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  1. I agree, there are some aspects I was thinking of that should be incorporated with stealth making it a more important stat. Having a high level of stealth should reduce the amount of noise you make climbing through a window, landing on the floor, the sound of your footsteps, opening drawers, going into hiding places and coming out. The amount of noise you make when you mess up a skill check. When you have a high level of stealth it should allow you to not scream when you see Jason but Jason does not see you. It should also increase your sense avoidance percentage. I remember I saw someone talking about how each point for stealth should equal 2% chance of avoiding sense.
  2. That is very strange, I typed in on the forum search bar and found four threads that only mentioned it.
  3. I don't know to me I feel like these stats would make AJ a more desirable counselor while still maintaining her stealth queen tendencies. 10/10 stealth 5/10 composure 4/10 speed 4/10 stamina 4/10 luck 7/10 repair 1/10 strength These stats would make her far more valuable. Remember she is smart so why wouldn't she want to be sneaky when it comes to repairing items and staying out of Jason's way. This is why some of the smartest counselors are indeed sneaky. Except for Tiffany, she is the true odd ball.
  4. I would create my counselor based off of me. 9/10 Stamina because I used to be in Cross Country and Swim 7/10 Speed because I'm fairly fast 10/10 Stealth because when I used to play hide and seek I went up to an hour of staying hidden and sneaking around. I once hid in a tree and blended in 2/10 Repair because I know how to fix some things but I tend to be an airhead most of the time. 1/10 strength because I am the last person to want to get into fights. 4/10 luck because honestly I don't really consider myself to be a very lucky person when it comes to like love and relationships. 2/10 composure because I freak out easily. Stereotype: Gay Boy Lol I know you rarely see them in horror movies. They are out there though. This is how I look like and my outfit would be based off of what I wear casually which is pretty extra if ya ask me. Black skinny jeans, combat boots and an over-sized black T-shirt with some logo on it.
  5. Whoever hates that amazing song, I'll be at your funeral in real life celebrating.
  6. You know this feeling about

    That moment when you hear someone watching porn over the mic while repairing the four seater. Like turn off your mic.
  7. I mean, that's literally what I meant when I said there are way bigger things to worry about than someone killing themselves lol.
  8. Take a shot everytime a thread like this is made on the forums.
  9. Oh Lord here we go again with Savini
  10. I only quit as host one time but that was because my boyfriend came over and I was in the mood...
  11. Melissa for the fucking win ❤
  12. This has got to be one of the most random questions I have seen asked on the forums. With that being said. It's clearly obvious he was a mormon.
  13. Wait who's Pappus?
  14. All of this over a fucking skin lol.
  15. That is exactly why the aliens won't visit us
  16. ... Onto a better, more productive topic. When are the developers going to make stealth actually useful for not just the first half of the match, but the second.
  17. This seems to be based off of matches because the grab seems to be varying a lot. In some matches the grab range is too small and in some matches the grab range is alright. I rarely see Darth Vader range though.