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  1. That's pretty cool, I have been slowly collecting all the Waxworks Records Friday the 13th vinyl soundtracks. Not sure about Part 5 (I mean it is the black sheep of the series),
  2. To me that isn't a matter of a character's origin or backstory being told but instead being revamped by adding new material to make the sequel more interesting when otherwise it might have suffered without that reveal (and lets be fair with most of those sequels suffered regardless). When a movie series is still pretty fresh its easier to toy with a characters history but once a series has been going on for a few films it feels to me that the lore established in those earlier movies sort of becomes bible as far as lore goes. Sure you can still add small details but huge revisions to me just seems to be taking lore that fans have invested in and like (hence part of the reason they kept coming back) is thrown out the window just so a sequel in the series later years can say they re-invented the wheel. To me it just seems like a last ditch attempt to rejuvenate a series that is way past its prime as a cash cow. Though is it surprising that with Jason Goes to Hell (where they said Jason was a demonic slug), Freddy's Dead (Where Freddy made a deal with dream demons) Return of Michael Myers and Curse of Michael Myers (Introduction to the Thorn Cult) that the subsequent movies of the franchise completely nixed those new story elements? Heck instead of dealing with demonic slugs New Line just shot Jason into space. After Freddy's Dead New Line brought Wes back who in turn saw the series had gone so far off the rails his "Freddy" movies would take place outside the movies. Finally with Halloween after the Thorn cult stuff they decided to ignore those things happened in exchange for a return of Laurie Strode in a movie that was supposed to be the end of the Halloween franchise.
  3. To me what makes the character endure is that the character has a well established and sympathetic backstory. Sure he is a murderer but he doesn't kill just because, he has a well fleshed out reason why he does what he does and in a twisted way its sorta understandable. His mother went on her killing spree because she lost her only child because of negligence, Jason in turn started his killing spree because he saw his mother beheaded. Honestly I can sorta sympathize. They weren't evil people to begin with, its the trauma inflicted on them that turned them into monsters. That to me is way more enduring and memorable, give me a tortured soul over a mad-dog killer any day.
  4. Also am excited about this one, huge fan of MonsterVision on TNT back in the day. Glad i kept my Shudder subscription current. Only a few hours to go.
  5. I would have to say Part III because of that funky opening theme.
  6. I guess I lucked out with the group I found, most have stuck with the game from the beginning and those that do leave we have a few others that we switch in and switch out when they are available that fills any gaps. Though while it would be nice for public matches to be free of any and all troll behavior to me its an impossibility ultimately, it can and should be minimized, but it will always be there in some manner or another. When you get a game that has a ton of people playing you are gonna have a mix of people who want to play it legit and a few that will want to grief others for their entertainment, its just the way things are. It is a bummer for those who have to rely on public matches, good news is that its still easy at least on PC (depending on the time of the day etc) to find other players that fit your playstyle whether you are in it for serious roleplaying or just want people you can have a laugh with in a goofy match and then friend them and go on from there with private matches or roll the dice with match making in public matches with them. I am glad that single player is coming out for an outlet with those who are genuinely turned off of public matches with a few trolls intermixed in some matches.
  7. That's my point, Trolls will be trolls, its an inevitability when it comes to any online game. I think team killing is the most prominent issue cause it takes the least amount of effort for them (EDIT - with the highest yield of gratification. being able to hear the anger of those they are team killing.). Without team killing likely they will go to the next easiest thing to do in order to grief others. If troll behavior is something that people want to avoid at all costs then private matches and single player are the way to go.
  8. I think ultimately the best way to play this game is finding like minded players and going with private matches. Trolls will be trolls, its just their nature. So they wont be able to team kill with most weapons... they will just continue to grief players other ways like taking car parts, fuses etc and running off to a remote location in the woods so that no one will be able to get that item required to escape. So while its commendable for them to take one means away from the trolls I doubt it will really curb the troll behavior in general. Between private matches and single player being released in the next couple I think that's the route I will be going.
  9. For me it depends on what sort of group I am with. lately in public matches I stay silent to keep the overall creepy vibe. With my friends in private matches though we have played enough matches to lose the creepy dread so all we do is goof off and come up with off the wall voices for the character so I typically do use the mic when I am Jason in those situations.
  10. I was lucky enough to meet and get a photo with him last year at Texas Frightmare Weekend. RIP George Romero... you will be missed.
