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  1. God forbid you for playing the game like the way it is supposed to be played lol
  2. Thick skinned, marathon, lightfoot, medic, preparedness, hypochondriac, I can name a lot more
  3. ... That is the funniest joke I have heard in a long time. There are many things that make the original Halloween better than that of the original Friday the 13th. Let's point some of those out that are non biased. Halloween has a better rotten tomato rating as well as IMBD and Movie Critic ratings. Halloween produced the movie with a lower budget and made more money than that of Friday the 13th. The movie also helped kick start one if not the most iconic scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis's careers. Now on to my own personal reasons why the original Halloween is better than the Original F13. The soundtrack is amazing. It is something that can get stuck in your head and has been used in the music industry. The classic piano. The movie does not rely on blood and gore to get scares in. It thrives on suspense and has an eerie tone throughout the whole movie. Now the killer himself Michael Myers was extremely creepy, he relied on lurking in the shadows. His first victim was at the age of 6 and he really had no reason to kill, leaving that a mystery before future films explained so. Friday the 13th is a good movie, a fantastic addition to the slasher genre but Halloween is one of the best. It is up there with Psycho.
  4. You're right, because Friday the 13th took inspiration from Halloween lol.
  5. Also there was no limit when it came to the amount of codes they were selling. If that isn't ringing off some bells in your head then I don't know what else to say.
  6. I agree that they were very adamant but obviously something else is going on that shows otherwise. Like I said if it's going to make the business a lot more money, the real question is why are we surprised.
  7. Maybe they aren't maybe they are, I would think so because who wouldn't love a little bit of extra coin per sale.
  8. I mean, I don't see why they wouldn't to market off of something like Savini codes. People are willing to spend money on a skin, and I think we all are aware of how high demand Savini is even though I really still don't get why he is even considered OP but it is what it is. Anyways from an economic standpoint it makes sense as to why a company would think about trying something like this. Look at makeup companies for example, when they say something is limited edition, it really is never going to be limited edition if there is such a high demand for it. To the people that honestly truly thought that Savini was going to be backer exclusive only, y'all got a lot to learn.
  9. I mean, I can start a whole new thread on a bunch of things Jason shouldn't be able to do but does anyways however imagine the uproar for that.
  10. I think the only thing that needs to be done is hit detection and windows. Other than that everything else is fine. The balance will be great.
  11. I picked Halloween because Michael is my all time favorite killer from slasher movies. His and Jason's killing techniques are very different. Jason relies mostly on brute force and different weapons whereas Michael relies on stalking his victims to perfection and then killing them. Like I said though, I picked Halloween because I absolutely adore Michael Myers.
  12. Oh boy, you know lots of things about this game don't make sense, like why is Jason Part 4 in Packanack, why does Roy hear Pamela. Why can't we use the tractor in Pinehurst. I have an answer for all of your questions above, it's a game.
  13. Well for one, new players wouldn't be able to rely on it if they did find one. Second, that's kind of an overkill if you ask me, as long as it was like the game in July then I don't see the need to reduce it even farther, that would just piss off almost everyone. Let's be real here, 4-5 is the magic numbers. That's the general agreement
  14. Rate the Update

    Oh my god it is not being cancelled, they are simply putting it on hold until dedicated servers come out. They explained that basically if worst case comes to scenario then they will cancel it.
  15. That would just ruin the game for counselors, that wouldn't even be fun anymore. It wouldn't even give counselors a half-way fair chance of actually surviving within the first minute.
  16. It is not canceled. Read the whole fucking thing before you spread misinformation out like that.
  17. Likely get canceled? They just said that they will be pushing it back until dedicated servers were released. I'm sure they will find the missing puzzle piece to creating the mode so why do you have to spread false information out like that.
  18. That happened to me yesterday, and my friends in one match.
  19. Even then I wouldn't because of the rubberbanding situation with the car.
  20. In the current state of the game it shouldn't be a question to tank the trap or not. Waste all of Jasons traps by utilizing med sprays, medic, and thick skinned.