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  1. I figure that to be true as well, unfortunately I have no way to test that since he's the only one of my Xbox buddies with the game. My Nat is assuredly wide open, (tested frequently) with a wired static IP and all the proper ports forwarded. Im a skeptic on his though cause he doesn't seem to get it. Strangely it doesn't seem to matter for other games or maybe it's also influenced by F13 being p2p hosting? The biggest pita is that inviting from a quick play lobby comes with all the toxicity. It's finicky about the lobby being full (even when it doesn't appear so) and you get way too many host quits etc mid game. We end up searching simultaneously and first to get into an open lobby with a spot invites the other. Super annoying/fruitless when you work for like 15 mins to get in, and the host rage quits.
  2. Thanks for the response. Is "Hanson goons" a reference to slapshot? One of the all time greats. 1) yeah we've tried private matches, and also, the common occurrence after About 90 seconds where you can't find a game so it makes a new one, with you as the host. When either of us are hosts, we can't join up regardless of how we get there. The method we try is through the Xbox friend interface where you either invite a friend to a game or you join a friend's game. I think the error is "cannot find connection details" or something similar. The only way we can get in is inviting each other from a quick play lobby... which as you know can be about one of the most frustrating things in the world. I've never tried the looking for group method. 2) we're across town, less than 5 miles
  3. Still can't get into a private match with my buddy. Anyone tried the 'looking for group' functionality on xbox one? I've heard this could work but have yet to try.
  4. I like the idea and have thought this many times myself. How many times in the movies do folks get away with purposefully taunting Jason. Never, by my count. Obviously the implementation would need to be done right, and they'd have to make sure it's not happening when there's no taunting. Differentiate between 1)passing over him and 2)repeated crouching on top of Jason's body. You could make it a gamble/risk mechanic where you could still go over and teabag jason, but at a risk. For every successive crouch you do within a certain proximity of his downed body, it increases the chances (or quickens his awake time) for Jason to do a crotch rip.
  5. It's probably going to be chastised but I'd like to see Jason be able to place some traps indoors.... would help curb those pesky councelors who make me chase them endlessly around in circles around a long table. I mean after your knives are gone, it just turns into a griefer. There may be some good counter reasons or alternate strategies out there too, though.
  6. Greetings all, First timer here, so be gentle.... After viewing this game on Mixer for some time, I took the plunge on black friday and bought two xbox one copies of this game -- one for me, and one for a good buddy. First -- we both love the game. It's crazy how much legs this game has with just the one game mode. A bit buggy, but one game makes me forget all of that. Congrats to the developers on this -- keep it up, it'll get there. On to my questions, and forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere. If I host a game (public or private), he cannot join it. If he hosts a game (public or private), I cannot join it. We typically cannot get in a game together unless we both join the same public match (via one of us getting in and then inviting). It's a bit bizarre, but I'm guessing many out there have had or have the same problem? This can lead to some frustration, but usually we can get it after several tries if we have the time. Anyone have any other things to try? Secondly, he has a finicky NAT, which I've often times blamed it on, but I was curious if there were other things to try (aside from fixing his global NAT issue). I currently run a static ip for my xbox one and do port forwarding -- I plan to help him do the same for his. So I was wondering if there were specific ports to forward for this game aside from the handful of typical xbox live ones? We don't typically have any problems on other games. Anyway, thanks for any help in advance. See you at camp....
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