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  1. Did the developers say that was the case, or are the purpose of them is to just be there.
  2. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that repairers are not doing their job when it comes to fixing the phone or the cars. As a Tiffany main my job is to bring parts to the repairers without running the risk of attracting Jason due to her not giving off noise pings. However, in many circumstances I noticed that whenever I bring the parts, AJs, Deborahs, or Erics ignore the parts and just grab a bat or a shotgun, even when there are no traps. This in turn forces me to repair the objectives even though I am the LAST counselor that should even try to attempt it. Is anyone else noticing this or am I just tripping?
  3. At this point I just want them to buff Jason so much so that way people can stop complaining about their immersion getting ruined
  4. Literally the only reason why people hate the emotes is because people like to troll with them, in that case blame the person abusing it not the actual animation, the emotes don't force you to use them, they don't have free will. Us humans do, call out the abusers. As for the costumes, the only excuse people seem to have for hating them is the fact that it ruins their immersion. Even then everyone has a different perception on what helps contribute to the immersion and then takes it away. Let's talk about the real issues that this game has, not ones that ruin your mood just because it affects you mentally. Let's discuss about how nerfed Jason is at the very moment. Way too many pocket knives, if they removed some of them and reduced it to a count of 4 including Tommy's, I HIGHLY doubt you will be seeing people try and kill Jason, reduce the amount of health sprays to 4 as well. The hit detection on almost all of the Jasons is wack. It needs a major upgrade. The amount of shotguns that are found in this game makes me wonder if I'm playing Friday the 13th or Call of duty. Those are the real issues.
  5. Oh lord here we go again blaming the costumes and emotes. Blame the people not the objects.
  6. Lol try playing it at a gamma of 1.2
  7. Tiffany Cox, also known as the flirty girl and in my opinion, key phrase, MY OPINION, the best part transporter in the game. This guide is intended for beginner-intermediate players. Let's take a look at her stats. Composure: 3/10 Luck: 4/10 Strength: 2/10 Repair: 1/10 Speed: 6/10 Stamina: 9/10 Stealth: 10/10 Let's take a look at these stats in depth to see what the flirty girl of Camp Crystal Lake has to offer starting from worst to best. Repair: Right off the bat you need to understand that you should not even be trying to repair anything in a match. You are tied with Brandon for having the worst repair, 1/10. Do yourself and others a favor by simply bringing parts to the objectives and let the repairers do your job. However, there will, keyword, WILL be instances where you will be the only one left in the area to repair the objective, if this is the case simply spam the mini game by pressing the action button and then letting go until you get a mini game that has 6 skill checks. Only do this if Jason isn't nearby, and you are the only one left in the area. Be ready to run when you mess up at all times. There is a high chance you will mess up so be very cautious doing so. Other than that know your role. Strength: Don't expect her to try and deal damage to Jason, it's not going to end well, save that for fighters such as Brandon and Adam as well as Fox. Composure: When you are playing as the flirty girl you need to understand that she is on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to how much fear she can resist from getting. While she isn't Chad bad, let's be honest that 1/10 is annoying, she is still vulnerable in this department to how much fear she produces, you can counter this by building up fear resistance perks such as night owl, and ice cold as well by staying lighted areas and in cabins. Also have your flashlight on. On the bright side, her fear will go down faster than most counselors because as we all are aware, composure is double edged sword. I repeat, HAVE YOUR FLASHLIGHT ON. Moving on Luck: While her luck isn't terrible, it is most certainly not the best in the game, however it's workable. She can get 2-3 hits on average with any weapon. She has some resistance to how much damage she takes from going through broken windows. Overall the stat is workable and can be improved with perks such as thick skinned. Speed: Here is where we get to her strengths, her speed is above average meaning she can outrun Jason and most counselors in the game, this helps because this ties in as to what her role really is in the game, the part transporter. Stamina: Her nearly perfect