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  1. Gummybish

    Jason buff fucked up combat

    Don't rely on combat to survive.
  2. These would definitely be really cool. I can honestly see this happen once the engine is upgraded.
  3. In my opinion it does not really matter what level you are on this game. Anyone can be trash, shit I have seen some pretty good players quit as host and it often leaves me puzzled. But it's just something that has to be accepted until dedicated servers arrive.
  4. Every game that is multi-player is going to have toxic players whether we like it or not. That's just the way life is when it comes to gaming.
  5. Move on with life, just remind yourself that it is just a game and that you will have other opportunities in the near future to redeem yourself as Jason.
  6. Gummybish

    Give Your Fellow Forum Users a Title

    That was beautiful.
  7. I'm just here for the tea.
  8. Gummybish

    Give Your Fellow Forum Users a Title

    @TheHansonGoons You just made my morning. Thank you dawling.
  9. Gummybish

    Emotes need to go

    I like this, can this please be a thing.
  10. Gummybish

    Emotes need to go

    Those dance moves don't realistically require stamina though lol, those are basic moves that people could do for hours. At least from a dancers perspective.
  11. This would make stealth a lot more of a viable stat.
  12. It is not that hard to survive by yourself, even against a competent Jason. I'm on the fence with this because I agree that playing with a team shouldn't have to be mandatory to survive, which it isn't. But I also agree that when you are working as a team you are naturally going to have a higher chance of survival. I also agree that playing in Quick Play is like playing in the Wild West, rules that apply to private match are not going to necessarily apply well to quick play. Quick play and private match are essentially two different game modes.
  13. I'd rather play with a bunch of new players that don't know what they are doing than play with a bunch of players that are level 50+ that don't know what they are doing. At least the new players have an excuse.
  14. Gummybish

    Clones break immersion.

    As long as it is it's seperate mode I'm all for it.
  15. This has always been a problem but it seems like it is getting worse and worse these days. All I have to say is that those people are living examples on why you should always pull out.
  16. I'm so immersed it's giving other people migraines.
  17. Gummybish

    Best horror character ever?

    Michael Myers, he's my baby daddy.
  18. I'd be damned if I let some stranger slap my ass on a game. Better buy me dinner first after I put this battery in.
  19. Gummybish

    Map items.

    Friday the 13th The Game, also known as the empty drawer simulator, all for just one low payment of $39.99.
  20. Gummybish

    Space Outfits

    It went through, looks like I owe $28
  21. I keep on forgetting who Pappus is, is he the guy that has a strange accent and used a whiteboard to explain strategy?
  22. Gummybish

    Why can Jason knock?

    Why do counselors breathe?
  23. Gummybish

    Space Outfits

    Excuse me while I prepare to purchase the game using my debit card that currently only has 67 cents on it.
  24. Gummybish

    Space Outfits

    If I don't get this I might just switch on over to Dead By Daylight.