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  1. To the people who want this to happen... Yall really want to kill the game... dont you
  2. Tamara was a pure psychopath, not a mean girl, she literally pushed someone off the ship knowing how dangerous that is. Melissa is the true mean girl here.
  3. I finally get to play as Victoria and not feel bad being the selfish player I was destined to be. God is good.
  4. If stealth would work like the way Rich Walk said. She would have three useful stats that are good and has nearly average luck. We all know that she can't repair with her 1 repair but her being able to travel long distance and having a large stamina pool plus the changes to stealth could be very effective and catapult her from being mid-tier to high tier.
  5. Lol imagine how OP Tiffany would be.
  6. Actually there are some ways that can help improve sense greatly. I loved one of the ideas listed here where if someone has high stealth, it will work against sense by delaying it from the counselor (ex. Tiffany) from being sensed.
  7. She should be able to Sprint silently with a perfect 10 stealth as well as open drawers, doors, go into closets, and go through windows quietly. The noise they make should equate to the stealth stat in a variety of things. Another thing that should be implented into the stealth stat is the chance of Jason not being able to hear you messing up on a skill check. Each stealth point should equal a 3-5% chance of Jason not hearing the messup. One of the biggest things that could easily make the stealth stat great is if they removed the sense spam and had it preset like the rest of Jason's abilities.
  8. This would piss off even more players and cause the already small player population to shrink even more. It's a death wish.
  9. I'd be damned if I am forced to potentially play as Vanessa. I like my stealth as a Tiffany main tyvm.
  10. Well obviously they are doing something right, that shack is doing better than the faulty mansion.
  11. Mess The fact that there was one argument that lasted three pages long proves why some people need to get their priorities together. Tragic
  12. It was just a suggestions, relax.
  13. I wouldn't say that, it's always the same 15-25 people responding and making threads each day.
  14. This Reggie criticism is getting old. I admire Armani's dedication to make Reggie happen. He's really gone through lengths that no one else really has.
  15. That's the tea.
  16. If people wanna slash, people are gonna slash. What's the big deal it's still a kill.
  17. Gummybish

    Is Mitch crap or just underrated?

    Anyone could play as any counselor and still be good, I've seen Shellys and AJs do very well even though many people on here trash them. I kind of have to deal with that shit when it comes to Vanessa Vs Tiffany. Personally speaking I play better as Tiffany than Vanessa because 10 Stealth actually has advantages in the game. At the end of the day it all depends on skill.
  18. Gummybish

    Is Mitch crap or just underrated?

    I would gladly read your guides because I'm always up to improve my playstyles with the counselors I main as.
  19. Gummybish

    Is Mitch crap or just underrated?

    Hi I was wondering if you could do the same thing for Tiffany? I love the way you described Mitch's strengths and weaknesses and I feel like there is a lot of criticism as to what is Tiffany's purpose in the game.
  20. Usually that happens to games that are deemed "successful" in a couple of years. It hasn't even been a full year yet and the Player Base died down incredibly within 3 months. Once again, what other excuses are there.
  21. The playerbase is continuing to decline on nearly every platform. They are continuing to maintain multiple servers that not many people are playing on that costs money. Financially it was a major success at launch. Now some of us are struggling to even get a lobby 3/4ths of the way filled. For the first time in a long time I hosted a lobby yesterday and only 2 people joined. This update really is the make or break.
  22. So when are we going to stop with the excuses and realize that even if this was a game that was meant to not be as big as Dead By Daylight, it's still failing. Let's look at this from a realistic perspective and understand that this upcoming update is really this game's only chance to redeem itself.
  23. Gummybish

    Muffin: The Dog

    The gays and bitch squad are here for muffin.