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  1. Really, flashlight abuse? Come on now, it's a flashlight.
  2. Im cool with dying unless it was caused by a bullshit glitch/bug. (Yes car rubber band I am looking at you). However some players aren't and find it embarrassing to be killed and honestly that's fine. If they aren't ragequitting and just complaining I can handle that.
  3. This will definitely balance that out. I always found it very idiotic how Jason isn't able to reuse his traps but counselors are.
  4. Pinehurst Small

    The only reason why pinehurst seems big is because it is split into three (technically four) seperate sections and is divided by water, meaning you have to go through long routes just to get to the car for example, or the phone house. If you feel bold enough and you swim through the rivers, you will see that it saves a lot of time lol.
  5. They need to make some of the other stats in the game have a larger purpose in a match, such as stealth and strength. Sense and stalk should be flipped so that way stealth can actually be viable as well as making sense spam not a thing anymore.
  6. Of course he has the advantage, I'm not denying that, but I'm just saying that whoever created this thread is failing to realize that Jason still has to put in some effort when it comes to getting experienced players. When you're playing in quickplay, a player who is very experienced should know what they are getting into. If they are going in there with the mind-set that players are going to be working together and that it is going to be all sunshine and rainbows, they are not going to have a good time. You have to learn how to adapt to certain situations and understand that certain strategies you use in private match where communication is relevant may not translate that well to Quick Play where you are not guaranteed teamwork and communication.
  7. Even in QP you can easily survive Jason, you just have to rely on a lone wolf strategy, build your defenses, scavenger for med sprays and a pocket knive and set up a location where there are a bunch of cabins to Kite in.
  8. Eh I don't think so, there are plenty of matches where you can survive by yourself by kiting.
  9. Do you really think that chain stunning is something that most experienced players rely on to survive? I can easily survive Jason without having to chain stun.
  10. Lol I'm pretty sure Jason would fall for it more than once. He's kind of dumb. I mean he got tricked into believing an illusion twice.
  11. People say they want to make this game realistic so I don't see why we can't use a branch to set off a trap. I mean how do you use a pocket knife to disable a trap? In real life if we saw a trap I'm pretty sure most of us would use a branch to set it off lol.
  12. As many as they wanna create
  13. No counselor is trash lol, it's called developing strategy and skills. Each counselor has their own unique play style. That's like me saying Vanessa is trash when it's pretty damn obvious that when she is played by someone who has developed strategy and has learned her playstyle, she can be very lethal.
  14. How much damage to get Jason naked?

    I don't think anyone wants to see Jason naked. Dont even want to imagine what's going on down there.
  15. Will you still be here?

    Facts. The grind is always the same, there is nothing new that has been brought to the table besides the new map and Jason being a threat again. When I first got the game I expected there to be many different tactics to survive and many different strategies. Jason isn't scary anymore, I don't think he has been for a long time. It's not because he isn't a threat, it's just because he really isn't. I still have fun moments on this game but the constant server issues, hosts quitting, hosts timing out, losing connection to hosts. All I got to say is damn, no wonder a lot more people play dead by daylight.
  16. Technically we have up to 6 slots if you have on medic, it just depends if you wanna have three med sprays.
  17. Will you still be here?

    No one is trying to be an attention seeker we just happen to like gifs. You're the one that is making it such a big deal.
  18. Op Counselor ?

    As of right now, Vanessa, however if stealth was to be reworked or if sense would come last and stalk would come first, then Tiffany and AJ would be OP.
  19. I want beta graphics so badly. Those made me moist.
  20. Will you still be here?

    And I will gladly continue to use my crappy gifs, who are you to decide on whether or not I want to use gifs. You don't pay my phone bill, nor are you the owner of my phone. If you are getting this worked up over a simple gif than I can't imagine how your life is in real life. Don't take things to heart.
  21. Getting my mom to play the game.
  22. Will you still be here?

    I'm not the one getting annoyed by gifs.