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  1. I can't believe we never even discussed The Virgin trope.
  2. Were they new players.
  3. I mean it's not like it is a big playerbase. I would say that is like 1/3 of the playerbase on there. 1/5 at least.
  4. Have you seen the comments on Twitter... Most of the GP on there is annoyed and pissed.
  5. Them knowing how annoyed the player base would be, I'm pretty sure that this isn't the announcement the full announcement.
  6. I would argue Alice as she was the first final girl in the whole franchise. Ginny would be a good one too because she was the first final girl to go against Jason .
  7. While I'm not about to scroll through the Friday the 13th the game Twitter's timeline, I can easily link people who expressed excitement for Melissa that had a lot of likes on the announcement which showcases how many people wanted her. Also, there were videos of her made on YouTube about people wanting her in the game before her announcement. https://youtu.be/BVIE-eY9ZzM
  8. The fact that this thread is becoming more well known for criticism and drama instead of wanting Reggie to be in the game is kind of sad.
  9. Reading all this delicious tea as I am getting my eyebrows threaded.
  10. Gummybish

    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    I'm speculating a counselor clothing pack or a release date.
  11. Gummybish

    Upcoming Patch

    They have been on a steady rate of dropping news on Thursday's, it's kind of what we expect at this point.
  12. I will when I get the chance later on 😀
  13. Sweet, I'll most likely be watching. Would love to play with y'all one day simply because I have never played with any of the forum members before.
  14. Gummybish

    "Mean Girl" Trope.

    They should make a halloween costume dlc part 2 and include the clueless outfit as a costume for Vicky. It would be so iconic.
  15. The Mean Girl hype extended to twitter and Instagram as well as YouTube by itself. Barbara did that and left everyone shook. She truly is skinny.
  16. When you're one of those fools that plays fortnite simply because it's fun.
  17. I mean, hey, at least it actually has a good size playerbase.
  18. This is just messy and petty to a whole nother level, and I'm kind of here for it.
  19. So I went through the history of this thread and read through all the posts. All I gotta say y'all is messy as hell from both sides and I agree with Barbara, a good 65-70% of the posts in here is from criticism and arguing. Those views that this thread has counted is most likely inflated from all the people coming on here to watch the bickering between the individuals who want Reggie and the individuals that don't. I'm pretty sure im a good couple of hundred of those views because I'm a drama whore. It is what it is, if Reggie ever makes it into the game, that's cool. If he doesn't, that's cool too.