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  1. You legit did that. I see nothing but facts, let us take a memory trip and go through all 27 pages of this thread đź’€.
  2. I mean the video was right about Melissa being in the game and a lot of the single player kills.
  3. Oh well of course, I should have edited my post to say in certain situations when he is distracted.
  4. Pocket knives are fine, people just need to use them on traps, but then again, I find it a waste if you have thick skinned and medic on as well as a healing spray, if you have that, eat the trap and then heal yourself.
  5. Yet here you are. On a F13 forum.
  6. It was bullshit, it was like I was playing grand theft auto. For some reason, people like to run in front of the cars when I am driving and when I try to swerve around to let them around, they try to still get in front of the car only for them to get ran over. This happened three times, I know it wasn't my driving because I am pretty good driver. I don't get it.
  7. Gummybish

    April Update Clarification

    This isn't just like the other big updates, this one is gigantic one and that they are basically rebuilding the whole game. It's a whole new engine for Christ sakes. God forbid if they give us an estimated date. It's not their fault that some of their fans are rather impatient.
  8. Well that's because we were celebrating her coming into the game. Also it's always being bumped by new people that are interested in the mean girl.
  9. Gummybish

    Best All Round Counselor

    Victoria to me, her stats are making it to seem like she would be a viable candidate to lone wolf.
  10. They have never stated that it was supposed to be here, they said the earliest it would be here is April.
  11. That is true, to be fair though some of us Melissa fans have done that on other threads as well. But that's my opinion at least on the whole thing. I understand yours though and respect it.
  12. To be fair the OP did ask for better male counselors to be added in the game... I usually don't agree with Armani at times but he really isn't doing anything wrong right now.
  13. Don't stress about it haha, the forums can be quite toxic at times.
  14. Gummybish

    Release date

    They did state that they were still on schedule, so I'm guessing late April/Early May.
  15. Well she is a skinny legend so that explains why she is becoming people's favorites.
  16. I don't know, she appeals to Meta players because her stats are pretty good. The gays and girls are obviously here for her and I've even seen some straight guys on the forums that are excited for her to come.
  17. I can literally link you to many YouTube videos and Twitter posts that showcase how many people loved and wanted her.
  18. She is very likeable though LOL
  19. A crap ton of people on Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and on the Forums wanted her.
  20. Pinehurst is fine though.
  21. Gummybish

    "Mean Girl" Trope.

    She has enough stamina, speed, luck, and stealth to get the sweater and run to a hiding spot safely.