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  1. Got stuck in stun animation

    Whenever I see this happen I immediately stop what I am doing and whack Jason to get him unstuck as quickly possible because that's just not fair at all.
  2. I get what you are saying but at the same I don't because in case you have not been aware there are millions of threads about how weak Jason is because of the amount of pocket knives and health sprays as well as the bubble around windows. Also it is a fact that the majority of console players are indeed pissed about how delayed the dedicated servers are arriving, if they are indeed actually arriving. There is a humongous thread about that in the "About Game" section. A counselor not wanting to give Jason a kill by killing themselves is nothing that a Jason player should worry about. If that counselor wants to be a little bitch and get ridiculed and laughed at by almost everyone in the match, that's their choice. It's not a glitch nor a bug. Let's just be real here for 5 seconds and state three of the biggest reasons why people would be upset about a silly situation like this. 1) Robs them of their perfect kill streak. 2) Hurts their ego 3) Robs them of like 100 xp. That's really it.
  3. No my issues. The bigger, more gamebreaking issues that people are rightfully pissed off about. Such as Jason being weak as shit, dedicated servers, connection issues, glitches and bugs. Someone committing suicide is not a bug, nor a glitch. It's also not gamebreaking.
  4. I think there are way bigger things to worry about than someone killing themselves on the game... Just saying
  5. Currently I'm on Winter Break from college so I'm currently working but only part time. I get around 15+ hours of gameplay but recently I decided to cut back a lot more because I'm prepping to adopt a kitten lol. After I adopt I'm probably going to be playing a max of 2-3 hours a week.
  6. tiffany stun rate

    Luck doesn't influence stun chance, you're always going to get stunned when you are hit with a baseball bat, it even shows your stun chance on the weapon guide. If people still think luck has something to do with stun chance, you're in for a rough time because luck only increases your durability.
  7. At least there's transparency and it isn't dying.
  8. Well I apologize if it seemed like I was being a dick, I just personally have a blunt way of saying things. However I still don't see why it had to resort to assuming that I'm a miserable human being but it is what it is I suppose.
  9. I mean if you took offense about what I said about the NES game that is on you not me. I didn't think I was being offensive but you had to go all the way to referring to me as miserable, self importance human being. But I'm not here to entertain that, especially after what happened on another thread that involved someone getting banned I believe
  10. What generation are you?

    I think every generation has their problems, not just millenials. I agree that the whole trend of eating tide pods is stupid but honestly I think it's just one of those memes that became popular. I think music is also just a preferred taste, one genre can be amazing to you but someone else might absolutely hate it.
  11. That's basically how Deborah looks like haha.
  12. All jokes A-side lol, I find it very strange how you just can't walk out of one of the two exits lol. I know it would practically ruin the game but wouldn't you think in real life you could just, I don't know, walk out lol.
  13. Emotes need to go

    If I wanted immersion that badly I would go watch the first Halloween movie. That movie is the definition of an amazing slasher.
  14. That moment...

    Thank Jesus for preparedness
  15. True, true, I hear ya. If I was in a match with you I would have gladly ran over to where you were and switched places with ya lol.