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  1. Just to say the least I'm not really a nice player lol.
  2. I haven't been experiencing these issues personally. I find matches pretty quickly and don't experience lagging out anymore.
  3. This surprisingly makes sense to me. Gonna give this a try and see if I can implement this into my gameplay later on tonight. Its been months since I have touched F13 and I am getting back into it since I dont experience lag anymore.
  4. Ever since this recent patch, the only bugs im experiencing is just floating bodies and glitchy controls, the game itself runs A LOT better, I used to get 400-600 pings regularly, 200 on a good day, now I can run it playing 80 ping, 120 with rain.
  5. Part 8, its truly an iconic look. Snatching wigs left and right
  6. Michael Myers was daddy anyways.
  7. Gummybish

    To The F13: Game Community

    The OP isn't serious... Right?
  8. Throwing in the towel for this game. Gonna stick to dead by daylight
  9. Gummybish

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    You guys are number 1 when it comes to having the lowest amount of players actively playing this game daily as well. You guys are iconic at this point.
  10. To be honest I rarely see Jenny mains survive the night. People can argue that her composure helps her a lot when it comes to stamina regain but in dire situations that low speed she has can really kill her. A simple shift is enough
  11. Lol to be honest, with how fast they are jogging, you shouldn't burn stamina at all. Literally only going 1 mile an hour. Edit: Can one of the forum leaders delete the two posts below, for some reason it loaded three times.