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  1. Well I apologize if it seemed like I was being a dick, I just personally have a blunt way of saying things. However I still don't see why it had to resort to assuming that I'm a miserable human being but it is what it is I suppose.
  2. I mean if you took offense about what I said about the NES game that is on you not me. I didn't think I was being offensive but you had to go all the way to referring to me as miserable, self importance human being. But I'm not here to entertain that, especially after what happened on another thread that involved someone getting banned I believe
  3. What generation are you?

    I think every generation has their problems, not just millenials. I agree that the whole trend of eating tide pods is stupid but honestly I think it's just one of those memes that became popular. I think music is also just a preferred taste, one genre can be amazing to you but someone else might absolutely hate it.
  4. That's basically how Deborah looks like haha.
  5. All jokes A-side lol, I find it very strange how you just can't walk out of one of the two exits lol. I know it would practically ruin the game but wouldn't you think in real life you could just, I don't know, walk out lol.
  6. Emotes need to go

    If I wanted immersion that badly I would go watch the first Halloween movie. That movie is the definition of an amazing slasher.
  7. That moment...

    Thank Jesus for preparedness
  8. True, true, I hear ya. If I was in a match with you I would have gladly ran over to where you were and switched places with ya lol.
  9. I mean I guess. And your point is?
  10. Id rather not run the risk of playing as Lachapa lol but it is a fun idea.
  11. In this next patch I'm going to need repairers to STOP trying to knock jason on his ass when you don't need to. Enough is enough lol, I'm tired of bringing parts just to find out that Lachapa and Deborah are trying to get Jason's mask off. Y'all screwing over Tiffany by doing that.
  12. I guess the reason why I value it a lot is because of the role I tend to play when it comes to playing as Tiff, I always bring parts to objectives silently in the first 10 minutes of the game. Usually that would take me around 2-3 minutes and I see the rest of the time I have left before mid game as a window of opportunity to lurk around and stock on supplies that people did not pick, the wrench being my absolute favorite lol. Since I like to keep a timer on in real life because I'm that extra, I then switch to defensive mode and am ready to start kiting/stunning jason.
  13. What generation are you?

    Ooo nevermind
  14. What generation are you?

    Damn, I really am the youngest one.
  15. Lol I feel like such an outlier in this conversation, I'm like one of the very few that still values stealth the most for the first half of the game.
  16. What generation are you?

    Generation Z, damn I am a young one.
  17. This is why I am hoping that the rebalancing patch that is coming up will encourage players to start working together and focus on getting objectives done and escaping instead of trying to beat jason to death. As a Tiffany main I am tired of bringing parts to objectives and taking out all the traps only to find out that Deborah got killed trying to get the sweater and see A.J walking out with a bat on her way to knock Jason on his ass.
  18. I wouldnt say efficient lol, almost everyone wants to kill jason and forgets about the objectives these days.
  19. Looks like they listened because if you go onto their Twitter, they stated that they are working on rebalancing and agreed that jason is weak.
  20. I completed it and then just went on with my day without giving it even more thought. Lol I think the day I completed it was the day I also got chicken wings so my mind was somewhere else.
  21. Well god forbid if the developers actually do end up making it a game mode instead of just a map, wouldn't want to be on the recieving end of your criticism.
  22. Dude relax, I'm just saying in general there are a lot to of mechanics that are already in the game that wouldn't apply too well in the grendal map. It would make sense for it to be it's own seperate game mode, I don't see what's wrong with that. You're acting like I have the final say in this when I don't so take a xanax and relax.
  23. ... We are talking about a game... That is controlled my players, it's not that hard to tell the difference lol.
  24. It's pretty easy to tell what is holograms and what is not lol. Tommy Jarvis is in the grendal? It's obvious to the jason Player that's a hologram. All of a sudden you see that you are at a campsite even though you are playing on the grendal map? That's obviously a hologram. Its not putting limitations, it's called being realistic to how players would play.