stamina means you will be able to run quite the distance and help bring parts to objectives without having to worry about running out of stamina. This can further be buffed by adding in the perks marathon and restful, especially marathon. A rare or epic marathon would actually bring her stamina halfway above a perfect 10 (Even as much as 10.75). This doesn't mean you should go around sprinting all over the place, understand the concept of stamina management. When Jason isn't around you, jog to your destinations. Even if Jason is near you, the only time you should be sprinting is if Jason is close behind you or he is shifting. When he shifts, use triangle formations to throw off his shift. Use actions such as climbing through windows, hiding in places when Jason is not nearby, and aiming the shotgun at Jason to help build stamina, as well as stunning Jason. Stealth: Her perfect stealth allows her to jog without making any noise and run with very little noise. She won't have to worry about Jason tracking her down for the first half of the game. Utilize it where it really shines. This is where her role shines a lot. Be cautious thought that if she has reached maximum fear, she will give off more pings so make sure to maintain that fear. Her role: As we all know there are three runners in the game, Brandon, Vanessa, and Tiffany. Brandon is a runner that can fight whereas Vanessa is a runner that is able to distract Jason for a long time. Tiffany is a runner that can bring parts SAFELY, to objectives, without exposing the repairers since they don't have that great of stamina and speed. This is why you see a lot of Tiffany players working with Deborah, AJ, Mitch, and Lachappa. Stealth + Stealth = A good time. Her speed and stamina shines a lot during late game match so this shows her versatility in both halfs of the game. Her luck while it isn't the best, allows her to defend herself if needed. The ultimate goal is to help repairers and to stay away from Jason as long as possible, imagine Jason is Chlamydia, stay away from the Chlamydia because if you don't you will get it and die. Early Game VS Late Game: From my personal experience ever since I've started playing the game and viewing the forums here, I've seen a lot of people emphasize how important it is to have stats that help you survive late game as opposed to having stats that will help you in Early Game. In my opinion, once again key phrase, my opinion, both phases of the game are important, in fact I believe early game is slightly more important. Repairers flourish in early game, it is a common understanding that most repairers have high stealth. Stealth shines a lot in the first half of the game. If the counselors are effectively communicating with each other and teamwork is obviously in place, most objectives will be done within the first 5-8 minutes of the game, possibly even sooner. Repairers typically shine in the first half of the game whereas fighters/runners typically thrive in the second half of the game. Tiffany can thrive in both halves of the game if the conditions are right, meaning communication is in place and teamwork is evident. Her stealth allows her to have an advantage in the early game and her speed and stamina allows her to have an advantage in late game. Remember, this is not guaranteed to occur, only if the conditions are right, which most of the time let's be honest, they aren't. Perks Recommended: Marathon: Uncommon to Epic Restful: Uncommon to Epic Medic: Uncommon to Epic Thick Skinned: Rare to Epic Hypochondriac: Rare to Epic Lightfoot: Epic Nightowl: Rare to Epic Ice Cold: Rare to Epic Nerves of Steel: Uncommon to Epic Preparedness: Uncommon to Epic Perks are meant to give you a little extra edge in the game so don't expect them to do wonders. Think of them as like a piece of the puzzle to a large picture. Some other tips you need to consider: 1. No matter which counselor you play you have to remember that communication is a very important aspect so try to find that walkie talkie so you can let other counselors know what you are doing, if you are carrying any parts, and where you are going. 2. It is important to push objectives early on in the game. You see that battery laying next to the hay in the barn? Drop that bat and grab it so you can take it to the car. 3. Understand that you are not always going to be working with a coordinated team, sometimes you will be playing with other people that do not know how to play this game, if so prepare for the worst and plan on trying to stay alive for the whole 20 minutes. This is all simply my opinion on how Tiffany should be played so remember, grains of salt.
  8. Emotes need to go

    You do realize that maybe you shouldn't blame the emotes themselves. You should blame the people that are abusing them.
