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  1. Left2Right

    Upcoming Patch - 6/1/18

    Has someone encountered a bug where you drop a weapon and you can't pick it up again?
  2. The problem is that composure is kinda weak as a situational stat. Victoria can run much longer and runs slightly faster. Features slightly higher repair and strength, then equally matches with Jenny's luck. Victoria is literally combat Jenny.
  3. Why is AJ a complete slut in the challenges xD She had at least 5 different boyfriends in the challenges.
  4. Seriously? Your complaining about unskippable cut scenes? That problem is so damn minor, the EXAGGERATION LEVELS is LUDICROUS. Just be glad it doesn't cause your computer/console to commit suicide and crash. Edit: Also calling Devs stupid isn't helping for shit.
  5. The exp skull is for kills. If you noticed grab kills are less worth than environmental kills. If all of your kills are simple slashing for example you'll probably not make it to the requirement.
  6. I think the new grab was only to stop Jason from doing a 180 grabs and is now more accurate. I mean you could spin around with the old grab and the radius would be increased like in Chivalry Medieval warfare. Also i'm okay if the bots are actually hard, wheres the challenge in the old version.
  7. Maybe if there was a special game option where you will receive double experience and cp but! Your character is random and everyone else will not have the same character as you when the match starts, this will also effect Jason.
  8. Melissa matches the mean girl personality. Tamara is more than a bitch, she’s like psychotic.
  9. I only found Pamela tapes, but never any Jarvis tapes.
  10. Left2Right

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Wait, are you guys aware of the Spring Break clothes on Lachappa? The legs keep going through his shorts.
  11. Since the switch weapons update is coming soon they should really change the swing speed of all Jason weapons to equal because weapons like the machete break down doors fast because of the animation. Compared to the axe the swing and pull back is slower which means it takes longer to break the door compared to the machete, they gotta make it so that all weapons break doors at a equal speed or it's gonna end up being everyone using the machete because it's overall faster.
  12. Left2Right

    Last Year: The Nightmare

    Because at the event the wait was 1.5 hours long to play so instead I just observed the gameplay from a distance. Multiple perspectives. And if you read my topic I said it in a way it's non-official in till they actually come out of beta.
  13. I mean guess you could go into third person while emoting. If first person mode was a thing.
  14. Left2Right

    Weapon Swap Idea!

    These comments was one hell of a rollercoaster.
  15. Left2Right

    Weapon Swap Idea!

    Then my idea might work for you since you still got something to do even though your max level.