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  1. Basically all Jason players hate fast counselors. Same here.
  2. Customized Bots

    No just to add flavour to gameplay...
  3. Hey it would be cool if you got to choose what kind of bots your going against. Like have 7 A.J.’s with perks that you currently own and the ability to choose what kind of clothes they can wear.
  4. Favourite Counselor Poll

    Oh poor Kenny, he’s still at 0 xD
  5. Favourite Counselor Poll

    That one doesn’t have Shelly
  6. Strength doesn’t effect stun chance. Also the reason why you should use swift attacker is because Jason can grab you mid swing.
  7. Im usually okay with Slashers, they’re becoming more common recently so I took full advantage of Thick skin and medic. Before I used things that help me do things faster but now I got a more combative option. But like there’s a shotgun in every camp so... yeah they definitely screwed the coding.
  8. (This is meant for newer players) If you love to run and fight, Brandon would be the perfect match for you. Brandon Wilson gets unlocked at level 8 which is pretty early to get him. Think as him as a stronger Vanessa, you can bolt out or rush in for the rescue as his main role is being a bodyguard. Stats: Composure: 4 Luck: 2 Repair: 1 Speed: 8 Stamina: 8 Strength: 10 Stealth: 2 In Depth Stats: Composure: It is slightly below average so be wary of darkness or Jason sighting as he may start being spooked in seconds. He’s not very likely to get away from being grabbed. Perks and the flashlight help cope with his lack of courage. Luck: Weapons do not last long with Brandon (Probably because he hits Jason so hard with them). So make sure you remember what kind of weapons are around your area cause as Brandon your gonna end up using all of them. Repair: Yuck, along with Tiffiany he takes forever to repair and the skill checks are quite difficult because it’s a small success zone. If you’re actually a “god” at repairs you should do it. Other than that let the smart counselors do it. Speed and Stamina: Both are 8, combined they’re a deadly skillset. Brandon makes use of both, he can run for a while and run almost as quick as Vanessa. Same rules apply he does take a while to get stamina back so don’t use all of your stamina. He can safely jog at a safe distance unless Jason shifts. Stealth: Not very good at hiding, but unlike Vanessa crouching doesn’t make noise (looking into it). But the point of Wilson is not to hide. If you wanna be a team player then get away from objective areas if Jason is targeting you. Strength: The mighty Jock! The highest strength in the game! He can demolish Jason’s mask using blades like Machetes and Axes. The best way to utilize his damage is going behind Jason to do damage or rescue grabbed survivors, if you got balls then go toe to toe with Jason and try to land a hit on Jason’s face. Avoid blunt weapons if your trying to inflict damage. 2-3 axe swings to the face can knock off the mask. Also another tip, while doing combat stance you can actually look up to swing higher. Much better angle at hitting his mask. Perk Recommendations: Thick Skin: (Uncommon-Epic) Your going in hot, Buggzy is not effective if he’s injured. Swift Attacker and/or Sucker Punch: (Uncommon-Epic) He needs to land as many hits as possible while sucker punch increases stun chance so you are able to get away if things get hairy. Swift attacker reduces your chance of being grabbed before you do a full swing. Thrasher or Heavy Hitter: (Rare-Epic) Both perks allow massive amounts of damage but Heavy Hitter provides a bat so you can try to protect yourself if your the one that gets spotted first. Man Of War: (Epic) If you’re hoping to fight Jason without the fear of the weapon breaking too early then this perk solves the problem.
  9. She’s there for a second and after that she’s gone! Generalization: She’s the fastest character in the game, catching Vanessa is a pain but a player who knows Vanessa will leave people surprised. Luckily she’s one of the first Characters you can play, her number one role is distraction while the second is delivery. Stats: Composure: 3 Luck: 6 Repair: 2 Speed: 10 Stamina: 9 Stealth: 1 Strength: 4 In Depth Stats: Composure: Same as Tiffany she gets spooked at the sight of Jason. Also since it’s below average be wary of how slow she regens stamina and how much she trips. Also don’t expect to get out alive when he grabs you. Luck: Slightly higher than average she can use weapons a little more but the bat stays the same. Also since it’s a 6 minor bonuses are added to her. Repair: Similar to Chad she may take 5-7 skill checks to repair, better leave it to the smart ones. Speed: The fastest jogging and sprinting ingame. She can peacefully jog knowing Jason cannot catch up unless he shifts. If he does get close you can bolt out easily. Stamina: Other than Tiffany she’s a long distance runner hence the athletic trope. She doesn’t get tired as easily but when she does oh boy it’s gonna take a while to get all that stamina back. Also if she gets exhausted (Used all of your stamina) it takes a long time to recover from it. The number one thing to learn is how to properly conserve stamina. Stealth: She’s a walking firecracker, she quite literally makes noise of everything she does even walk crouching! That’s where the distraction role comes in. Beware Jason is most likely going to surprise you by shifting. Strength: She’s not super strong like Brandon Wilson but she can still hurt Jason with the machete if she needs to. Same strength as Eric J.R Lachappa. Perk Recommendations: Marathon (Rare-Epic) Just to run or jog even longer! The downside is recovering from exhaustion takes even longer! Restful: (Uncommon-Rare) This is your holy chalice, without it you’ll have troubles taking a rest while being chased. 5 seconds of standing still with the perk you can get 2-10th of your stamina back. Spatial Awareness: (Rare-Epic) To combat her “oopsie I tripped” clique this perk will allow her to not trip as often. Nerves of Steel: (Uncommon-Epic) She can both benefit from fear resistance and the ability to she your minimap regardless how scared you are.