  11. I think the only way to do it is an overhaul of the system and that all depends on the player stats and info that are kept on the servers. That if a player's team kill to matches played ratio gets too high they are flagged. Then in a lobby give the players an option to kick flagged players (and only flagged players). But for those flagged players they can still play in flagged only lobbies. That way they can team kill each-other to their hearts content. Then after a certain amount of time, say a month, their team kill to matches played ratio resets,the flag is lifted and they can play freely in normal lobbies without risking getting kicked (that is unless their ratio goes back to over the limit). That way they do get penalized but in a way that will discourage most but allow them to continue to play they way they want but with others like them who might enjoy a big free for all. Also the ratio would be high enough that accidental team killers wouldn't ever get a high enough ratio to accidentally get flagged. I mean how many people accidentally kill 2 or more people every single match they play? probably not many. But as I said my idea is problematic and would require probably a ton more programming and depends on if stats like matches played and kills/team kills are stored on the servers. EDIT - I just think for the Trolls escape is not a big concern to most of them, its being able to kill people and drink their tears... so to speak.
  12. How so? Lets put ourselves in the heads of the team killers "Oh this is gonna be fun, hearing people bitch and complain about me killing them. Oh a few are dead, I bet they are crying like lil bitches to each-other while they watch me go after another person. Okay all the people I can kill are dead, not getting any points, cant escape via the cops, time for me to quit the match lulz". That's cause by the time the possible escape happens they will have gotten all that they wanted from the match. By quitting after they are done means they can go right into another match in another lobby and do the same thing all over again. I think there are ways to discourage said behavior but I think taking away an escape method wont change things when escape is not their main objective (if its an objective at all).
  13. Aaah yea I can see that, though honestly I think that twitch streamers are nothing compared to some of the youtube personalities lol.
  14. I don't blame them for being "flavor of the month". For streamers a goal is to get as many subs and followers as possible, from there sell merch etc. So its understandable why they would change games to fit whatever people want to see. For some of the bigger names this is their job, how they pay their bills so I don't blame them for doing what they need to do in order to keep the cash rolling in.
  15. Agreed, most of the team killers don't care if they win or get any points. Their main objective is to grief other players for their own enjoyment. Having them get killed by the cops or prevented in escaping I doubt would change that.
  16. it's just how Streamers work. When a game is new you are of course gonna get a ton of streaming it. The big names and the middle listers will stream it just to keep their names at the top of the twitch listings. After a few weeks though they will drop the game from full time game status cause viewers are fickle people and tend to lose interest if they are presented the same thing over and over again (with few exceptions). Personally F13th is not a game I would want to play or stream all the time. its fun but for me its a "once a few days" sort of game, if I played it exclusively I think I would get burnt out after a while.
  17. I think for many of them, the glitchers and mass team killers, they do care about the game but only as a platform to cause grief for other players for "the lulz". While I don't agree with the behavior I also wouldn't want to straight up ban them for it. The Devs have already so much garbage they get from people for the troubled launch, the price of the game, the savini Jason etc. I just think that if they put in the method I suggested that would take any wind out of the sails for people who would cry foul. Since it would be temporary and they could still play (though limited) they couldn't be all like "I payed $40 for a game I cant play anymore *rabble rabble rabble*".
  18. Pamela while being an awesome idea for a killer in this game I do agree that the games mechanics would have to be drastically altered for her to work. Jason is a walking tank, counselors can throw everything at him including the kitchen sink and he keeps coming. Pamela on the other hand was small and weak in contrast, that's why she had to rely more heavily on killing her victims with stealth. If the group of counselors knew she was out there killing people all it would take is the counselors hitting her with any of the weapons to take her out cause she is just a normal woman after all. the only way to make her work would be with single player and a shitload of AI programming. The devs would have to make the games single player mode more like Hitman where pams objective is to stay unnoticed by the counselors and then pick moments of opportunity to single out stray counselors so she can kill and dispose of the body without any of the counselors being any wiser.
  19. Not sure a full on ban is a good idea, I am all for punishing trouble players but a full on ban I think is a bit of an overkill. A week or so ago I mentioned an idea of instead of straight up banning people that if the behavior was recorded that the players would be flagged as glitchers or even troll team killers. That the flag would be for say a month and that anyone in a game lobby could see that the player is flagged. from there they could give the players an option to kick a flagged player from the lobby (and only flagged players) if a majority of the room decides to boot them. But for those who are flagged and want to play a game without wanting to deal with the chance of getting booted from a lobby they could choose to be put into a flagged lobby where its nothing but flagged players. Then once the month is over and the flag is lifted the player can go back to playing normal matches till they decide to break the new rules again (if they do back to being flagged). That way they could still play the game, though with a more limited player pool.
