’s hiding. Brandon when hiding will be pointless as you can already hear him even if he’s not scared. The character will only talk when the fear is at their very top.