  10. Ah it’s nice someone beat me to it xD
  11. I mostly based this on my experience. I am aware each weapon has a set durability. With bats it’s usually 2 hits with 5 luck but I sometimes shatter the bat in one hit. Dunno about the stamina gain on hit, it feels like I only get a quarter back if I hit Jason as AJ. I end up being tired again. When I fight Jason as Kenny most of my hits to demask I often need more than 5 hits. But I think I do remember taking his mask off in less if I managed to combat swing at his face often. But to be honest everybody uses the sideways swings. But thanks for the info I will correct this guide if it’s true.
  12. (Intended for new players) If anything Chad’s a mommas boy, other than that he’s actually real slippery! Generalization: Chad is real fast and is able to regain almost all of his stamina back by hitting or escaping. However he lacks courage and repair which means you gotta act differently than the others. He’s one of the starting characters that encourages hit and run tactics along with Shelly. Stats: Composure: 1 Luck: 10 Speed: 9 Stamina: 4 Stealth: 6 Repair: 2 Strength: 3 In Depth Stats: Composure: Oh boy it’s his poster boy stat. He’s always scared and darkness really raises his fear quick, hell have him jog in the forest and he’s already spooked. He freaks out easy which allows Jason to detect him with sense farther. The plus side is he calms down just as quickly as he gets scared. Luck: He’s also known as BattleChad because his luck allows weapons to be used so much more than usual and he can regain 4/6th of his stamina everytime he successfully escapes or hits Jason. Also those minor bonuses boosts his chances of survival like jumping through windows does less damage. Speed: He’s so... damn... quick! His jogging actually outpaces speed walking Jason and running Jason. You can just jog and he will keep Jason in the dust unless Jason uses shift. Chad can sprint away quick if needed. Stamina: His stamina pool is under average, he’s known to be a short distance sprinter so you gotta be careful because Chad’s fear decreases stamina regeneration. Once your out you better hope there’s a cabin nearby or weapon in hand. Stealth: Ah yes the glorious 6 stat, he makes zero noise when jogging and slightly less consistent noise when sprinting. He can jog away silently like an ninja, unless Jason uses sense... then he’s a scared mommas boy. Repair: Yeah... he’s bad at fixing things, only attempt repair if you’re the only capable character to do so. Let the smarter ones fix, if you find a part either pick up then drop to show where it is or deliver it to the objective. Fixing as Chad is slow and features 5-7 skillchecks. Strength: Chad is not strong as the other guys. But a good Chad can land multiple hits and chip away at Jason’s invisible health bar. Perk Recommendations: -Marathon (Rare-Epic) he can have Kenny’s stamina pool if you have the perk. -Swift Attacker (Uncommon-Epic) Faster swings equals the greater chance of a surprise attack. -Nerves of Steel (Common-Epic) this perk not only provides fear resistance it also provides the ability to not lose your minimap when fully terrified. -Lone Wolf (Rare-Epic) your most likely to be alone so it’s good to have some fear resistance while your at it.
  13. Aye I will do a guide for Chad too.
  14. (Attended for new players) Ah yes the Jack of all trades himself. So very underrated but yet he can adapt to multiple situations. He’s one of the few starting characters, other than Shelly he’s capable of repairs compared to others. Generalization: Kenny is somewhat okay with everything he does but he’s indefinitely not the best at everything. If you’re starting off playing or just love flexible characters the Riedellinator is your guy. Stats: Composure: 5 Luck: 5 Speed: 5 Stamina: 5 Stealth: 5 Repair: 5 Strength: 5 In Depth Stats: Composure: He can usually keep calm when inside buildings or well lit areas but expose him to walking in a dark forest he slowly begins to feel paranoid. Flashlight and perks help combat his average fear management. He also stumbles quite often once he reaches max fear however not as much as Chad. Luck: Unlike Chad it’s actually very unpredictable when using melee weapons, some times it breaks in one hit or has normal durability. Luck also effects how much stamina comes back when hitting or escaping a grab. To Riedell he regains at most half of his stamina doing so. Speed: While jogging he can slightly outpace speed walking Jasons, running Jasons can slowly catch up. He’s capable of keeping distance with proper stamina management. Stamina: Just like Jenny Myres he has average stamina, medium distance sprinting can be a life saver but also since it’s a stat of 5 it regains stamina faster than characters with a stat of ten because the stamina regen depends on fear levels and stamina size. Imagine using the garden hose, would it be faster to fill up a mug or a swimming pool? Stealth: Sadly since it’s not a stat of 6 he makes noise while jogging but he can still walk and crouch without making noise. Comparing to Vanessa sprinting noise blips doesn’t appear as consistently which means you can pull around corners to trick Jason. Repair: Expect average repair speed and 4-5 skill checks when repairing, it isn’t too difficult. Don’t be afraid to try repairing. Strength: If your using a machete you might take Jason’s mask off in 7-9 hits possibly. Better leave it to the stronger counselors to do that part. Perk Recommendations: -Marathon (Rare-Epic) Boosts his stamina stat up to 6 or even a 7! -Thick Skin (Uncommon-Epic) Gives him the additional edge for survival. -Any Fear Resistance Perk. To make sure that fear isn’t interupting your stamina regen. -Restful (Uncommon-Rare) Stop and take a break in the building so you can regain most of your stamina back.