  20. No, no, just no. The game doesn't need other franchise killers. The formula works well for Jason but the game would need a major overhaul in order for other franchise killers to work. It is one of my major criticisms with DbD putting Michael Myers into their game, in the words of Ian Malcolm "Yeah, yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should". Michael Myers is out of place in that game cause while he has his own level the mechanics of the game did not fit the narrative. I don't recall from any Halloween movie where Michael's goal was to find teens put them on demonic hooks and wait for them to be pulled by demonic claws into hell (actually up to hell which in itself is weird). Ill Fonic and Gun Media does not have unlimited time or resources to purchase the rights to implement Freddy, Michael, Chucky, Pinhead, Leatherface etc into the game,. Even if they did, being a franchise game, I do not know if other franchise rights owners would want their main baddie as a side character or add on character. Even when you look past the amount of cash it would take to get the rights what about the amount of work to properly put them in the game? they would have to get people back into the studio to do a ton more mocap for each new killer, all of his moves and the movement of the victims. Then there is having to make new maps for each of the new killers, then depending on the movie the character is based off of have to drastically change the game mechanics (Freddy only exists in a dream, so shouldn't he be able to change the level, gravity etc on the fly?). The only Killer that could be brought in and only have to modify and add the least amount of content for him to work would be Pumpkinhead but even in that case I think it would be way too much work for an extra killer. So no, lets just leave it as Jason for this game and its multiplayer, perhaps if the fans ask for it enough put Pamela and Roy into single player campaign (Still it would have to be tweaked cause Pam and Roy were not walking tanks, they had to rely on isolating single people without the others becoming aware of it in order to kill).
  21. I think it would be possible even with the consoles if those wanting to do so had skype on their phone. think there is a group call feature for the cell phone skype app. Again, if there is a will, there is a way. that's why ultimately trying to prevent groups from messing with public games while can be discouraged is not ultimately preventable if those wanting to do so are dead set on it.
  22. Yes they could do that but I doubt that would stop it from happening. It's the whole "build a better mouse trap creates better mice" situation. Say they force players out of party chat, those same people will just open up skype, start a group call, open the game, start a public match as a small party and there you go.
  23. I agree though I wouldn't personally put it that way. If someone has social anxiety, hey I can sympathize, but I would have to question why they would want to play a multiplayer online game in the first place since all online multiplayer games have their fair share of idiots and games like this are best played with friends. That if their anxiety or awkwardness is that much of an issue then it might be best to refund said game and go for a game that requires less social interaction in order to really get the most out of it.
  24. Okay there are two groups that you mention, Glitchers and groups of friends that team up with Jason. When it comes to glitchers the devs are working on patching out those glitches. Being a small dev it will take time. They have stated glitch exploiters will not be banned, only that glitches will be fixed. So nothing can be done with glitch exploiters. As to the people who team up with Jason what do you think they can do to stop it? Remember again this is a fairly small studio with a limited amount of personnel. Say they allow people to report such behavior, how many people would correctly or wrongly report people? How long do you think it would take their limited staff to go through all of them and how long the delay would be to actually impose a judgement on the validity of the report? What level of proof do you expect them to require to impose a penalty or ban? ... Doesn't sound likely. So what about them not allowing people who are friends quick play publically? how exactly would they go about knowing who is on anyone's friends list? should they have access to everyone's friends list? do you think that A - that is possible? if so B - that Steam, Microsoft and Sony would let them do that? and C - if so would it cause a massive shit-storm with users understandably screaming "big brother" and invasion of privacy? ... You can see why that wouldn't be an option. Yes that sort of behavior sucks and does ruin what could be a fun match but sadly there is not much that can be done about it. That's why Quick Play should be used to find likeminded users, find people that like to play fun matches and then get to know them, hell even friend them. Once you do that enough to have a functional group go and start playing private matches with them.
  25. Everyone did have a chance to purchase Savini Jason back when the game was in production, it was a timed exclusive. For those who either didn't hear about the game till that time period ended or those who either couldn't afford it at the time or chose to wait missed their opportunity.
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