  9. Understanding what are Tiffany's role(s) in the game: We will be breaking down what are some of the most common roles people play as when it comes to choosing to play as Tiffany. Be mindful that the ones I will be describing are the ones that are the most common to be playing as. Also understand that people can play as many roles at once. Remember, grains of salt. Now let us get started. The Ferry: It is common understanding that Tiffany has ideal stats to make her suited as a top notch part runner. Her nearly perfect stamina and above average speed makes her quite agile to help bring parts in a quick manner to objectives. Also add to the fact that she has perfect stealth. Since stealth helps a lot in the first half of the game, this allows her to safely transport parts to objectives without getting the repairers into sticky situations. However, we must put into consideration that this role works the very best when you are working with a well communicated team that encourages teamwork in order to thrive. The first thing that comes to mind when people usually play as the ferry is to find a map. The map is extremely useful because it is important to push objectives early in the game. Another item you want to find when playing as the ferry or basically any role in this game is the walkie talkie. Communication is very important in this game. I can not stress enough. The Distractor: I have noticed that there has been a recent trend of Tiffanys distracting Jason when there is not a Vanessa or Bugzy in the game. Understandable, she has the stats to keep him occupied long enough to do so. When you are playing as the distractor, your job is to keep Jason busy for as long as possible in order to give the repairers some breathing room in order to complete objectives. When playing this role, utilize cabins that are nearby and make sure you have at least one pocket knife and med spray. Also make sure you have the perks thick skinned and medic. Medic and thick skinned is crucial in this latest patch because 7 times out of 10, the Jason will be a slasher. Although it is indeed preferred that Vanessa is the distractor, sometimes you may need to take on that role. The Snake: You know, sometimes I forget how sneaky some Tiffany mains can be. It is quite shocking how many times I have seen this happen and I sometimes laugh about it because it throws off a Jason player striving to get a perfect 8/8. Basically this role utilizes Tiffany's stealth to the MAX. These specific Tiffany mains lurk around the map, waiting for opportunities to strike, they are not in it for the teamwork, they will do whatever, and I mean, WHATEVER they can to get out alive, even if that means stealing the car as soon as it is done. Call it a dick move but sometimes it is what it is, after all the developers did say that the ultimate goal for counselors is to survive. Typically these players would rely on the map and pocket knives as well as the shotgun. While this gameplay style is not recommended by me personally, it is rather one of the easiest ways to survive. A perk that I would imagine these types of players would utilize is nightowl to counteract their fear and preparedness to start off with the map. These three are some of the roles that come to my mind and from what I, keyword, I, have seen in this game, I am sure that there are many more but this is just a general idea of some of the common roles I see Tiffanys play as.
  10. Remember when the topic of this thread was actually discussed? I do
  11. Realistically? A patch date. That would be lovely.
  12. Emotes need to go

    In fact Jason as a killer was never supposed to happen in the first place if you wanna get TECHNICAL.
  13. Emotes need to go

    Neither was every Friday the 13th movie after the first one, never should have been added and the director thought it was totally out of place.
  14. Emotes need to go

    I agree, people are choosing to let the emotes ruin their sense of "immersion". Besides you can blame the emotes all you want but the real one to blame is the person abusing them. It's like blaming a gun for killing people when in reality it's all about who controls it. Emotes don't have a mind of their own, people do. Blame the individual not the object.
  15. Apologies for the double post I recently updated the guide and Included some more info.
  16. If your TV allows it, turn up the sharpness in the picture because sometimes the graphics in the game look a little bit too soft and when you bring up the sharpness, it showcases more detail in the game.
  17. I agree, Tiffany's role is to be the reliable part ferrier, it's important to utilize her top three strengths when it really matters.
  18. Honestly this is becoming ridiculous, honestly at this point just mutually agree to disagree. If the players he plays with find the game a lot more fun and challenging by him doing this, why stop him.
  19. What is this thread becoming lol.
  20. I'm glad you liked it, I'm open for discussion when it comes to this but I feel like some people are missing the point when I say this is my opinion and that this is indeed intended for beginner to intermediate players.
  21. That's what I said, I don't agree with this tactic but I understand his motive.
  22. I In all honesty, while I'm not entirely on board with you holding the keys and fuse to yourself, I understand your motive behind it. The game is really easy right now, it needs some sort of a challenge to be honest.
  23. My face while I'm reading this thread.