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  1. .... This is what I'm left with after reading some of these posts.
  2. I always run preparedness perk as well as Nightowl, really helps with her composure in the darkness.
  3. As a Tiffany main I can't relate to any of this LOL, its not that hard to Lone Wolf with her.
  4. Her Gifs are iconic though.
  5. Jesus is needed in this thread
  6. Isn't Jason supposed to be OP as hell...
  7. Mmm, you would be surprised how often I run into players that are even as low as the 30s and have still whooped my ass. Levels really only matter until you reach 44, it's fairly easy to adapt to the game and become good at it. I would relax with that mind-set of yours though because it will soon be the cause of an embarassment if you don't do well against low levels.
  8. I've been gone for so long, what did I miss.
  9. Save them for last and then utilize stalk. Catch them off guard.
  10. You know it starts becoming bad when people are trying to avoid cars most of the time now like as if they are the plague, especially if they don't have a pocket knife. I'd rather wait out the timer than risk the car rubber band.
  11. Gummybish

    Piñata Jason

    One of the easiest things to do is to split them up if they start grouping together.
  12. Gummybish

    Unpopular counselors

    That's funny, I out survived three Mitchs yesterday and I was playing as Tiffany.
  13. Gummybish

    Piñata Jason

    Was this in a private match or in a public match?
  14. This is what I was talking about when I suggested other items. I think it would provide more diversity and help this game not feel like an empty drawer simulator.
  15. It is common belief in the forums and outside of them that most of the perks that are on this game are generally pretty useless when it comes to the game. All the sense avoidance perks become useless as soon as Jason gets sense thanks to sense spam. Water perks are a no brainer as they get sold as soon as someone gets them. Easy Listening is useless My dads a cop is very situational. Slugger really only gives you a bat that's it. In truthful I do understand that some of the other perks can be useful at times, however thick skinned and medic are considered holy grail perks.
  16. The only perks that have real use is preparedness, marathon, thick skinned, and medic. And these little items I suggested only have great use temporarily. It's not like I am demanding them to make these exact ones but if they created more items to help create more diversity, I don't see why that is a bad thing.
  17. I was not talking about weapons or pocket knives and bear traps when it came to what I suggested, I suggested items like candy bars, blunts, slippers, camo jackets.
  18. In the first movie, Alice Hardy found over 5 shotguns in the supply house alone. I'm sure if she had a few seconds more she would have found the ammunition. Yet we don't want this in the video game for obvious reasons. Realistically speaking "camps not being operational" only applies to packanack and camp crystal lake, what is the excuse for Higgins Haven, Jarvis House, and Pinehurst. I'm not saying there needs to be an item for every drawer but it should not be an empty drawer simulator.
  19. I think there should be more items in the game, items that hold a different purpose, like candy bars for stamina recharge boost, bunny slippers to reduce pings for a certain amount of time, camouflage jacket to have an extra chance at avoiding sense. Stuff like this to keep the game from being an empty drawer simulator. Shit even a joint to temporarily reduce fear and regain composure faster would be awesome.
  20. Gummybish

    Legendary Perks. Yay or Nay?

    For all the people that are complaining about how they are going to have to go through a lot more CP to get legendary, I mean at least it gives you more of an incentive to play.
  21. Gummybish

    Favorite jason and Why?

    Part V because I find it ironic that even though he is a copycat, he makes a better Jason than like four of the other Jasons.
  22. Compared to Dead By Daylight, this game pales when it comes to player count.